Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Get the Blues at Night Sometimes

This one is mine!!  haha    I made it for my room at my sister's house...the Beast.  She is painting the walls blue. All selvages...naturally. it is 90 x 106. I just did a large meander all over it. nothing would show anyway. ... and i wanted to take it with me with I leave on Friday. the nights are getting chilly now. 





Back is a pretty flannel that I scored at JoAnns at their huge flannel sale. I had just enough...about 4 inches left over. 


Since it is mine, i used up scraps for binding from other projects. some blues, some pinks, a green and a couple purple. works for me. 


Now, i guess i can rest for a day. i leave on Friday for the flea market on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Patchwork Deer

When I was at the market last month, I showed a Patchwork Bunny. a man stopped and asked if i had a deer like i made him one. he said the kids were decorating his grandson's room in a deer motif. haha  the pattern was for Christmas and Rudolph had a red nose. i changed it up a bit and took the red out of the pattern. i think it might work for him. 

I quilted it with a panto called Whimsy. I quilted the whole first row....moved it up...and discovered the tension sucked on the bottom. i spent 5 hours last night ripping that all out. today i switched the top thread from a Glide to Bottom Line. I think the problem was the backing fabric. it might not be exactly quilty fabric. haha


I like the little tree border...and i found some fabric with trees in it, too. It's about 45 x 60


I didn't have enough of the light brown for the deer, so i added in some lighter shades of tan. baby deer have spots anyway. 


I had a piece of camoflauge fabric in the stash, so that became the back.


And i added a pic of what the baby will look like when he grows up. haha


Thread was Bottom Line Taupe for the top and So Fine dark brown for the bobbin. my first choice for the binding was the brown with the little trees, but there wasn't enough. so, i used a dark green stripe that i had instead. hope he likes it.

When the Planets Don't Align

First of all....I don't know what the heck this is. haha   Maybe an interpretation of the eclipse.   it all started with strips of little pieces that i had left over from another project...why can't i just throw that stuff away?  sigh!!   then, i got new circle cutters. and off i went.

The black is felt. Maybe it's just a Halloween wall hanging. who knows. is 42 x 50"


I made squares of the little pieces and cut them into circles....and encircled those with a black felt circle, stitched down with variegated thread.


There wasn't a lot of felt, so i ran out of large black circles.


So, i used the small circles that were cut from the middles.


SID around blocks, X (corners only) over block, stitched around circles, and put a curl in the middle. 


Back is a flannel...simply picked because of the colors.


Top thread was Glide Orangey; bobbin was So Fine brown.


It will go to market....perhaps someone there will like weird things. .... perhaps it will become a dog blanket.  haha   I'm ok with that either way.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Square in a Square in a Square

This was so much fun to piece...i finished it this last July....that i just had to quilt it up. It will be hanging at the flea market this weekend to encourage folks to come and look. i think it might draw a crowd.
I cross hatched all the dark squares....2 days of quilting for that. and played in the light squares. 18 hours of quilting all together. it is 96" square....seemed like a lot more. haha


The quilting is hard to see until you get close to it



The small points around the center were all quilted the same.


The larger areas around the outside were all quilted differently. I used my Quiltazoid and just played....deciding as i went along.


The designs are rather labor intensive. you quilt one little arc....move the machine....quilt another arc....more the machine, etc, etc...all around until you get the design finished. then do it all over again for the second round....and the third. you get the idea.




The back is a muslin. the quilting shows here much better.


Here are those small inside light triangles.


And a couple of the larger ones.



Thread for the top was Glide Ruby and Silver; bobbin was Bottom Line Cream


This was a 5 day job....i'm happy to have it finished. I have a couple more i want to do before Friday when I have to leave. wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

RWB Nickel Bricks

I just finished piecing this one in May of this year....quick turn around. It was just a few months ago, but i don't remember it. haha  i guess it was too ordinary to remember. i used a panto called Wrought Iron.  it is about 64 x 72"


If you have a lot of nickels...this is the pattern for you. just cut them in half, add a border on 2 sides and piece them alternately. done.


I didn't worry about value or tone or whatever...just pulled all the reds and blues and put them all together.


Back is a pale blue flannel.


Top thread was Glide White; bobbin was Superior Highlights Blue

Monday, September 4, 2017

Applique Flowers and Bugs

I finished the hand applique and piecing in November of last year, so it hasn't waited too long to be quilted. I had a bit of wool pieces that were browns and neutrals, so i decided to use them here. Threw in a bit of color, also. It's about 67 x 80"


The background of the blocks are old feed sacks that i scored at a neighborhood auction some time ago.


This feed sack shows St. Louis MO on it. there are a couple other blocks that have some wording showing.


SID for everything....CC in sashings...meander and leaves  in border.


Pulled out all my greens to cut for sashings


Some of the feed sacks still have the stains from long ago, too.


All stitched down with black embroidery thread.





Back is a flannel...light green with dots; binding a brown stripe.


Top thread was Glide White; bobbin was Bottom Line Tan.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

UFO #8 for August

Well, August was a bust as far as doing the UFO that was #8.... i decided i didn't like it and trashed it.
These alphabet blocks were #8....i had half of them finished...and then realized i had constructed them wrong. i couldn't finish them once i knew they were i cut out the letters for another project another day and put the background fabric back on the shelf.

But, it's not like i didn't accomplish anything in fact, it was my most productive month in quite some time. my son decided to do a flea market with his metal art and wanted me to go with him, so i quilted up a couple dozen table runners, place mats, and small wall hangings to sell.

It was also a push to quilt up a lot of quilts to take. some of the things quilted in August were...

Applique Baltimore Album

Burlap Halloween


Happy Halloween

I Spy Flannel

Jungle Animals

Let's Count

Patchwork Bunny

Spring Things

We both did very well at the flea market and will go back again this 2, it is a push to quilt up some new things to take.

At least my #4 for this month will be easy....the top is all together, i just need to quilt it.

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