Monday, January 26, 2015

House Numbers for the Duck....graffiti art

Here is my first graffiti art numbers for the Duck.  i wanted to practice before i tackled the side of the garage on a large scale. haha    i believe i am going to do my mailbox, too.  when you open the door of the mailbox...on the inside it will've got mail.  haha is the whole sign...


And a few closeups

close 1.jpg

The silver washers on the corners mark the spots for the screws to go in to hold up the sign. once it is mounted, i will paint some brown over the washers and probably glue a few things over that to cover it up. it probably weighs about 10 pounds. is 12" x 18" 

close 2.jpg

I put all the larger pieces on first....then filled in with buttons and larger beads...and then with tiny beads

close 3.jpg

I've looked and looked at it....there is always another spot to cover or a place to fit a tiny bead but last night i finally said....done!

close 4.jpg

I wanted to do the background in black but didn't have enough black i chose browns.

close 5.jpg

What do you think?  I'm in love with it

Jim says the mail person will be spending a lot of time at my house looking at the sign....but i might not get any mail. haha

If you feel the need to get rid of stuff in your kids toy box or that junk drawer or that garage....i'll be happy to take the stuff off your hands.  haha

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fractured II

This came about from a quilt along with Vicki Welsh. I thought it was last year, but it was pieced on November 10, 2013. this is my second one of these. 

It is 80 x 88".  i chose to SID around the red and quilt in the yellow...which is what Vicki did in hers.


The middle


And the very needed feathers


I quilted it all as i rolled, so most design sections were just as much space as i had...then i changed designs on the next roll. but sometimes i liked what i did and continued it on for a bit....but not often. the following dozen pics shows some of my fills.






At one point i put in my name and the date. permanent label...haha    maybe i need to do that on all quilts.

my name and date.jpg






The border got the same all around...piano keys....various widths


The back was a pieced one of gray stripes. part of it is horizontal and part is is how the fabric fit so i went with it. and, the binding is this same gray stripe....part one way and part the other. i am consistently weird.


back close.jpg

Top thread was Glide Gold....bottom was 2 light yellows and 1 gold of So Fine. i was using up last bits of thread on spools. the shades were close enough you would never tell. 

This one was on the frame over a week and i am now tired of it so glad it is done. i think i am getting a small customer quilt tomorrow at quilt class so that will be up next. then it is back to busting UFOs and that TBQ cabinet.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Let's Go!

Another UFO is now a TBQ.  i don't have a record of when i embroidered these blocks. i'm thinking about 2013. but they got pieced together today. and will probably be quilted up is rather small....33x41"


I used the colors they are pretty bright...and sometimes strange. haha







About right for a drag around blankie for a little one. or a cover for a doll.  either way....some little kid will love it.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Summer Nights and Northern Lights

I am thinking that title is the name of the fabric line. i can't imagine coming up with that myself. haha

Pieced January 16, 2013; quilted January 16, 2015.  how about that? .... 2 years to the day


It is about 66 x 80





I believe it was a panel that i cut apart. the fabrics were in the same line.






Panto used was...

panto title.jpg

And it looks like...


Here is a stitched out portion. kind of large and open...goes quick.

panto stitched.jpg

And the thread is Glide and So Fine...dark greens


I believe that is #5 out of the TBQ cabinet for this year.

And here is the back


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dancing Diamonds

This is one of those fold and sew piecing.

I like quick and easy. this sat on the end of my sewing table for a few weeks. every once in a while i would do a couple of blocks. yesterday i decided to finish them up.


I started with a bunch of brown squares


and some red diamonds.


Our quilt teacher, Mary, showed this to us with a tumbler in the middle, but i didn't have that die cut, so i used diamonds. any 4 sided figure would work.

I am happy that it moved from a UFO to a TBQ.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Traveling Turtles

Another one out of the to-be-quilted cabinet. 

This is an Amy Bradley design. she has some really cute patterns. and her patterns are great.....real sized applique sheets...lots of pics and explanations....a lay out sheet.  i recommend her.


I tried to put people in the windows


I did fusible applique and then quilted over it


Came to 60" x 70"


Pieced May 25, 2013; quilted January 12, 2015


Glide cream on top; Bottom Line Ecru on bottom


I love some of the goofy faces

ice cream.jpg

Back is a dark blue with dots


I chose a thread that would show on the back....not my usual thing.

back close.jpg

This was super fun. 

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