Friday, October 12, 2018

Pumpkins Gone Wild

Someone on MQR just the other day showed a jelly roll quilt with a white zigzag in the middle. (i don't have my note with me now to see who it was....i think Deb). anyway, i got a jelly roll on monday from the fabric line Pumpkins Gone Wild and i had to start one. 

So far, I have 9 rows finished. now i have to zigzag in the other direction. I started the cut of the jelly strip at 4" and increased it 2" every time till i got to 20". 


I cut the insert pieces in the middle 10 1/2", so it is 50" wide. I'll probably go to about 60 or 65" and then stop. 


There are some really cool prints in this line. and there is no waste, just cut a strip and insert a section....and done. i like simple.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Spider Pillow Top

My cousin came over yesterday so she could quilt up her Halloween quilt. with the leftovers she made this pillow top and wanted me to embroider a spider on i did that. and then convinced her it would look cute if i quilted it for her.


I used Magnifico neon lime for the spider and web. oops, there is a stray thread hanging from the web. haha


and Glide key lime for the quilting. 


It is 20" square. 

I didn't get a pic of her quilt that she finished....she took a panel and added to it. it was the second one she had ever quilted. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

1847 Baltimore Bride's Quilt

I meant to do more quilting on this....but I have a friend coming tomorrow to quilt one of hers....and this had to come off the machine today. It is 68x89.  It is all wool...hand applique...i finished putting it together in March of this year.


As you know by now...i take crappy pics...hahaha   hopefully, you can see some quilting.


I did SID around the applique...then added a bit more to the blocks here and there in larger unquilted areas.



When I do the applique, I just eyeball the placement of things. I probably need to start measuring, because the quilting doesn't turn out symmetrical with eyeballing. haha





The sashings are gray, but the camera washes them out. As I was quilting, I found the pink tip of one flower i just quilted over it. 


One side of one of these leaves was unstitched, also. i guess i got distracted. 


I got really, really tired of picking things off that black background.


I used Glide light olive thread on the top because my eyes are so bad that I cannot use black thread on black fabric and see it at all.


The back is a white muslin. I outlined the blocks and borders with a variegated green from Signature, but then decided I didn't want to use it for the rest of it, so I switched to Bottom Line Tan for the rest.


The border was done with my boards. 


I believe I shall keep this one.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

UFO finishes for September

Well, my embroidery machine died early in the month....and is still in the, embroidery UFOs did not get completed. I was working on two...

Hola Mola ....

There are 3 different sizes of each and I am making them all.

I think these are so darn cute

And...lighthouses....which was my #4 that Judy picked.

I got these 4 blocks finished before it died.

But, since I didn't have an embroidery machine....a lot of quilting got done.

Birds of a Feather

2017 Buttermilk Basin BOM


Finger Puppets Alphabet

Crumb Blocks with brown borders

I Love U doll quilt

Kindred Creatures by Laurel Burch

McKenna Ryan's Home Tweet Home

Mitosis (this was my #4)...

Christmas Snow Globes table runner

Christmas Scenes

String Theory

The Rainbow Quilt

And, 4 doll quilts

And i did get a couple of tops pieced. This is Architectural Gem

And, Meow....different cat prints

And I cut out the parts for Misty. I saw this ad for the fabric line in a magazine and liked,

These are my borders and binding

And, these are the block pieces.

Now, I am anxiously awaiting the new number for October to see where that takes me. hope everyone had a great UFO quilting month. I actually have a bit of space in the to-be-quilted cabinet.

4 Doll Quilts

Well, it's the last day of the month ..... and i didn't want to start anything big, since I will get a new UFO number from Judy tomorrow to start October's i dug out some doll quilts that I still have to quilt up for Amy (A Doll Like Me).  

I got 4 of them quilted today. A couple using animal prints. I used my board to make these quick and easy. this one has puffy batting (leftovers).



I like the animal faces in the border of this one. i wish i had more of that fabric. I used the same thread on all 4 of these...Glide bright yellow for the top and Bottom Line Cream for the bobbin.


I had all the tops and backings and bindings together....just had to give them a quick quilting.


And these 2 with sailboat fabric. I believe I have used up all my kid friendly fabrics now. I put wavy lines across in the sailboat sections and stars in the star sections.


That should have had another strip of gold star fabrics at the top....don't know what went awry there. 


I cut squares from the last of the sailboat fabric and star fabrics and added a few others to match and got one more little quilt.


I put wavy Xs in the blocks.


I believe i have 6 or 7 more to quilt up. I really need to get on those and finish up this project. 

It's amazing how much quilting I get accomplished with the embroidery machine in the shop. haha ...... but I do wish it would come home soon. my embroidery UFO for the month did not get finished. 

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