Monday, August 18, 2014

Today's garden harvest

This morning i went out to the garden and looked to see what i could find for dinner. a lady told me yesterday that she dug out her potatoes and found a lot of rotted ones. so, i checked mine. i dug up 3 or 4 plants and did find 2 rotted potatoes. and a whole lot of tiny potatoes. but i did manage a few good sized ones.

And i dug up 2 sweet potato plants, too. i had never planted sweet potatoes before and have vines covering an area about 50' x 15'.  and they would be much further out, but i keep taking the ends of the vines and putting them back in the pile. there are pretty purple flowers blooming there.

I found several good size sweet potatoes. i really didn't know how they grew. the roots stretch out from the main plant and tubers grow on the roots. weird. there were quite a few smaller ones that got fed to the cows. hahha    by the way, cows (and bulls) love sweet potato vines. they were fighting over them. potato plants...not so much.

So, then i picked 1 yellow bell pepper .... i have one more out there for next time. and a few banana peppers. pickins' are slim there.

So, dinner tomorrow will be baked pork chops and my potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peppers. and some tomatoes for good measure.

Eating from the garden is a good thing.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Random Rail Fence I Spy

I stole this idea...hahhaa....from Riel Nason. her blog is The Q and the

You cut 2.5 inch strips and sew them all the jelly roll challenge.  then cut them into 12.5" long strips. use 6 and make a rail fence block. turn every other one in the opposite direction.  quick and easy.

Can you find the hedgehog?

Find the knight

Where's the gingerbread cookie?

I see you?

Crayons and pencils...ready for school.

Love those NYC taxis

This is 56x68".  i put a crazy green and purple border on it. i figure some kid will have fun with it.

My next one will be more controlled...size wise....and will use the same color fabric between the I Spy pictures. ..... it's in the works.  stay tuned.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Selvage Sun

I love selvage quilts. i love thinking up new patterns to use them. i've been working on this one for a few months and finally got it all pieced.

324  6" blocks. it is 110" square....and that baby is heavy.

I did the middle diamond shape first...then i added the corners. I drew it out in EQ so i would have a pattern to follow when assembling. it actually goes pretty quickly....but it was a lot of evenings sewing. 

That used a LOT of selvages....i figured 10 yards of fabric for the top layer....the selvages are overlapped 1/4".  and 7.5 yards for the foundation layer.

I was trying not to use the selvages with the white strip on it. that got to be challenging at the end. i was forced to turn the white part under....but in some instances i let it show if it was interesting.

I cut the foundation blocks 6 1/2"....and then trim them down to 6" after sewing. i use any old or ugly fabrics for the foundation that i no longer like or want.

While working on this top ..... i have a lot of smaller selvage pieces now. so, i have come up with another design to use them up. have already made a yellow strip.....3 1/2" wide and 90" long.  it will be another large one. hahaha

I am addicted to selvages.

Garden tomatoes

I was thinking this afternoon that if i go to the Duck this weekend....the garden will be in trouble.  the tomatoes are really turning red now and i am not selling many of them. if i am gone for several the time i get back they will be bad.

So, i went out to the garden to assess the situation. sigh!!  came back with 48 pounds of tomatoes picked...  two 5 gallon buckets.

This was the big daddy of them must have weighed 2 pounds by itself.

There were 5 that were a pretty good size.

The holes in my tomato cages might be a bit small. most of the plants did not grow out of the holes of the cage. so...they are all squashed up inside the cage....and some tomatoes are growing AROUND the cage.  i guess those get to stay out there for the birds and squirrels.

I cleaned up about half of them tonight....cut up and took out 5 quarts in the freezer. probably 5 or 6 more quarts to do tomorrow.

The fun is just beginning. hahaha

Green squares and strips

Someone shared a photo of their quilt made like this....but they made it an I Spy.  i liked the layout and decided to make one myself. i used green scraps.

The squares are 4"....15 of them across. the layout of strips was 1, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 1....3" strips between the rows of squares.

It turned out to be 50x66".

I have lots more 4" squares cut out and will make another one.....with all different colors.

Why is it that no matter how many scrap quilts that i make....there are still boxes of scraps.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

4 More days at the Duck

I found some guys to rebuild my front enclosed porch at the i made another trip out there.  and drug hubby along with me. i think he did more work than i did.

Jim hung 6 ceiling fans and 3 lights in the house, re-hung 4 lights in the garage (didn't get pics of that), once we got the drop down ceiling taken out and all that nasty metal frame down. and he installed two lights in the garage bathroom and storage shed (didn't get pics of that, either). i seem to be falling down in the picture department.

This is the light in the laundry room. it's an old washtub with a thrift store light inside of it. it is very cool and i love it. i spray painted the inside of it and left the outside the plain metal. there are 3 light bulbs in there and it gives off a lot of light.

Kitchen ceiling fan

Kitchen light over the sink...when i get a sink. hahaha  thrift store find.

