Monday, October 20, 2014

The last of the barn wood

Well, the dining room walls are finished in barn wood...

And i have this much barn wood left over. 

So, i am cutting up pieces and putting them in the front entry way. this is how far i got the last time i was down there. 

So, i got the brilliant idea to bring the rest of the wood home to the farm......con Jim into helping me cut it up....and then sand it and paint it before i go back down to the Duck. then i will be ready to install it and it will be a breeze.  only took us a couple of hours to cut it all up. here i have it divided into 4 sections....because i have 4 shades of paint to pretty it up with.

This morning got everything all sanded. what a mess.

Then i got busy with the painting. those are the boards for the first color. 

I got the first batch painted. tomorrow i will do the next batch.

Then by the time i go back next week....all i have to do is glue it to the wall. saves me a couple days of prep work. 

Now if i can just find time to get out in the garden and finish that up for the year. i don't seem to be able to get everything finished in a day that i want to do. 

I may have to cut back on sleeping......and eating......and computer time. then i bet i have a lot more hours to work. hahaha

I'm picking up Free Money off the ground money.....just pick up black walnuts.

I spent the last 3 mornings picking up black walnuts. we have 7 there are lots of them. 

There is a business in town that buys them from you. i had never sold them there before so decided to give it a try.  

My first trip had my truck bed full with 15 five gallon buckets and 7 milk crates.  my shoulders were sore from all that picking. 

But, i had enough black walnuts to make 2 more truck loads....and i didn't want to drive to town 2 more times. so, i got the bright idea to just dump them all in the back of Jim's truck. works for me. hahaha  so this is my second load.

You just back your truck up to the hopper and let down the tail gate.  they put in a couple of boards to funnel the nuts into the hopper.

Then you just shovel them out. once they start the machine up, it goes pretty quickly. it sucks them up as fast as you shovel them into the hopper.

There is a conveyor belt that pulls them up and into the machine. the machine is full of chains that knock the hulls off. the hulls continue up the conveyor belt and dump the hulls into the back of a dump truck.

The walnuts are kicked out a chute at the back. there is a man there that bags them as they come out. each bag holds 40 to 50 pounds of walnuts, depending on their size. i found the whole operation fascinating.

Then the bags get loaded on the scale to see how much you have. 

This is the truck that they are filling. people bring black walnuts in here every day. they accept walnuts for the month of October. then they get taken to the Hammond Black Walnut Company.....where the walnuts make their way to the grocery stores for about $7.49 for 8 ounces. I'm sure Hammonds is happy that the little country towns are collecting walnuts for them.

I wound up with 515 pounds of black walnuts for my two trips to town.... and got $72.10 for my trouble. not bad for doing nothing but picking up walnuts. i still could have filled a few more buckets, but they were in the sticker bushes and i didn't want to fight them. 

I think i shall do this next year, too. but before the walnuts fall, i shall clear out all those sticker bushes and anything in my way of picking up walnuts. and....we have a neighbor down the road who has a whole grove of walnuts trees and doesn't pick his up. i'm going to see if i can have his, too. that should at least double my profits. 

So, clear my calendar for the month of October next year. i'll be picking up walnuts. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

4 Days at the Duck

Well, i went to the Duck in anticipation of my drywalled ceilings being finished....but that didn't happen. my worker had a death in the family that prevented him from doing it. maybe next trip.

But, you know me....don't let that little setback slow down my progress. so, let's see what i accomplished in 4 days.

When i got there i saw a sad sight. seems the oil pumper had malfunctioned for some reason and they had a huge truck with a crane in my yard....with parts of the pump out of the ground.

It had rained the whole time i was there so no one was working on it. they might be waiting for a new part or something. all that mess is not doing anything for my yard either. the yard maintenance guy came and had to skip this part of the yard. i hope they mow the grass in that section when they are finished.

But i did get to hang a few more things. i put a barb wire wreath on the back porch that Jim put together for me. so far i have a belt buckle with 2 horse heads on it. i am going for a western theme. am hoping to score a little baby boys pair of cowboy boots and perhaps some leather gloves. will wrap some burlap on it. i did find a small heart wrapped in red bandana fabric today. will add that next time i am down there.

This is the antlers from my very first buck that i shot when i went hunting for the first time with my then Oklahoma.  that was exciting. don't ask me why i put it up there....just seemed like the thing to do. hahaha

And a new sign for the dining room wall.

That now famous blue door got another coat of paint. might have to put the door knob back on the next time i go down there. there still is blue paint left....what to do....hhmmmm! you see all the stuff that i had piled in the entry way so the ceilings could be worked on. 

I have cut and painted more blocks for around the front door. but it rained all day....every those didn't get installed. another project for the next trip. these projects are adding up.

More painted blocks for the front door.

With all that rain and no got kind of chilly in there. so i closed up the door to the spare bedroom...and sealed the missing glass panes with some paper and tape. good old Duct tape. hahaha

Cranked up a heater in there and i have a cozy spot to sit and take a break.

This is the door that goes from the kitchen down to the garage. when it was installed....the sides were never closed up. it has bugged me for a while. so i found some scrap wood and closed it in. at some point that whole little stairway area will be painted....but it is WAY down on the priority list.

