Saturday, December 20, 2014

Applique Alphabet baby quilt

This quilt top is credited to my friend, Brenda. Alice says i cannot call it has to be credit. haha

Brenda and I were digging through a tub of scrap fabrics at our quilt class last week. and Brenda said something to the effect.....there are some really nice soft florals in that box that would make a nice baby quilt. 

Well, i ignored her at the moment. then, came home and the thought hit me....and wouldn't let go.


I dug through the stash and pulled out the soft florals and cut 8" squares....2 of each. 

And did an applique alphabet with the embroidery machine. the outline of the letter i used a color of thread that matched the floral in the square.  used the same fabric for the letters as the border.

It is 46 x 53"

So, Brenda, here is your inspiration....and credit. haha

Another one for the to-be-quilted cabinet. i think i am real close to replacing all the tops i have quilted out of that cabinet in the last month. i better stop piecing and get to quilting.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Heart Strings Blocks

I have spent the last 4 evenings making string quilt blocks for the Heart Strings Project.  i learned of this project on Mary Johnson's blog. she is working with a group of women who make quilts and donate them to veterans, homeless people, ill children, and anyone who needs some love. there are dozens of organizations that they have helped.

So, far i have made 48 blocks....which is one set. these are just a few of the blocks.

Their requirements are to use a 10" foundation and then trim it to 9 1/2".  and the center strip should be the same color or similar....i used a dark blue. my other strips are alternates of reds and browns.

I will send in this set tomorrow and see how they like them. but i am pretty sure they will be ok. i have already started on another set...with red center strips.

You can make a set of 48 or just a few blocks if you would like to participate in their project. you can go to Mary's blog to read all about it.

Now i'm off to go sew more strips.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Color Love is pieced

This was a quickie top between all the UFOs and quilting work. i found a picture in a catalog and just HAD to make it. thank goodness for EQ.


Started piecing on November 25, 2014 and finished piecing on December 15, 2014.  might be a record for me. haha  ended up being 60" square.


I like the different background colors that make the diamond shape around the middle.

close 1.jpg

This used a lot of my Kona FQs that i had collected of different colors.

close 2.jpg

I had something else for the final border but decided to use it for the backing instead since there was enough. so, the border got these colorful mice in a maze.


I wish the mice background wasn't so bright white.....but it is another piece out of the stash and it will just have to be ok. 

Now that means.....even MORE into the to-be-quilted cabinet. who wants to help quilt my tops? hahahaha

UFO #3 is now pieced.....Cut Squares

It is no wonder i have so many UFOs.....i don't even know what possessed me to start this one. there were hundreds of 3 1/2" squares in the box.

cut squares.jpg

But, thankfully, a bunch of them were already pieced into rows. there were rows of singles, and rows of 9 patches. and a row of doubles.  so, i just put those rows all together....put the rest of those hundreds of 3 1/2" squares in the box with more just like them for a future project. this is 68 x 92"


I cut out all those squares on February 29, 2012 and started piecing those rows.


They are put together with a single row, a triple row, a single row, a triple row, a single row, a double row, a single row, a triple row, a single row, a triple row, a single row, a triple row, and a single row. i think that is correct. single rows between the 9 patch rows and the double row.

close 2.jpg

Would have showed up a bit easier if i had made the single rows all one color or one shade.


It wasn't too large so i used a fabric that i had for a wide 12" border. might not be all that terrific, color-wise....but it is more fabric out of the stash and another UFO out of the stack.

works for me.  but, another into the to-be-quilted cabinet.  sigh!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

UFO #5 on the list...Churn Dash...done piecing

Finally....another UFO finished. well, pieced....not yet quilted. but i call that finished. 

This was started in the madness of Vicki Welsh's HSTeria sew along back last spring. i pieced 3 tops for that madness. this was #4....i got several blocks done and got tired of it. i started piecing on June 19, 2014, re-started piecing on October 17, 2014, and finished piecing on December 10, 2014. you can see i procrastinated quite a bit since October. and, actually i quit before i did all the blocks i had planned. it was going to be a couple rows larger but i figured at 70" square i had enough of it.


So, it is now a top and going to live in the to-be-quilted cabinet. when will it be quilted? who knows.


i have to quilt faster......80-something tops still to quilt. and already 4 UFOs finished and added to the cabinet. not sure this is going to work out right. haha

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sweet Dreams

I did not have sweet dreams with this quilt.  i started....and ripped it out....3 times before it worked for me. for some reason, Glide and Bottom Line threads would not work. Glide and So Fine didn't want to work.  finally changed to a different spool of Glide and used the So Fine and we were good.  sheesh!

Then....thread breakage several times. i am so not used to this nonsense. but it is done ..... and done is good.


Blocks done with my embroidery machine


46 x 60"


I love the sashing fabric....something that was in the stash at the time of piecing


Pieced January 24, 2013


Quilted December 9, 2014


Pale yellow Glide thread on top; gold So Fine on bottom


Baptist Fans compliments of Quiltazoid boards





Back is a brighter yellow that what shows


I got a bit of squishing of the fabric with the quilting of the baptist fans. i'm thinking because the background fabric of pale yellow was an inferior product...and the embroidery drew it up a bit also.

It is all girly. i was thinking as i was quilting it....gee, if you made another one and used pale blue thread on light green could be for a boy. then i slapped myself around some and said...are you crazy!!!   it took almost 2 years to finish this little thing.  so, i'm over that.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

ABC Crazy Quilt progress

Here are some more blocks for the alphabet crazy quilt that have been finished. i am now at a stopping point for a bit until i dig around in the bin and find more things that i need.

F is for....frog, fireflies, fish, flip flops, football, fence, french fries, February

G is for .... gardening, glasses, guitar, giraffe, golf tees, goat, grasshopper, grapes

H is for .... horse, heart, hippo, hot dog, hammer, hedgehog

K is for ... koala, kangaroo, knife, kitten, kokopelli, key, kite, kiss

L is for ... lighthouse, lemon, lime, license plate, leaf, lamb, lock, lion, lightning bolt, lobster, letters

M is for ... monkey, Mario, mummy, music, money, mustache, mushroom, mouse, motorcycle

P is for pear, pencil, pinwheel, pirate, pancakes, purse, peas, pizza, pickle, puzzle piece

R is for ... rose, rooster, rocket, ring, raccoon, reindeer, rabbit, rocks, ram, racquet, rainbow

S is for ...strawberry, sneakers/shoes, statue of liberty, snowflake, snake, spring, snowman, saw, star, shark

T is for .... tree, telephone, teapot, thimble, turtle, tow truck, three, taxi, tractor

W is for ... whale, wheels, windmill, wagon, wand, worm, web, watermelon, wooden spoon, wrench

These are pretty cool...but intense. haha   i am thinking i will definitely need sashing between the blocks or your mind might explode.

Isn't it wonderful what you can find in fabrics these days?    knives ....taxis... .mustaches ....amazing.  gotta love those designers.

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