Friday, September 10, 2021

You have not sewed.....

 ...until you have made a doll purse.  a 2" x 3" cross body purse.....with 3 pockets....and box pleats.  A little hint....when the instructions cover almost 30's going to be a ......... (supply your own word). haha

The finished purse. is lined, too.


Front pocket under the flap....with a little pleat on the bottom....and an elastic top.


Open the flap to another pocket on the front of the purse.


And then...inside is another wee pocket on the back side. 



But, I know Norah will love it. But....bless my heart....there are 2 dolls....and I KNOW she will say where is a purse for the other doll.  So, I will make another won't have box pleats....or elastic in that front pocket.  Hell, I just had an idea. If i fuse the lining to the front fabric, I won't have to do a lining the STUFF the whole purse, handle and all, into the little lining and sew around the top.

Well, that does not work with pins, so i hand sewed it down...took out the pins....then sewed it by machine.   then.....turn that sucker out through a 1.5" hole in the lining to get it right side out. all of a sudden, that 2" purse seems like a 6" purse. hahahha

I'm gonna do some mindless sewing before I tackle the second one.

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Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, that's adorable!

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