And this is the outside of that door that i sealed up the sides. also to be painted some day.

I had Jim build me 2 shelf units. i took home a plastic drawer and he built 2 of these units. i did some garage clean up and filled some of the drawers with stuff that was taking up too much space with the tools.

Sanding papers, bits, rulers, extension cords, tool bags, etc.

Now the tools have more space.....but not for long. hahaha

I measured how many feet i needed for the dining room ceiling trim and pulled those pieces of barn wood out and set them aside. there is no point in cutting and painting them yet. have to wait for the ceiling to be finished and painted. almost there. and i found a couple more 4x4 posts in case i need them.

This is the pile of barn wood pieces that are left over.....lots of smaller pieces and some weird sized longer pieces. i saved them....thinking they needed to become another project.

Then i got an idea of what to do with them. so all of these got loaded into my truck to come back home with me to be ripped down and cut up. wait till you see it. those boxes have small pieces of barn wood in them. i saved them all. 

So, i got all excited when i thought of what to do with the last remaining barn wood pieces. so i went to the Duck the next day and did this.....step 1.....painted the wall of the front entry way about 50" up from the floor. this is just like the dining no white spaces show through...just dark shadows.

Step 2....i cut some barn wood boards down to 6" wide and about 12" long.

I used the same 4 colors of paint that i used for the blocks that i am gluing around the front door.

Step 2....first row of wood glued to the wall. i am doing just that one the little bit of corners on the adjoining walls. one side is about 20" and other is about 14". i am loving it already.

I cut 20 something pieces and this is how far i got with 1 tube of Power Grab glue. that stuff is awesome and catches quickly.

Cut a little section to go around the plug. i brought it home along with the other pieces of wood to get it painted.

Next row will have cutouts for the top of the electric plugs....then it will be clear sailing. i am doing 8 rows up....48 inches. then will put a 'border' of the 4x4 blocks like i have around the front door. and will paint the 4 walls with the 4 colors of paint. i'm thinking maybe just a small piece of trim around the bottom....not a wide baseboard. we'll see. but i am loving it so far.

And then....just to round out my trip...hahaha....i decided to clean up the garage.....since those barn wood pieces are no longer in this area. so i moved everything out and swept up the crud. put plastic trash bags down on the floor....i get some leakage when it rains a lot....then put down some old 2x6s....see it is good to save all that old lumber....never know when you might need it. i drug all the old kitchen cabinets over against that wall and lined them up. i know it kind of looks all redneck but it frees up a lot of space and now everything is in one room of the garage and not spread out all over. see...saving those old cabinets was a good thing.

Remember all those tools.....i said they wouldn't have more space for long....i put them all here. all those boxes on the bottom are boxes filled with tile. just waiting for their turn. and piled on the top are the drawers to the cabinets. i figured there really was no reason to put them back on but couldn't quite throw them away yet. i'll save them for a bit. who knows where these cabinets might wind up eventually...they might need their doors.

The ceiling is at a slant that one cabinet wouldn't fit sitting upright....but that's ok. there is space for everything.

Other side of room looks like this...more organization. see how clean that floor is?

I must have a dozen different sizes of screws and nails but it still seems like every project needs something else. why is that?

These beauties.....the sections of garage doors from my sister's garage that we demolished.....are destined to be built in book shelves at some point inside. they are HEAVY. there are sections with glass windows in them.....just perfect for the front door on the book shelves.

And this is the pile of cedar strips that i have left....also salvaged from my sister's garage that we demolished. i am thinking they might make nice walls in the pantry. i have to measure and see if i have enough. then i will be sanding and painting all that. sigh!

All in exhausting 4 days. the first day i worked 7 hours. the second day..6 the 4th day....i was down to 4 hours. hahahaha   not as young as i used to be. had to go to the drugstore for Icy Hot for my shoulder. moving all that stuff is rough.

But i am excited to get down and finish up my barn wood projects and get my painting done that i need to finish outside. i just need a few days of no rain. 

Right now i have to do laundry. hahahahaha


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wonky Houses

Along with all my piecing UFOs....there are several machine embroidery UFOs also.  this is one of those.

They are designs by Anita GoodDesign. i had finished 2 houses some time ago and finally got around to finishing the rest of them. there were 15 designs so i had to come up with a setting that would work. the house in the middle is the 'king' of the neighborhood. all the houses around him are his worker bees. hahaha

I like the way they designed them.  if you set them side by side....all the grass lines up.

Love this little owl on the roof. they are all applique so i used all my funky fabrics.

Every neighborhood needs a church.

And all the smoke coming from the chimneys comes out in heart shapes.

These clouds have rain in them. 

One house has a cow spot door.

This is the little old lady in the neighborhood...she like flowers

This one has a balcony...where is Juliet?

The rooster is cool

And a school for the kiddos...even an apple tree.

Did you spot the bird on the stair railing?

Just makes me want to paint the Duck all different colors. hahaha

This one reminds me of the old lady who lived in the shoe.

I had lots of fun with these. you don't always get to mix lots of geometric designs. 

Which house do you want to live in?

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