Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Small progress...

In spite of freezing temperatures here...i have still been going over to the studio for a few hours in the morning .... until the furnace decides to quit for the day. lately it has not warmed the studio above 50 degrees.  and that is too cold for the longarm wants at least 60 before it will function without sounding like a sick old man. LOL

Today i made another block for the Shop Hop quilt

The yarn shop ... wouldn't that be a cool building to visit?  how would you use your walls if they were rounded.

This little thimble building is named Needle Works.    love that little pincushion outside.

I've also been piecing some 10 inch red selvage blocks.  i have about 50 of them so far. i am going to keep going until that selvage box is empty. probably be able to make at least 20 more. then i'll just have smaller pieces left. 

I'm off to the Duck tomorrow. have 3 pieces of graffiti to hang in the hall. i'll show you pics when i get back next week. and i am taking my sewing machine with me....never know when you might get snowed in. haha   my project to take with me are more selvage blocks. this time 6" and purple....not together. those were the 2 boxes that had the least amount of selvages so i figured i might be able to finish those off while i am gone.

Have a good weekend.....stay warm and safe.

Monday, February 8, 2016

More Famous Buildings of the World

The last couple of weeks i have constructed a few more buildings. i think i might be getting faster at putting them together....but not any more accurate.  although, i did actually do one of them without any problems. 

Sydney Opera House...Sydney, Australia  This building is used for many different performance types including: Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, The Sydney Theatre Company, and The Sydney Symphony Orchestra. I'll bet this is amazing in person.

11 Sydney Opera House.jpg

Falling Water...Stewart Township, Pennsylvania   I have also included the picture of the building, as my piece isn't exactly the same. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the weekend mountain retreat to sit on the falls. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966

21 Falling Water.jpg

21 Falling Water pic.jpg

Woolworth Building...New York    Who doesn't remember the five and dime stores of childhood, Woolworths.  This is corporate headquarters and one of the 50 tallest buildings in the US....60 stories. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

40 Woolworth Building.jpg

Torii Gates ... Miyajima Island, Japan   A Torii is a Japanese gate traditionally located at the entrance of a Shinto shrine. This one is sitting in front of Miyajima Island, which is a small island about an hour outside the city of Hiroshima.

50 Torii Gates.jpg

Hall of Supreme Harmony .... Beijing, China    The Forbidden City, home to the Hall of Supreme Harmony, was the imperial palace of China for almost 500 years. The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 because of its important place in the development of Chinese culture and architecture.  I didn't have any problems with this one...because of the name?  haha

52 Hall of Supreme Harmony.jpg

30 St. Mary Axe  ...  London, England   This is a 591 foot tall skyscraper that sits on St. Mary Axe Street in London's main financial district. Even though the building seems to have a curved glass shape, there is only one piece of curved glass in the building: the lens-shaped cap at the top.

53 Thirty St Mary Axe.jpg

These are all coming along....and i now have faith that i can finish them all. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Shop Hop

I'm working on the next embroidery CD blocks....called Shop Hop.  this one will take a while...there are 27 blocks.....i think the most in a CD that i have seen.  and there are sashing strips, too. i am going to use them, too. they are really cute.

Here are the 3 i have finished from today and yesterday. the blocks are 6"

The Notions-n-Stuff shop.  i like the wonky windows and the clock sign.

The Stitches shop.  cute 'open' sign and i like the scissors on the door

The spool house. haha   a little that a staircase going around and up?  

I work on these first thing when i get to the studio. i don't leave the heat on at night....and it takes at least an hour for the heater to kick in enough for the longarm to want to work. so, i do embroidery first.

But i did do some quilting today for several hours. it is slow going...lots of SID.....a larger than queen size crazy quilt.  broke 2 needles so far hitting was tiny beads in the seam that i didn't feel.  sigh!
But it will be awesome when finished.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Last 3 Primitive Christmas blocks

I finished embroidering the last blocks from the Primitive Christmas CD.  they are applique...and i like that. i used the same fabric in each block but one (the house) was a piece that i found somewhere. kind of like burlap, but softer and looser. 

In these blocks, it is the horse body, star body, and trunk of the flowers

The blocks are 6" so this will be a rather small wall hanging

But if it is displayed only for Christmas, you might not want it to be too large.

My sister is interested and has laid claim to them. i'm not sure i want to get rid of them. her will have to make 2 sets. LOL

Now, on to something else for the moment.

12 Friends Go West

This was a batik kit that i bought .... somewhere.....years ago. finished piecing on April 3, 2013....and, about 3 years's a quilt. haha  


It's 72x88"   It is going to my daughter-in-law...she was admiring it when she saw it last week on the frame....and next week is her birthday. i think she will be surprised.


Trying to show the panto. 


This panto is called Echoed Swirls and was designed by our own Jo Ann Gruber. it is pretty bobbin sews about 50".


Top thread was bright blue Glide, bobbin was a So Fine grayish brown

I need my wheels changed desperately, as you can see on the back. i have little control and the machine is all over the place. i keep looking for someone who knows how to change them. ... and lives close enough to me to come and do it for me. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Embroidery AND quilting

Today i actually quilted...hahaha.  i figured out why the quilt has been loaded on the frame for the past 2 weeks and i haven't touched it. i decided i didn't like the panto that i had chosen, so after switching that out....i quilted 2 rows. 

i am using a new panto called Echoed Swirls.....designed by Jo Ann Gruber.  it is very cool and i like it a lot....but it is pretty dense and i used more than 1 bobbin to go across the quilt. my bobbin lasted about 50"....and my quilt is a bit over 70".  i dislike having to watch so i don't run out of thread in the middle. i made a notation on the panto, so it might only get used on quilts that are less than 50" wide.  i know....i'm just lazy. haha

This is the quilt i am using it on. it was a kit i bought some time back called Twelve Friends Go West. it is all batiks.  i THINK i added the horse fabric in with it. this was pieced a couple years ago but is finally getting finished. 

And you know i had to embroidery a few blocks from the Primitive Christmas CD.  i made 3 of them today.

The christmas tree with stars. i love the little purple hanging ornaments.

And little birdie. his legs just crack me up

And a duck...this took forever...EVERYTHING was applique. haha

But i believe i only have 4 more blocks to do for this embroidery project. i hope to do Missouri tomorrow from the 50 states CD.  well, maybe not, i am going to town to check out thrift stores....and probably eat lunch at Subway. haha   it's a 'get out of the house' day.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Today's embroidery accomplishments

Today was another embroidery day. i haven't touched the longarm in over 2 weeks.  i really need to get back to that quilt....but embroidery is fun...quicker...instant gratification. haha

today i made Washington from the 50 States embroidery CD.  this one is oriented horizontally. it kind of threw me for a loop at first. i was looking at it and thinking...what is wrong with this.  answer...nothing...operator error. haha

A couple close ups

Washington has some cool places

So, then i had to make a larger cities block, too, so it would fit under the state block.  will be interesting to get this thing all together when i am finished with it.

And i did another block from the Primitive Christmas CD....a reindeer. it looks like he has springs for legs. haha

Perhaps i shall quilt tomorrow........or not. LOL

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