Second bedroom fan

Pantry light. this one had to be simple and flat to the ceiling....the ceiling is shorter in there....maybe 8 feet.

Bedroom fan

Dressing room/closet fan

Fan installer. some of the fans were the same kind. Jim says that was good....he already knew how they went together and it went quicker. he installed all of these in one day.

Living room fan

My front enclosed porch floor was really moved when you walked on it. when the guys tore it out....some of the beams were termite eaten and just fell down. we replaced 4 beams and added 2x8s to 4 more. and put posts underneath to hold everything up level and straight. it is not a large space...6'x18' used to be the porch of the house....but a previous owner closed it in. i guess it will now be my entryway.

Stephen (in the red shirt) and Allen...working on the floor. good thing it was dry under there and not full of mud and creatures.

And this is Kevin....he is especially glad it was dry under there....since he spent some time under there.

Here it is...2 days later....floor all down. the sun spot is from sun coming in the front door.

There was no way to get a good pic without the sun.

This flooring is called Inspira. it comes in a brown color, too but i liked the gray best. it comes in 2'x1' sections and looks like slate and snaps together. they had this laid in 1 1/2 hours. it looks great.

We also enclosed part of the wall. for some reason a previous owner just had a piece of plywood nailed over this. i took it all down and inserted insulation, then the guys put in some CDX to cover the hole and filled it in with cedar boards that i had rescued from my sister's garage tear down. i just need to scrape off the old paint and repaint everything. they did a fabulous job.

All the new boards line up with the old boards and is going to be great when all painted. these construction guys are keepers.....i'll be using them again.

And while all that was going on....i was painting up the last of my baseboard trim and installing it in the dining room. it was saved when i tore out everything during the demolition phase. i love those corner pieces.

The chunky pieces at the doorways will have trim going up from there and around the doorway. i did finish one doorway and for whatever reason....i think exhaustion.....i didn't get a time.

I have all the doorway trim pulled out...just need to pull nails, sand and repaint and it is good to install. i am not filling the old nail holes ..... i like the rustic look.

Since we were both down there....we had to take Suzy, too. although i took her quilt from home with us, she really prefers the couch. i found her sitting in front of it and eyeing it...there were a bunch of pillows up there....that is the only thing that kept her from jumping up there. so, i felt sorry for her, pulled the pillows off....and pulled the quilt off....and let her have it. this is pretty much how she spent her 4 days. hahahaha

I had gotten these metal stars and wanted to hang them on the wall. but there wasn't a hanger thing on the back. so i was trying to figure out how to hang them. i was thinking if i could find a wooden cabinet door knob, i could put a screw through it and hang them that way.

So, i wandered over to the local hardware store and found these cool drawer knobs....just made to order. even a star design....with holes to put a screw through.

Ta Da!!   they hung up just fine....along with my other star that i had found at a local antique store. i am hoping some day to find more of the small metal stars....they are about 6" i can hang more of them.

There they are. the screw shows, but not much i can do about that. i guess i could dab a bit of black paint over it. but happy i found a solution to hang. and the knobs were on sale....half price. can't beat that.

The only thing left to do is install the 3 windows on the front porch. they are on order and could be in by Friday. if so, i will run down there again for a day or 2 to get the windows installed.

Then it's up to me to...
finish up the tape and bed on the drywall on the walls
finish painting the's a beadboard ceiling
scrape the wooden walls and paint them
put another coat of blue paint on the door
put in some baseboard trim....and window trim....

That might take me a few days. LOL     but i am getting there.....slowly but surely.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My week's adventures

I left town last Tuesday and just got home today....a whole week of adventure.

My nephew got a job in he is officially moved out of the house. He ordered up a POD for his stuff...and came back home for a couple days to box up his stuff.  the job for me and my sister was to load all his stuff into the POD.

They aren't very large....7x8x5.  i didn't think all his boxes would fit. we actually had them leave a second one....just in case.

We started Tuesday night and got most of it in there....there was some creative packing going on here.

This is all that was left to pack....and we got it all in Wednesday about an hour.

I sure hope there was no one around with a video camera. you would have gotten a laugh out of us trying to stuff his mattress on the top of all this. hahahaha   but it all went in...we slammed the door...put on the lock....and wished it luck. it is on it's way to NY.

So then when that was finished, i headed on out to the Duck. i had my sister's library card catalog cabinet in the back of my pieces. once she got to the Beast, we unloaded all the parts and got it all set up in the library. it looks great.

Then i headed over to the Duck and painted the first hutch in the dining room.

Inside all the little cubbies at the top are little houses and people that i find here and there.

Most of them are chunks of wood that someone painted.

My piece of stained glass that i had made was finished, so i went and picked that up. i hope to get it installed above the door soon.

On Thursday i was back at it.....

