Friday, November 21, 2014

More alphabetizing

Well, i was at the Duck for 4 days but didn't do a blessed thing there. oh, i unloaded the stuff that i took down there. walked through the house and checked on things. is cold in here. left and went to the Beast. at least she has heat. haha    i did that twice. not one nail hammered at the Duck....not one bit of paint brushed on. it was just too dang cold.

But....i did work....only it was work at the Beast....for my sister.

She is working on more book shelves in the sunroom for the continuation of the library project. 

So, i pulled K and L books and alphabetized them. they are piled on the floor in the library...around the walls...awaiting shelves in the sunroom.

They continue around the corner...

And down to the next corner

Then i pulled the Ms and Ns.  the Mcs, Macs and Mas are all on the dining room table. 

The rest went stacked up next to the wall in the dining room.

That should keep her busy for a bit. 

Don't know when i will get down there again....depends on the weather. i'm a sissy in the cold. 

I did take my sewing machine with me and made  about a dozen crumb blocks. i am doing them in colors now....all orange...all red...all green, etc.  have about 50 finished all together.  just 450 more until it becomes a quilt.  that will be my 3rd crumb quilt....might be the last one. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Raggedy Pinwheels

It was not a was not in the to-be-quilted cabinet.

Started November 11, 2014
Finished November 16, 2014

WooHoo!!   i think that is how you are supposed to do it. hahaha


When i was at class last Monday, our teacher showed us how to do these little blocks. there is no piecing. you cut up two 5" squares and put the pieces on the top of four 5" squares and sew them down with 1/4" seam. .. leaving the edges loose. put those 4 pieces together to make a large pinwheel.


The pieces on the corners create small pinwheels in between the large ones. sweet!


I loved it so much i had to come home and make it. i just happened to have 5" squares already cut out so i just used what i had. this came out about 40" square.


Glide pink on the top and a salmon Bottom Line for the bobbin.

It is really tempting to do this again.  but i better get back to my regularly scheduled program. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

X Box

This is UFO #28. i only had 1 block made but all the background squares were cut and a pile of selvages in the box. so, i started last night. Plan A was to make it queen size....110 blocks.  8" in size.  i made about 50 of them and said to myself.....i need a Plan B.

So, i cut it down to 63 blocks and it is now 56" x 82"...perfect couch size.  and it got all pieced and got a border. 

It was pretty simple and fast....just sew a selvage across one way and then the other way. 

Lots of browns cut up for backgrounds

Will probably get quilted with a panto....something swirly

This is the picture that i saw somewhere that started this madness. 

At least this UFO was fairly easy and fast. 

I had hubby give me another number for the next UFO....he chose #1....aaaccckkk!   that is a 3 star project. very time consuming. pattern and fabric is in the box....nothing cut out.....probably bought the fabric 3 or more years ago. guess i better go get started cutting up that fabric.

I am picking the next number. he picks all the hard ones. hahaha

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gone Fishin'

This little baby was pieced on March 10, 2013 and quilted November 11, 2014.  a great wallhanging for a fisherman in your life. it is 46x63"; using 5" squares.  i added a sleeve to this one for hanging.

Glide gold thread on top; So Fine dark green for bobbin

There are fishing lures, fish, camping items

Used Plush panto by Lorien Quilting

Back is a dark green; binding is made up of leftover fabrics from the top.

The next one in line is a bit larger....gonna go load it up and get started. hahaha

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Empress, the Goddess, and the Lady

These Asian ladies were pieced on April 18, 2013 and got quilted today, November 9, 2014.  they didn't have to wait long at all.

It is 46" wide and 44" high. a good wall hanging size.

The Empress Mari

The Goddess Barbara

Lady Lisa

I did straight line background fills around the ladies

Found the designs in a Japanese design book

And did a curvy design in the border

The back is a neutral piece that i had. the stitching shows better here.

And a closer shot.

The next stack of tops are a little larger. more in the 60" range.  if i want to do one a day i might have to quilt faster or do some pantos. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Buttons

Here is today's quilt.  it took longer than i wanted it to.  i went home for lunch and hubby decided it was time to plow up the garden. my job is to walk behind the plow and throw out the rocks. i only found a couple rocks....but found 20 more sweet potatoes and 1 red potato. i knew i probably missed a few of them. so that took 2 hours of my day.

But i still got this done.  Machine embroidery and buttons added later.

Pieced January 29, 2013

Quilted November 7, 2014

Cream border and marroon blocks are flannel

All embroidery got SID and 3 echoes. SID around the blocks.

Glide lime green on top

Dark forest green in So Fine in bobbin

Snowballs for sale

I think they could have designed the snowflake a little better

Red blocks got a Quiltazoid design. i had to work at that....been too long since i have played with it...had to get out the directions.

After i had loaded the quilt.....did the SID around the blocks....and sewed the edges down...THEN...i noticed the top, bottom and right side had 3 borders and the left side had only 2 borders. WTH??  i have no idea what happened there. i had no more fabric to add a border, so, after quilting,  i cut off one border on the right side so the sides would match. good enough. hahaha

Back is a flannel, too

No quilting shows...but here's a closer pic.

OK, now that you are used to seeing a quilt (or two) every day.....i have to disappoint you tomorrow. there is an auction in town and we are going. so, just rest up tomorrow....or quilt one of your tops. i'll try to get back in the swing of things on Sunday.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Birds in the Field

More Aunt Sophie blocks....this time hand embroidered birds. there was an odd amount of blocks so i had to get out EQ to figure out a setting.

It is 48" square. there is a flowery/feathery thing quilted in the border.

I just did SID around all the pieces...and around the birds. and an echo around the birds, too.

Cream thread top and bottom. Both Bottom Line....which i figured out later is why it was so hard to see the thread. usually i use Glide for the top and it has a sheen. picked up the wrong cone of thread.

Too bad it doesn't have the name of the birds on the blocks.

I threw some feathers in the plain triangular blocks.

The backing is another Aunt Sophie piece of fabric. i suspect this might have been a sheet in its former life.

Can now count one more done and out of the cabinet.  we are moving right along with the mission.

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