Thursday, November 26, 2015

Purple Butterflies

Another top is pieced...i call it purple butterflies....original, right?  haha

Pieces cut with the AccuQuilt machine. blocks are 6x3" ..  top is 72x84"

Another piece of fabric out of the stash. I think i shall quilt it with the flowery Quiltazoid boards. 

But for shall reside in the to-be-quilted cabinet

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mary Lincoln Mourning Quilt is pieced .... almost 3 years in the making

I just finished putting this top together yesterday. we started working on this in class in March, 2013.  we worked almost 4 months just on the middle basket. learning a lot of different flowers and leaves and things.

I am happy to have this out of the UFO pile ..... of course, now it is in the to-be-quilted pile...but i am ok with that.

It is 106" square.  and it seems the border on the right side is a bit too large...seems to be waving. i will have to take that off and readjust. i measured them all and i don't think any 2 sides were the same. haha


This was fun and we learned a lot of new techniques...but it took a looong time.


I enjoyed the applique blocks





Silohettes of the 3 children that died...and Abe.  they were a bit tricky.





Tracing the eagles on the corner blocks was a challenge without a light box. took me forever. i will quilt over them....but maybe not ALL the lines.

corner eagles.jpg

I made these sets of blocks when we got the instructions....then, a couple of classes later, she decided to use different blocks. i kept the ones i had. 


red and blue.jpg

Also, about 2/3 of the way through the quilt, our teacher decided to make hers on black background. that will look very cool when she is finished with it. 

I might get this one quilted soon.....i have some ideas for it. oh, the last border was supposed to have scallops appliqued on it....with bows. i skipped that part all together. i plan on drawing out the scallops and just quilting them in. i am ready to be done with this one. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Step graffiti and other stuff at the Duck

I got a good start on my step graffiti and got most of it installed in my last trip to the Duck. these steps go from the kitchen to the garage

step graffiti.jpg

Since they were on the steps....i used a 'step' design

step graffiti bottom.jpg

step graffiti orange purple.jpg

step graffiti yellow orange.jpg

step graffiti yellow orange 2.jpg

step graffiti purple orange.jpg

These yellowish colored stars glow in the dark...pretty cool

step graffiti red white glow in dark stars.jpg

step graffiti red white.jpg

There are several areas of glow in the dark

step graffiti white glow dark stars.jpg

and the heart here

step graffiti white glow dark heart.jpg

I put a quarter round trim on the bottom to finish them off. 

step graffiti trim.jpg

Still have a few more pieces to do at the top....then the graffiti madness might be over....maybe. haha

I found these wooden.....things....boxes?...shelves?....i don't know what to call them. i have carted them around for a couple years and was about to the point of throwing them out because i couldn't figure out what to do with them. finally stacked them on top of each other, and did this...

They make a dandy little bookcase.

Most of the books fit between the dowels. the ones that were too fat, i just opened them up and went over the dowel.

Then there were some books that were a tad too tall, so i cut the dowels out of one cabinet so the books could lie flat. this is for my JD Robb books and the Amish story books.

I had been saving wooden rulers for a while. and used a bunch of them in the office....if you'll remember...around the window. i used more around the edge of the desk.

Cut to 1 1/2 inches...different thicknesses, different colors. one neon yellow was a plastic.

I had to do a bit of wood reorganization in the garage. when jim was there last time...and needed a was difficult to pull out what you needed because the boards were all piled on top of each other. but now....

They stand up like little soldiers.

Easier to pull out what you need. that was my exercise for the day....pull all the boards down....then put them all back up. haha

I got a bit of sanding done.

The other side of the second pocket door...

And the office door...  this door needs a piece of glass....and the paint scraped off the 2 pieces of glass that are in there. scraping paint off of glass is not easy or fun. i wound up using a wood chisel. 

I bought some pale orange paint...called valley of flowers.  who names this stuff?

And i painted the side of the first pocket door that faces the dining room

And the side of the office door that faces the dining room. and i did get that first pane of glass scraped of paint. i couldn't face the second pane have to leave a job for next time, right?

This is the same paint that i painted the laundry room door and the wall behind it. and i decided it was too plain so it needed 'something'. that something is Zentangle......woohoo!!

I just started it a bit. a long, long way to go. my sharpies ran out of ink quickly. plus, my arm got tired, too. too bad i didn't think of this before the door got hung. no way in hell is that door coming back down again. this project is going to take a while.

And that, my friends, was my week. how was your week?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cabin Cats #7 Selvages

Imagine my surprise to find a selvage Cabin Cats. i have no recollection of making this. hahahaha  it was finished piecing on June 29, 2012.  So, i am finished with 2011 tops and onto a new year. there will be a few for 2012. But, alas, ..... or maybe not..... this is the last of the Cabin Cats. at least until i use up that box of pieces and parts and selvages that has been sitting on the top of the cabinet for the last 4 years.

The little pics in the middle of the blocks and the border is the only Cabin Cats fabrics. all selvages just came from the stash to match. 


The blocks are all wonky....just like me. LOL

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

I'm kind of getting tired of seeing that brown stripe....might be a good thing this is the end of it. the binding came from the stash.


Back is a muslin. i wanted to piece a back but didn't want to use 5 or 6 different it got muslin. i just quilted a very large meander here. 


Top thread was a dark red Glide...bobbin was an orange Bottom Line.


This one is 84x93" and kind of heavy.  it is going to deer camp with my hubby on Friday. he says he needs to keep warm.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cabin Cats #3 Log Cabin

Well, if your fabric line is called Cabin really must make a log cabin quilt....right?  i used my AccuCut machine to cut out the pieces.

Pieced March 19, is 80x94"


I think i like this fabric because of all the cute pictures. there are cats...






And hat boxes...with a little white mouse on top. 

hat boxes.jpg

Two borders....a blue and the rows; binding was the brown stripe

border and binding.jpg

Back was a muslin. Dark red Glide thread on the top; light brown So Fine in the bobbin. Panto was Plush by Lorien Quilting


I am going to order new wheels Monday. i have needed them for a year or more and they are really degrading now that i cannot make smooth turns. good thing this is my quilt. 

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