Sunday, June 17, 2018

Cowboy Christmas

There is not much quilting going on around here these days....but there is piecing and embroidery. These designs are called Jolly Holidays 2 and are from Anita Goodesign. I decided to try something different and used a patterned fabric for the background rather than a plain color. 


Each block is 12" because the designs are 6x10". 


I love the boots


I made 2 of this design because there were only 8 designs. Did you notice the polka dot ribbon...cute.


The cactus is almost as cute as the boots.


The blocks are applique, too.


The top is 54" square


Now it has to marinade a while in the to-be-quilted cabinet.



The fabrics are called Cumberland Collection


This was my embroidery UFO for the month...and it even got pieced into a top....good deal.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tara's Graduation Quilt

This quilt belongs to my friend's grand daughter for her graduation. i've been working on it for weeks. i wanted it to be a bit modern and not just full of feathers. It is 86" square


It is pale green, pink and gray. she wanted white thread. the thread is kind of hard to see. 


It is all ruler work....circles and CC and straight lines through the rows of HSTs.


And, yes, there is a flange. i had to hold it back while quilting the Xs. I managed not to catch any of the flange while holding it back. i'm proud of me. haha


there are a few feathers in the border in the small ovals that are between the half circles.


It all shows up better on the back.


There were lots of starts and stops...especially with those lines. and some backtracking there, too.


Glide white for the top; Bottom line Statue for the bobbin.


I delivered it yesterday and she loved it. so, now it is on her to get the binding on and off to the grand daughter. i just can't get excited about quilting for others these days, so i am glad this one is finished.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dinosaur Games

This is a cute little kid pattern that I found in a Quiltmaker magazine. So far, the blocks are just fused but it will be quilted up soon...i hope. haha

It is 50x58"

Their pattern used stripe fabrics, so i tried to do stripes and graphic prints.

The blue and green blocks and borders are the same as the pattern.

They must be in Florida, since there are palm trees.

Who knew dinos could skateboard. hahahahaha

The little babies in the carts are just adorable

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Country Journal

Finally, i have finished piecing and fusing the roosters. I've been working on it for months...there are lots of little pieces. I got the pattern from my friend, Sharon. It was a BOM.

This vine around the middle rooster had 336 little pieces. i don't think i shall ever forget that. haha   the blue flowers were actually 5 individual pieces but i cheated and made it one piece. those vines were like a puzzle

And the berry vine across the top was almost as bad as the center vine.

I had to go shopping for rooster fabrics....that was fun

The chickens and roosters fabric was a challenge to find.

The pieced background used up some stash

These two seem to be talking to each other.

I am happy that part is finished. it will have to wait a while to be quilted.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

New at Molly Mine

One of my favorite embroidery design sites, Molly Mine, has all kinds of crazy quilt designs...that is why I love her.

The latest are crazy quilt animals. These are the ones I've done so far.









More to come

May UFO Challenge...#12

May was not a productive month, challenge wise. Judy pulled #12.

I did get my Midnight top quilted.

And that is all that got quilted in May. well, except for 6 doll quilts for Amy at A Doll Like Me.  I still have more to do for her. just didn't happen in May.

I got no embroidery projects finished. I got a few blocks done on the Mylar in the Tropics, then the machine crapped out and it was in the shop the rest of the month. It is now back home and i am working it to death. haha

I did a fish...

A seahorse///

And, a turtle

My piecing project #12 was Jazz.  it did get pieced. I had a panel with the people and a bunch of HSTs that seemed like a good match.

And, that is all i have to report.  sad, i know.

I am still working on my fusible rooster project. i still have about half of a vine to finish on it. the whole vine had 336 pieces....some of them very small. i'll be happy to have it finished. but, after fusing the rest of the vine, i still have a couple borders to put on it.

I did cut out the pieces for the first block of the next McKenna Ryan quilt, Beach Walk. but that's as far as that got.

We have had rain and storms most of May....and no internet....or tv sometimes....or electric a couple times. May has been a challenge.

I'm happy to be in June.

Monday, May 14, 2018


This is my May UFO for Judy's Challenge. I finished piecing it on November 14, 2017. It was a pattern I saw in a magazine.


It is called Midnight. Is queen size...95x105


I put Xs in the small rectangles and a different fill in each large rectangle.


It will go to my sister's house and I will use it in my room there.


It's hard to keep a wide quilt from getting loose on the frame, so a few of the places have creases.


I used black, gray, dark blue and brown used up quite a bit of stash.


The binding is leftover pieces of binding from other quilts in black, brown and blue.


Top thread was Glide Bark; bobbin was Bottom Line Tan


I'm not used to quilting larger seems like it took me forever but was actually only about 8 days.


The back is a muslin


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