Monday, February 19, 2018

Snowman blocks all together

Making progress...all the snowmen blocks are put together.

It still needs a couple of borders....and that can't happen for a few days. i might not make it to the studio tomorrow...eye dr appointment.  then, i have to finish quilting the doll quilts and mail them out. but, i think i can get it all together by the end of the month at least.

This was such a cool pattern and a lot of fun to do. it's not too often i find a pattern i am this excited about.
I think the snowmen skiing down the hill in cups should have sunglasses on, though. haha

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Final block for Merry Snowmen

Got that last block finished last night. now to stitch them all together, add a couple borders, and get it quilted. no problem....hahahaha

The little snowmen peeking in the windows are what makes this quilt.

The chef has to have a grandma apron, right?

There are little heart buttons for the berries on the cake.

I baked a cake this morning....there must have been a subliminal message in this block. hahahah

Doll Quilts for A Doll Like Me project

I read Mary Johnson's blog...and she had a link to a lady who makes dolls that look like the child it goes to. the difference is the children are disabled or seriously injured or ill. If the child has only one arm....the doll has only one arm. I was impressed with the woman who is doing this.....and wanted to help. some of her quilting friends are making quilts to go with the dolls and there is a drive on this month to send her quilts. so, i went to the studio and pulled out things i could use. 

Yesterday, I had 12 quilt tops ready to be I have 6 of them finished. in a few days i will finish the rest. life is in the way for a day or two. they are 22x24" ish.

First up is one with a collage of horses.


I already had the horse pieces cut out....with thoughts of making a child's quilt with them. just had to add the gray pieces to get the right size.


The back is a gray flannel


And there is a cute kitten 


I had the little panel and pulled some pink scraps to surround it.


Back is a peach


 This log cabin was originally going to be a pillow


It was pieced by my friend Sharon...and part of my fabric inheritance from her. the final border was the back of the pillow top.


Something from the stash for the backing


 And you need a Peter Rabbit print.


This was a blanket found at a thrift store. i have a lot of it left, so, more quilts to come in the future.


The back is a snuggly flannel

 And we can't forget selvages, can we? after all, i AM the selvage queen. haha


I had a few leftover selvage blocks....and added other things to bring it to size.


Back is same as front 'sashings' but camera faded out the color.


And, if you know me at all.....there has to be a wild thing...i love this.


And, in the wild theme, quilted with a circular scribble.


Back is a purple wild thing, too.


These were so much fun. I loaded 3 at a time and was finished with all 6 in a few hours. i will finish the other six in a few days, so stayed tuned. there might even be more of these in my future....who knows.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Row 3

I fused row 3 of the New England Sampler last night.

Wouldn't you like to grow a pot of flowers as large as your house?  hahaha

You can barely see in the photo, but the windows are pale yellow and white stripe....blinds.

The next row is again a pieced row...might take a little while.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Canadian Women Memory top is pieced

I used 140 of the 150 blocks and black sashing....with the Canadian leaf in the middle to represent the different sections of Canada. It is 83" square.

This was a year long process, so glad this part is finished.

Here are some closeups

Some blocks has a LOT of pieces

And some blocks were really simple

I used all kinds of reds and white/cream/beige

Some blocks (like the heart) might not be oriented properly, but i'm ok with it.

The blocks finish at 6" some of these pieces are tiny

I managed to keep up for about the first 9 months.....we got 3 blocks every Tuesday...

But, then came flea market time and I fell behind.

I like the middle block

Don't know when it will get quilted....some day.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

New England Sampler is growing

I appliqued the second row of the New England sampler last night. Although the first row was appliqued in fabric, i chose to applique this row in felted wool. it is so much easier to stitch.

The little blocks (5") have such tiny pieces.

But they did go together quickly. I did go ahead and applique them down. the wool sometimes is hard to get to stay fused.

And, yes, i know those points are cut off. we'll just pretend they are supposed to be that way...ok?  it's a miscalculation on my part when piecing the background and i was NOT going to take them apart and redo them. i'm ok with it.

So, now i need to trace and cut out the pieces for the next row.  stay tuned

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Block 8 Merry Snowmen

Block 8 is ready to go of the Merry Merry Snowmen quilt.

I need to add a button to the end of his cap

In the process of working block 9....the last block. will all be finished soon.

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