Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Averye's Churn Dash I Spy

 Averye is 5 .... and likes pink and purple.

SO......this is Averye's quilt. haha  Top row has an A for Averye....the pic is sort of whited out.


Pink on the top and purple on the bottom. Mainly CCs and SID...and some graffiti in the border.


All different pics in the blocks


I ran out of dark purples, so used some light purples....and put that row in the middle


It is 60  x 72"....good for a big girl bed. 


I hope she has fun looking at things.


The back is a thrift store sheet.....with a white design that is hard to see.


I basically found the easiest way to travel across the rows and that is what I quilted. haha


So Fine pink for the top; So Fine beige for bobbin.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Can you see.....

 This is a little Christmas panel.  35 x 40".. another of my cousin's projects to finish for her.

There wasn't much to it....some SID, some swirls, some Xs.


It is rather cute. 


Rather than a traditional binding, I just wrapped the back over to the front and sewed it down.

Not sure I care for that method, but it worked for this.




Back is a navy blue with little stars and hearts.


Glide Cobalt for top, So Fine Navy for bobbin.

I have one more project for my cousin, but it's going to take a while...it needs to be created....need some thinking cells. haha

Friday, September 1, 2023

Skyward....or ???

 I looked at the pattern and said...that's cool.  Here is the pattern. They call it Skyward.  


I thought that would be a good block for scraps.  I did make the block as designed.  Here is a sample block. Now, just forget that pattern....it got wiped from my mind.



My goal was to use those little bits of red and yellow fire fabric. I made 36 blocks. Once I looked at the blocks, something happened in my brain.  

I put 4 of them together to make a little fiery star. haha    Then I made 9 more.....then I had 9 huge blocks.  I looked at them for a couple days on the design wall.

Nothing I did calmed them down, so I just said what the hell and ramped them up. 

This is what I got. I swear, I don't know how it happened.  haha     but, i like it.



It is 55 x 65" .  Not a bad couch size. It might get quilted one day....it might wind up on eBay.  But, it is out of my system. hahahaha

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Dream Tree

 Remember this?  It has been quilted a couple months....and laying around staring at me to finish it. I finally got the binding on yesterday.


It's a monster at 100 x 104".  Scrappy seems to be my middle name these days and this is no exception.


I just basically sewed down all the fusibles and went around everything....nothing fancy.


Blocks were mainly X'd


Plain white blocks with no leaves were CC'd. 


CCs around these blocks that had ovals to sew down. This is one heavy quilt.


The back is pieced with these 3 fabrics.


My stitching is getting wobbly. Maybe after the next cataract surgery and new glasses, I will be able to see better.


But, the main thing is.....it is finished.


Glide Peach for the top and So Fine dark pink for the bobbin. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Mary's Stars

 This is #2 of my cousin's projects that she gave me to finish for her. It is 68 x 79".  She had made 9 stars and I made the rest. If you count from the top left, going across to the right, her original 9 stars are #s 1, 5, 7, 9, 13, 17, 19, 21 and 25.  They form an X across the quilt. I added another row to the bottom so it wouldn't be square. She had given me a bunch of red, white and blue scraps, so that is what I used. The backing she gave me dictated how large the quilt would be. 

I will take it to her in a week or two when I visit my sister.


I didn't know if I could find 21 more star patterns, but it worked out. A couple of them are paper pieced.


This was a labor of love since I really don't like making stars. haha


I tried to do the easiest patterns, with the fewest pieces, but it was a challenge as I was getting to the end.


I hope she likes it and gets a lot of use out of it.


This is the back. It says Liberty and Freedom on it....along with bells and flags.



I used Glide Linen on the top and So Fine light tan in the bobbin. Panto is Star Swirl

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Star Splitter....it's a flimsy

 Where did that word flimsy come from?  across the pond?  Anyway, this is an unquilted top. Will it ever get quilted?  who knows.  I like it...and want to keep it....but not sure I want to quilt it. haha   perhaps it will just be for sale on eBay.  We'll see.

I found the pattern in the Mar/Apr 2013 Quiltmaker magazine. The pattern is by Victoria FIndlay Wolfe.  I had just made about a 100 scrappy blocks to sell....saw this pattern....and decided to cut them up and use them here. Here are the magazine pics.


Alternate stars and scrappy blocks....12.5" blocks....set on point...little HSTs all over the place.  I skipped the HSTs in the border....i had enough of those.


Here is my version. white on white background....gray setting triangles. white on white border.


a star block


a scrappy block. that middle is the cutoffs from other projects. I always keep them to use in the scrappies.


HSTs all around the outside.  Since most of my scraps are rather small, there are thousands of seams in this thing. haha  Even the 2.5" HSTs are scrappy pieced.


Scraps galore. And I have enough to make a dozen more quilts just like this. Just as soon as I empty a scrappy box, another one starts filling up.


It is rather large. 95 x 104". But I think it just looks so cool.


Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Storm's Bees

 A friend of mine is having a new grand daughter, so I made a quilt. The baby's room, I'm told, is decorated in honey bees. The baby's name is going to be Storm.....but I hesitated to put it on the quilt....that might change....who knows.

I saw this pattern in a Quiltmaker magazine. Except the top was a smiling sun face. I just substituted embroidered bees.


See, that embroidery machine comes in handy when you need a specific thing....like bees...and bee hives.




the body of the quilt was all ruler work.  the border was flowery feathery things that I do.


A few bees in the body of quilt


And a couple flowers and more bees on the bottom.


The back is a bright yellow with polka dots.


Top thread was Glide Celery; bobbin was So Fine light yellow.

Finished size is 50 x 64"

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