Friday, January 18, 2019

I Spy Hexies Squared

Well, maybe not 'squared'....but rectangled is not a it?  haha    they came out 5 1/2 x 6 1/2"
I've been thinking about all those hexies I have and trying to come up with an original idea. and you know I like my selvages. so....

I cut some 3" black squares and cut them diagonally and put them on 4 sides...trying to get the block in the proper orientation. the lady who cut these out didn't always center the design straight. 


And trimmed that to 3x4"...then, 


Added 1 1/2" wide selvage strips...making sure to use all the same fabrics on each block....and always starting at the top and bottom of the blocks.


That put them at 5 1/2 x 6 1/2".  a few are a smidge smaller, but that will hide in a seam.


That is all the selvages that i had cut that I had the proper amount, today I spent a couple hours pulling fabrics off the shelves, looking for more dots I could use. I found enough for about 12 more blocks. This time I cut the selvages 2" wide to give myself a little wiggle room.


I tried doing them with just any selvages, but they looked too chaotic with all different sides. 


And a couple of times I pieced some together to get what I needed.


This will be an ongoing project because it will be a while before I get more selvages that I can use.
Now, I just need to come up with another dozen ideas to use more hexies. got any ideas for me?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Seashells by the Seaside

This was pieced on September 19, 2015. I was at a Not Just Quilting Retreat in Conway MO with some friends. I entered the jelly roll race and won with this top....pieced in 35 minutes. you already had all your strips pieced into one long strip. 


It is 52x62. I used a panto called Seaside by Kathy James. You can see one of the seashells in this pic below. I used the same backing fabric for the binding.


It you look at the top of this next pic you can see a starfish


The back is something from the stash that I have been trying to find a use for.


I tried to take pics of the shells so you might see them.


I used Glide aqua and Art Studio aqua for the bobbin.


One more out of the cabinet, so that makes me happy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Got Milk?

Today I made chocolate go with the bottles of white milk that I made the other day. and I re-did the crate. The one that came with the pattern this first pic...was too deep and too short so I did it my way. haha

I re-did the crate and it holds 6 bottles of milk much better without falling over.

Pocket Surprise Quilt

I had gotten a bunch of shirts at yard sales and thrift stores over the summer. I have about 50.  I weeded through....pulled some plaids....and cut out a pocket square. There are 7 pockets that have a flap or a button. I am planning on putting a doll or stuffed animal in those pockets. I may do some of the others, too. This is for a 2 1/2 year old girl.


It is 40x48


So far, I have found a dog...


A cheetah....I think this is a cheetah...right?


And a hippo.  he is holding a tiny book that talks about getting a new tooth.


The back is a yellow from the stash. I quilted blocks alternately horizontally and vertically.


I think she will enjoy cuddling with her treasures in the pockets.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

At your grocery store today.....

We have ..... a 5# bag

The design only had 3 potatoes....and it was a pretty large I made 3 more.

And strawberries... I had to start these twice. has to figure out how to get the green part over the red part....she didn't stitch over the top of the red. there was a lot of trimming of the green. haha

And, how about some lemons....we could make strawberry lemonade.

I also quilted 2 rows of the Pocket Surprise quilt....only 4 more rows to go. perhaps tomorrow it will be finished. it is kind of small...kid size...and the quilting goes quickly.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

You want Fries with that?

I don't know how I will get anything else embroidery machine and I are playing all day.

Today I made French Fries....with a little bag for them, too. There are 10 fries. too cute. I like when they stitched out, it sort of crinkled up the fabric....makes them look good.

And I found a pattern for a salt and pepper shaker set. They are a little big compared to the food pieces, but that is ok.

And my sister wanted me to do some doll shoes for her. She sent me this cute pattern and I made 3 pair. I made these pink ones make sure I knew what I was doing. haha   they are made of felt. the bottom is just one layer of felt and it seemed kind of flimsy to me.

So, I tried some green sparkly felt and put a foam cushion in the bottom. i like them much better. they are sturdier.

And then I had to try some red vinyl that looks like snake skin. a girl can't have too many shoes, right? This pair just has fabric on the bottom and a stripe fabric foam.

I'm waiting to see which style she likes best...foam or no foam. And I'm betting when she sees them, she will be sending me more shoe patterns.

But, I did finish a quilt today, too. so, there was some serious work being done besides playing on the embroidery machine.

Friday, January 11, 2019

How about some pretzels?

This play food thing is addictive. I was on Etsy yesterday for hours.....looking at the different people who have embroidery food for sale. There are only 5 or 6....and, by far, Sewing for Sarah is the best, in my opinion.

Yesterday I bought her design for pretzels... and today I made them. too cute. Her designs are made for felt, but I wanted to see if I could adapt them for fabric and add my craft foam to the inside...and it worked.

There is a little bag to put them in.

And the pretzels are just adorable. She uses felt in her designs, but I wanted to use fabric....and my craft foam inside. The only part I wish were different, is the stitch around the item being a buttonhole stitch and not a satin stitch, so it doesn't enclose the edges. but, even so, the designs are great.

I put a backing to the front piece, so the stitches wouldn't show. And I folded down the top of the back of the bag about a half inch so it wouldn't ravel so easily.

I am off to Etsy to get more of her designs.

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