Monday, July 1, 2024

June challenge results

 June was a busy month for me. I got my challenges finished for the month....barely.  Finished the last one yesterday. 

Framed 9 patches...done...made on eBay


Brown scraps....done ...  made 330 ....  sold on eBay


Embroidery cards for my cousin ....  done and delivered .... made 2 dozen. she loved them. Embroidering on cardstock is rather cool.



I am working on the first ever Quilted Twins contest. Is anyone else doing it? I have the top finished, just need to quilt it. I'll start that tomorrow. Needs to be mailed to them before the end of the month.  Here's a tease.


Still working on cousin Bob's quilt. Only 2 more borders to attach and it's ready for quilting. I'll be happy to see this finished. I hope I can quilt it after the contest quilt.


Got Sweet Pea's house finished for June. We're at the beach this time.



I cut some scrappy quarter log cabin pieces and put them on eBay.


I have some applique flower patterns that I printed out. Need to get started on those.



Am making Winnie the Pooh matching game for my cousin's grandkids. Have 6 of 15 sets done. Working on that between other things.


And started an alphabet quilt for my nephew's baby due in November. It's a crazy quilt alphabet set. They are about 61/2 x 3 1/2.




Plus, today I got the last block on the Bona Lisa quilt.

And should get the next installment of Scott Flanagan's Stars and Bars quilt along today. He says his server is down and it might be tomorrow. This is what we have so far.





July challenges:

embroidery....the crazy quilt alphabet.  I am using this for the nephew baby quilt.


Piecing....make blocks from scraps collected. There will be lots.

UFOs ...  piece this blue, green and yellow quilt top.


 And, that's all folks!

Saturday, June 1, 2024

May Challange results

 May was a very busy month and I worked right down to the wire.

Challenges were:

1...Turn a box of blue scraps into scrappy blocks....done.

120 blocks done and sold on eBay. 96 blocks still for sale on eBay.

2...Finish the monthly snowman studio wall hangings for the year....done.

Put the binding on December yesterday but didn't get a pic of it.

3...Piece 80 log cabin blocks with flowers and birds.....done and sold on eBay

I also finished the Bob blocks. Just need to piece them into a quilt top.

Started the animal puzzles for Barb. got the lion finished. These are on hold till I get more of the thick stabilizer.

Signed up for a sew along with Scott of my favorite designers. It is called Stars and Bars. Last Monday's job was to cut out all the pieces.  Took me 3 days. haha  Will get new instructions each Monday.

Working on the embroidered heart blocks. Got half of them pieced together.

I think that is it for May.

June's challenges are...

1...Embroider cards for Barb.  I have 7 or 8 done so far.

I am fusing fabric to the inside to cover the stitches.

A few more....

2...Turn 2 boxes of brown scraps into scrappy blocks. There will be lots of them. I have started on them.

3...Piecing a framed 9 patch quilt with 1.5" squares. There are a few blocks done, but this is going to take a while.

Also, I still am working on...

..Bona Lisa  ... got 3 more blocks to do.
..Quilted Twins Mystery Challenge. Waiting for the fabric to get here.
..Sweet Pea's House of the month.  These are on hold till I get my embroidery machine back from the shop. I'll be behind for May and June.

It's going to be a busy month this time, too.

Hope you are having fun with all your own projects.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tamale quilt

 After eating tamales for some time, and saving the bags that they come in, I finally had enough to make a quilt. It was quilt a chore to take the bags apart.


I used the embroidery machine to put the words around the border. I took the words from the tamale bag.


The bags were really a thin muslin type, so I fused an interfacing to them.


I used the green, white and red for sashing to represent the Mexican flag.


I'm glad our grocery stores carry these...all the way from Texas.


The bags are different colors, depending on the type of tamale.


I even used the UPC code that was stitched in the seam of the bag.


The back of the quilt is made from the back of the tamale bags.


I used a panto called Dazzle.


It sat on the frame for entirely too long, so today was a "just get it done" day. haha


It is 60 x 76" and used 30 bags. Glide tan thread for the top and So FIne beige for the bobbin.

Now, the question is.... should I save the bags again?    Perhaps make a jacket or something. hmmmm

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Old School

 My sister pieced this top and calls it old school. She says that is the new word instead of vintage.  haha

The squares are from men's shirts that I had. She asked me if I had some plaid shirts, so I gave her all I had and this is what she made.


Since it was "old school", I quilted Xs across the blocks.




I could not figure out what I wanted to do in the border, so I just did lines and curves.  We'll call it Picasso meets old school. haha




The back is a mottled blue wide back. It is darker than my camera shows.


It is about 62 x 75". 

It went pretty fast. She won't get it for a couple weeks. She says she will have

another one (or two) to take back home with me to quilt for her.

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