Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Salty or Sweet; Hard or Chewy

Those are the choices in my jar quilt.....lots of goodies.  It was fun finding the fabrics and fun embroidering the jars. now i want candy....or chips   haha

Pretzels and peanuts

Red hots and gummy bears

Popcorn and candy canes

Red licorice sticks and marshmallows....2 of my favorites

Peppermints and gumdrops

Pixie sticks and potato chips

Gingerbread cookies and M&Ms

Licorice bites and candy corn...i would probably empty these 2 jars first. haha

Jelly beans and Necco wafers

I played with the embroidery machine and made some jars wider and narrower or taller or shorter.  the designs actually came from the set with the bugs in jars. i adapted them to candy jars. i had to watch the machine and stop it from sewing the 'holes' in the tops of the jars. but, as you can see, i missed that part on the candy cane jar. the jars actually have a thick plastic on them. i don't believe this would survive the washer or dryer.

I have also done some jars with fruit and veggies in them for canning. got to find those.  and i have a thought of doing jars with junk drawer stuff.....screws, bolts, pins, pennies, etc. 

The ideas are endless....use your imagination and make yourself some jars. 

Kids Nativity Scene

To me, these blocks look like kindergarten kids putting on a Nativity show. there are some strange looks on some of these. haha  but, hey, i don't design them....i just embroider them.  these were done some time ago and i figured it was time to get them set up.

This is about 35x48"

This is cute....i like the star holding the spotlights.

That is one happy angel. to me, that is just what a kindergarten kid would do who is playing an angel in a play.

A couple of lambs. don't know why they designed those at an angle. i should have straightened them out.

Here is Mary...looks like she has a dishtowel on her head. haha

And this baby..what an expression. 

Joseph looks pretty happy

This is one goofy looking wise man. 

And the other 2 wise men....just as strange.

 And a shepherd

Is this a cow?

Mary's donkey

And a bull?  i don't remember that from the Nativity story. haha

See....kindergarten play.  just too adorable.

Which part would your child play?

Big Brothers, Little Brothers

Today was the day to piece together some of the embroidery blocks that i had made previously.

These are the Straw Hat Sams....i think of them as brothers to the Sunbonnet Sues. this is about 38x48".  i used several shades of green fabric that i had dyed some time ago. 

I think when i quilt this i will add things to the blocks. this could have a path going to the barn  and perhaps a fence from the sides of the barn.

This one needs more chicks

I could extend the fence here all the way across and perhaps put a sun.

Will add fish to the pole.

Think i'll put some water for the frog to jump into. 

He needs another kite in his other hand.

Maybe a ball to play with the dog. and a dog biscuit.

Don't know about this guy. what do you think?

Maybe a rabbit behind the stump, looking at him.

More water waves and a sun.

Got to put something in the wagon...perhaps a teddy bear.

Maybe a cat on top of the hay.

This one will be fun to think of things to add. who know when it might get quilted though.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Laurie's Dresser Scarves quilt top

Laurie....if you don't want to see part of your quilt......stop right here and go do something else. hahahaha

This is a fun quilt. my friend, Laurie, sewed a bunch of dresser scarves to a piece of white fabric and told me to have fun. it is about 90" x 100"

So far, i have been from top to bottom once....sewing everything down and putting in a couple hundred pins.

Now, the fun starts. 

This dresser scarf has lovebirds on it. this is the only one i have completely finished so far. 

It's a bottom corner section.

Went around all the embroidery and then just played.

The purple line will be gone by tomorrow

I love that blue and white stripe edging.

I hope i have enough ideas in my head for the rest of them. hahaha

I did a bit on a couple other scarves, too. have to think a while on how to proceed.

It's gonna take a bit of time.....and a few bobbins....i'm on bobbin #4 so far. 

Laurie....thanks for giving me a fun project.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

They just won't quit

Tonight i picked 141 pounds of tomatoes from the garden.  

Actually, i had help. our neighbor, Ben, came by.  he helped me pick and carried the buckets to my truck for me. he is a good worker. i sent him home with 2 bags of tomatoes, a cantaloupe and 4 sweet potatoes.

I picked 2 cantaloupes...one for Ben and one for us. it was wonderful. soft and sweet and yummy. 

Tomorrow i will be putting banana peppers in the dehydrator and figuring out what to do with these tomatoes. i sent 2 buckets to another neighbor....but i still have 3 buckets to deal with. by this time of the year i am really tired of tomatoes. and there are still so many more out there on the plants.

When i was cleaning up yesterday i also found 4 more watermelon hiding under the gourd leaves. so we have 7 watermelon now. and about 13 dozen cantaloupe....hahaha.....and they were volunteers...from the compost.

Don't you just love gardening?

Laurie's dresser scarves quilt

I am working on a quilt for my friend, Laurie.  she sewed a bunch of dresser scarves onto a large piece of white fabric. and there is an embroidered card table cover in the middle. she said to play and do my thing. haha  i love that.

Here are a couple sneak peeks. that spot just cried for feathers.

I'm just getting started....quilting around the scarves and basically sewing everything down.

There will be a whole lot of fun going on in the coming weeks. i am going around the embroidery first.

That purple line down the middle will disappear. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mary's Stars

This is my friend, Mary's, quilt. she likes stars....and she likes feathers. so, she got both.

This was a true head scratcher for me for some reason. i agonized over it for a couple weeks. wanted something different.....but it had to be feathers. 

I did these 4 stars blocks differently than the rest because she pieced them differently. i put the CC on the outside of the star points and SID'd around the block.

All the stars got CC inside the star points, SID around the star, and a few feathers inside.

The white space is what was giving me fits. i was looking through design books to find something with a star and feathers. this is an Irena Bluhm design. it fits perfectly and Mary loves it. i had never done it before and it took a few times drawing it before i got the hang of it. there are 10 feathers on each side.....i was counting to 10 all day long.

Setting triangles got straight lines. border gave me more headaches. finally did 3 lines on either side of those paisleys in the middle...following the lines on the fabric. did lines about an inch apart on the outside and some scallops on the inside.

When i got to the corners i put more feathers to match the white space feathers.

The back was a pretty print....thread doesn't show much. i used a salmon color...Glide for the top, and Bottom Line for the bobbin. 

The good part is that Mary loves it and can't wait to get the binding on and show it off. i like it too....especially since it is now finished. hahaha

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