Monday, April 26, 2021

Leather Horses

I found this piece of leather in my son's 'stuff' when we cleaned out his house after he died. I decided to keep it and finally used it. This is the picture....from my Uncle Johnny's stash of leather books and patterns.



This is my leather quilt. I had a hard time taking pics of it. It is 40 x 55". 


I tried to make it easier to see....I am not a master of Photoshop. haha


I made different color horses....and left a few of them out.


This pic was with the flash on the camera.


Hubby likes the back better than the front.



The back fabric is a dark brown and the thread is a light brown. My camera and I are not friends.




I am going to hang it in my hubby's man room. haha 

Saturday, April 3, 2021


 This month my quilting project is to quilt this picture....

here is the other side of it...

on this piece of leather....

The leather is 40 x 55 inches. Those are 5 inch squares someone sewed together. I found it at my son's house when we cleaned out after he died. Since he lived in Texas most of his life and liked horses, it will be in his memory. 

The picture will be in the middle and there will be 2 rows of squares all around that. Don't know yet what will be in the border.

I will use my laser light and treat it like a panto. Hope that idea works. I spent this morning sewing down the edges of the blocks that were sewn with 1/2 inch seams and going every which way. 

Wish me luck

Thursday, April 1, 2021

March's Progress Report

 March was a pretty good month. The color was green and I made many scrappy green blocks that turned into 2 quilt tops. One has been sold and the other will go to my nephew. I am waiting on batting and backing to get it quilted.

This one will go to my nephew

This one was sold

I did get this heart quilt quilted...and it was sold.

I quilted a heart quilt with blues and browns for my sister also but did not get a pic. It was huge and heavy and i already had it folded and in a bag before i remembered the pic. at the point, i just said forget it. haha

On the embroidery front, I am doing the Lone Star Alphabet. I have 5 more blocks to make. Here are some of them.

I don't understand the ZZTop reference, but perhaps he was from there.

And I made more doll clothes.

An adorable housecoat

Some flannel PJs

And a dress with a collar/shoulder strap.

I am still working on cleaning out the studio and am presently trying to sell pieces of leather and leather supplies and books and patterns. How did I accumulate so much stuff?  I emptied out many folders of pics of quilts made from the last 10 years and threw all that out. The folders will go in a yard sale. 

This de-cluttering business is work. haha

April's number is 7.  I have already put the project together. the color is yellow and i have lots of yellow to make blocks. and the quilt is a leather one that i am thinking about the design. It might be a busy month....mowing will start....and flower planting....and dog walking....and who knows what else.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

March is green

 The color for March is green. I've been making 6.5" blocks for a couple weeks. There are selvage blocks, strip blocks, and scrappy crumb blocks. And a few lizard blocks. haha   I had some lizard fabric that I was tired of looking at, so I cut it up.

The top is 78x90. It has not been quilted yet....but should be this month.

Some of the cute lizards.  are lizards 'cute'? 

I made it in rounds....6 crumbs in the middle...then a round of string blocks...then a round of lizard blocks...then more strings...then crumbs ..with 2 rows top and bottom.... then final round is selvages. 

I still have a pile of green blocks to use up .... and I have some green scraps that I am making more blocks. I am getting sick of green, but really want to use up these scraps and not put them back on the shelve. I considered just throwing them away, but couldn't do it. haha

The March projects are coming along nicely. It should be a good month. I have 3 more applique blocks to make for the North Africa animal quilt top. 

Bright and Wild Hearts

 I really have no info about this quilt.....except that I quilted it. haha

It was found when we cleaned out the house when my son died. I have no idea if he started it....I rather doubt it, since it isn't his color palette. He might have gotten it at an auction....or found it in an alley. He was forever bringing things home from everywhere.

One row was a rather tight scribbly fashion. I believe it was done on a domestic machine because if it was done on a longarm, the top and edges of the top would have been sewed down....and they weren't.  There were a couple of safety pins still in it, so that says domestic machine to me. 

I finished it in a larger open scribbly fashion. With yellow thread...the same as it was started. It is 70" square.


Here is part that was already sewn (quilted).


And another part already sewn (quilted).


Here is what I quilted.


This is the back.  it is more a brown...there is no sun today and my camera sucks....or perhaps the picture taker sucks. haha

There are little hearts all over the back.



Instead of a normal binding, I just folded the back over and sewed it down. hahahaha   that was a disaster.  Remind me not to do that again.

I don't know what will become of it....I don't have a plan in mind. It was my quilt of the month (#6).

Monday, March 1, 2021

February's report

 February got a gold star....I got all my projects completed.

Quilts finished....

Blessings of Autumn

And the quilt made from February's black blocks.

I made a bunch of doll clothes, too. Here are some of them.

A black and white houndstooth skirt.  check out those purple cowboy boots. haha

Polka dot color block dress

Hi-Lo skirt with bikini wrap top.

Raincoat and hat.

Jumper with pockets...and a crocheted hat. and adorable bunny slippers.

A swing coat. In my signature selvages. haha

I got about 200 more black blocks made. A lot of them have dogs in the middle. They will go on eBay.

But, the best project of the month....Catch me if you can quilt.

I started this at least a year ago. Made 4 circles and put it in a box. At the beginning of the month, I had these finished....

By the end of February, I had this much finished.

Some close ups.

This is what it will be when finished.

I hope to get back to this soon. Once I get my March project finished, I'll pull this out and work on it some more. It takes so long to understand the directions....and make all those little paper pieced arcs. I was on a roll when the month ended, and I would like to continue it before I forget what I was doing. haha

I work on several things at once, so, I did black blocks for a couple of days, then switched to doll clothes for a couple days, then worked on the catch me if you can quilt for a couple days. In the end, it all gets finished......usually. haha

March projects look to be easier than February. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Jen's Quilt

 This quilt is for my niece, Jennifer. It didn't start out that way....I was just making black scrappy blocks to use up some black scraps. My sis said Jen would like it, so i put it together for her. The red border was my sister's idea. It is about 70 x 80"


There are bits of this lime green quarter circle. it is less than 1/2"


And a bit of orange


And there are a couple of cats. Jen has a cat.


Some spooky looking cats and some blue color


There is even a dog


This little square of red and black plaid started the "red column". The third column from the left has a bit of red in each block.


Usually pretty these red circles in the black.


And the tiny red stripe in the black and white stripe.  I quilted it with gray thread across....a line in the ditch of the blocks and 3 lines across the block. After all that, i turned the quilt and quilted lines in red in the red column.


This is the back. My pic is kind of is a gray, black and white print. My sis picked it out, too.


Jen is a graphic design artist, so I think she will like it. 

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