I did some tape and bed work in the office. i pretty much sucked at this for the first couple of pieces. hahaha but i started down at the that plug. i should have started at an easier spot. i haven't done this in YEARS...and it is NOT like riding a bicycle. hahaha

But as i moved around the wall i got a bit better...the second plug didn't intimidate me.

I even got a horizontal strip on there.

While i was in the sister was doing her thing in the dressing room area. she is already at the top half of the wall. she is more experienced at this than i am.

And i hung some drywall also. i had 3 pieces laying on the the the bedroom and i was determined to get them up off the floor one way or another.

The first piece i hung on a bathroom wall.

These pieces were being saved to cover this wall where the pocket doors are. but my handyman never got out to hang the i just cut the drywall down and hung them in place anyway. they might have to come down for the doors to get hung properly....but i just have them up there with 4 screws, so that will be easy enough.  this is the right side.

This is the left side.

You can tell a pro job by how the plugs fit. hahahaha  i managed to get both of those pieces up there pretty well.

I also carried in the pieces of a cabinet to put together. but that's as far as i got. enough for thursday.

Friday....more fun and games.

I got that cabinet assembled....after a couple of false starts. the instructions sort of sucked. and i didn't have faith that the construction would stay together, so i put some screws in the sides to hold it all together....just in case.

I got extra drawers to add to the cabinets. those instructions rather sucked, too. what is it with instruction writing people?

I think they will look nice in the end. i like the doors. i still have to install the door....that is a 2 person job.

I will have 2 of these narrow cabinets and 4 wider ones in the dressing area. i just had to put one together to see how it looked. of course, by the time i assemble the rest of them i will have forgotten my issues with this one and have to start all over again. hahahaha the shelves are adjustable....and the drawer can be installed anywhere also. wonder why they didn't make the drawer white like the shelves.

I did some more tape and bed work in the 8 more pieces up.

Then i painted the second hutch in the dining room. i love the glass in the top and that i found a perfect little quilt to hang behind it. it's the first thing you see when you come in the back door.

That was enough for Friday.

After a good night's was on to Saturday. it was a slower day.

I rescued this ugly buffet last year from some destructive children. here it is before.... i got the electric sander after it.... it is after some sanding and painting.

And after i got the hardware on. why does everything have to be a big deal?  sheesh!  i had the 4 handles that are on the longer drawers. they were in the drawers, so i assumed they fit.  wrong...the bolts were too short. so, off to the hardware store for more bolts. well, then the heads of the bolts went through the to the coffee can to find washers to hold the bolts in place.  

Then off to the hardware store to find handles for the top 3 drawers. found an appropriate color match but the holes in the bottom pulls are further apart than most pulls made today. so, was sent to another store and found pulls there that would match. the newer pulls now have 2 sets of holes...genius.  what should have taken a few minutes....was a couple hour project.

Then hung a Splendid lemon sign that my sister gave me. she thought it was peaches at first. then we thought oranges....finally decided it was lemons. the sign was not clear.

And hung up my Fried Green Tomatoes sign, too.

Then i cleaned up a bit......i had made quite a mess in the last few days. called it a day.

Sunday found me back in the saddle again.

I decided to work on the baseboards for the dining room. when i was destroying the house i saved all the woodwork and such that i could.

So, i spent a few hours pulling nails, scraping paint, sanding boards, and painting boards. i found enough to do what i wanted to do. here's a few of them.

I also saved the corner pieces. i couldn't scrape the top of the corner pieces too easily so i tried some stripper stuff. that didn't work ideally, but it will have to do. i just painted over what was left. so, if you come to my house.....don't look at the corner pieces too closely...ok?  i also saved the pieces that go in the doorways.

Scraping the paint off those curvy doorway pieces was a bitch i'm here to tell you. my hands were sore.

And i gave myself a blister in the palm of my hand from all that scraping. that is why i saved some of them for next time. so, next trip will be scraping the rest of them and painting and attaching them all.

I also got 2 pieces of wood attached to the inside of the doorway but failed to get a pic of that. just pretend.

I spent the evening pulling weeds from the side of the house....pulling poison oak from under the porch....and pulling weeds out of the flower beds. at least it was in the shade.

And my sister came down and did some more drywall tape and bedding in the dressing room. that wrapped up sunday.

I was intending to come home on Monday, but i had a guy coming out to give me an estimate for rebuilding my enclosed front porch i stayed another day.

So, as long as i was there.....i worked a bit on more baseboards......picked up the weeds that i pulled yesterday....and...

Pulled up some boards on the front porch to see what it looked like under there.

It didn't look too good. this joist is rotted...whether termites or weather...who knows.

And this one is not much better. but at some point someone had added another joist to it.

We will be shoring it up some, adding more 2x8s, putting in a subfloor and laying a new floor. it should look like gray slate.  that happens next week.

So, i have a few days to rest up.....and think of more things to do....LOL.....and get back out there and have more fun.

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