Sunday, April 22, 2018

Swimmin' with the fishes

I've been playing with this for some time. I cut out a bunch of circles and stitched them down to the background. Then cut out some fish and turtles from a piece in the stash and fused them on there, too. It was missing something. I searched a long time to find a mermaid. Finally bought a canvas that was meant to be framed from China. I cut her out...along with other pieces with fish...and fused that all on top of everything else. And then added a funky border with flamingos. Quilted the border with wavy lines, using the dark variegated thread.

It is 49x57


This has some heft to it. There is a lightweight blanket as batting...from the thrift store.


Unfortunately, the shine doesn't show up much here. I used a metallic thread from YLI with blues and golds.


I basically just went around everything and quilted some watery lines across. Put pebbles in the whole circles and stitched around the circles with a hole in the middle.


The last couple of rows I switched to a dark variegated thread called Poly Quilter from Superior with red, blue, green, yellow and purple. After all, the bottom of the ocean is dark....not that i know that first hand. I don't do water. haha   well, i drink it....that is all.


The back is a flannel sheet (thrift store) that adds even more weight.


Top threads are the variegateds and bobbin was Bottom Line white.


I'm keeping her for myself. a good little cover when you need a nap on the couch.

Friday, April 20, 2018


This came about from a book I found with Santas in it from around the world. My first thought was to do them all....then i came to my senses and just did the one for Poland, since I am half Polish. Had they had one from Lithuania (my other half), I would have done that one, too. The patterns are actually for stained glass.


He is 12x20. Mikolaj is St. Nicholas in Polish. I did the label with my embroidery machine.


Mikolaj came to the children on St. Nicholas' Day, December 6. this is how he looked in 1909. 



The back is something from the stash that was large enough. 


Threads used were Glide Ruby, White, Gold, Chocolate, Bottom Line Beach.  bobbin was Bottom Line tan.


It will hang in my sister's Christmas room. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jungle Cats

In the interest of using up stuff.....i put together some of this....a little of that....and the rest of this......and came up with this....Jungle Cats.

The close ups are a bit clearer. the cat blocks actually came from a shirt that i sewed many years ago and it didn't fit any more. i loved that shirt.

The animal dotted fabric is a flannel from the Sharon stash, I think.

The horizontal sashing tree fabric is something I got at JoAnns some time ago to use as is finally all gone. my sister pronounced it hideous....but i liked it. haha

It is 52x55".  I rather like the way it all just seems to go together....just a mish-mash. now it has to marinate for a while in the to-be-quilted cabinet. it's like a magical cabinet....i take a few out and quilt them....then put a few pieced tops back in....there's always room for one more.

New England Sampler

After taking this off the frame to do a quilt for a friend, i got it back on and finished it. It has taken weeks. glad it's finished.

You know how sometimes you like a quilt ok when you are piecing it, then really like it after it is quilted....well, i liked this better while piecing than after it is quilted. wonder why that is. i guess i was just tired of it. but, done is good. i seem to be in a quilting slump these days. but if i don't get them finished, i will be buried with hundreds of quilt tops. haha

It is 52x63"


I stitched over all the applique to make sure it stayed was only fused and not hand sewn down.


Quilted a bit of this and that


I think I like the border with the flowers the best





The back is a dark purple tiny flower print. I have almost used all of this up....hurray!!   haha


Quilted with Glide Peach and Bottom Line tan for the bobbin.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I fixed my's not like i knew anything about was kinda accidental. i pulled out the card and put it back.....and it worked. hahahaha

I guess when i banged it, the card got dislodged or something. but, i am happy it is now working again. I finished the New England Sampler and have to show it....tomorrow.

I kinda killed my camera

Well, there aren't going to be any pics here for a while I believe...I kinda killed my camera.  I dropped it...and caught it before it hit the floor, but it banged into the cabinet. now, it doesn't work. i have fiddled with it, but still no go. i'm going to check the manual tonight and see if i can figure anything out. but, i have a feeling it is going to have to go to the shop. and that will have to wait till i go back to the city in two weeks.

That really puts a cramp in my studio business, but it is what it is.   sigh!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Poland Santa 1909

I found this little book in a book sale some time ago and have had it sitting on my desk....just waiting for its turn. I decided to do at least one Santa. Since I am part Polish, I did the Polish Santa. The book says he is depicted as he would have been in 1909.

 He will get his details when quilted. It is 12x20".

The book was actually patterns for stained glass.

Since I probably don't want to do a whole quilt of Santas, he will probably just be a little wall hanging.

If I can remember, I will embroider Poland 1909 on it before quilting.

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