Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scrappy, patchwork quilt .... for my dog

The scrap tubs are full again....time to purge.  normally, i spend days cutting scraps into usable strips and squares. but this time i had a brilliant idea to just use them as is.

I pulled out the blue box and decided Breezy needed a blue quilt.  i had a piece of fuzzy upholstery in the stash...36x58. and some fat batting scraps.... sounds like a plan. i loaded the backing and batting. ... i didn't want to quilt straight onto the batting. so i put a piece of muslin down first. then just laid pieces down and quilted around them. and quilted them down as i went with a scribble design. the first day i got this much done.


I finished it up today. it doesn't even look like anything came out of the scrap box. maybe i'd just be better off to throw it all out and start over. haha   i have enough scraps to make everyone on MQR a dog blanket for their dog. sigh!!

scraps after.jpg

Here it is all finished up. I quilted it with bright neon yellow used leftover binding strips in yellow also. 


all the edges are raw, so there will be some raveling when it gets thrown in the washer. it will just make it fluffier. haha

close 3.jpg

close 1.jpg

Here is the back.


Breezy is laying on it now .... i guess she likes it. she didn't even sniff it first. haha

Monday, March 20, 2017

Laundry Day

Thanks to VIcki .... who showed her laundry day quilt ... i had to make my own. it was too cute to pass up.

I used faux leathers on mine..... from purses cut up. When I was collecting leather, i ventured from jackets and coats to purses. ... and i did find many leather purses.  but.... there are amazing colors in faux leathers.... made in china.... so, i got them, too. i just use them in things that won't get laundered. It is about 16" square.


The little detached string quilt is also faux leathers


I used a fat piece of batting i had laying around....and it worked just fine. I didn't even use a leather needle on this piece.


Back was a piece from the stash.


I used threads to match the colors. all Glide. bottom thread was silver in Bottom Line.


Vicki said she was going to make several mini quilts for hers, so she could change with the seasons...i think i will just stop at this one. but, who knows..... i reserve the right to change my mind. haha

When I started cutting up the purses, i was throwing out the handles.... and giving my son the metal stuff. lately, i have looked at the handles and thought....'i wonder if i could use those for hanging small quilts'.  haha    so, i now have a tub of handles. i might use one of these to fashion a hanger for this piece.


Shades of leather

Who knew there were different shades of purple in leather. haha  This is 46x58...and a bit heavy, because of the leather.

Each block has 3 pieces of leather...all the rest is cotton.


I sewed the leather pieces down with a variegated thread.

close 1.jpg

When I was sewing it together, all the pieces looked purple....there was no sunshine that day and the studio was not bright. when i quilted it .... some of the pieces look green. but the back of them look dark purple.  who knows.

close 2.jpg

close 3.jpg

I wanted to quilt them with the same thread, but the longarm wasn't feelin' it. so the leather pieces are quilted down with Glide Orchid on the top and Bottom Line gold in the bobbin. I just sewed lines across the leather pieces.

close 4.jpg

close 5.jpg

The background of the blocks was quilted in Glide Jade Green with a light brown Bottom Line in the bobbin. I had run out of the gold, so just switched to brown.

close 6.jpg

close 7.jpg

I had trouble getting a good pic of the back...i used a dark navy. 

back 1.jpg

back 2.jpg

back 3.jpg

back 4.jpg

And...the threads


It's not a large quilt....small couch size....but the good thing is it can be thrown in the washer. the leather pieces are sewed down well and will survive. i haven't tried to put leather in the dryer yet.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Buttermilk Basin BOM for March

Here is the BOM for March from Buttermilk Basin.


march close 1.jpg

march close 2.jpg

And here is the spring row all finished. it kind of bugs me that the bunny has a green grass strip on the bottom and the other 2 are plain. the pot of flowers could have been sitting on a table...or the grass. and the bird in nest could have been on a larger tree branch.  i might have to change those. haha  maybe when they are all finished, it will be better.


i am assuming next month will start the summer row. got to figure out a background for summer .... something yellow i am thinking.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Red Selvage March UFO Challenge

For March, Judy pulled the number 5....mine was a whole stack of red selvage blocks. This is what I did with them. It is queen size...98x108"


There is a pattern but it isn't immediately noticeable. Look for rectangles at a slant to the right.

close 1.jpg

I used a dark brown thread but it isn't all that noticeable except in the border

close 2.jpg

I quilted 8" circles all across, doing first the top half, then coming back and stitching in the ditch in the middle of the circle, then going back again to do the bottom half. I thought that was all i would do, but it didn't look like enough quilting, so, once i got to the end, i turned the quilt and did lines across the other way that dissected the circles into quarters and put SID in the edges. I use the term SID very loosely...they are in the ditch, out of the ditch and across the a drunken sailor.  i am OK with that. Back is an unbleached muslin.


Threads used were Glide Chocolate for the top and Bottom Line oatmeal for the bobbin. have you ever noticed how many thread names are food? no wonder so many quilters are chunky.

thread chocolate and oatmeal.jpg

Binding was some red and white fabrics from the stash

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Embroidered Vintage Sewing blocks

I embroidered these vintage sewing blocks for my sister. she will piece them together and then i'll probably get it back for quilting. it is going to hang in 'my' room at the beast. it will be decorated in vintage sewing and quilting things. we are on the hunt for old sewing baskets. she wants to find some vintage scissors and thimbles, too.

Each block took about an hour and had about 30-35 thread changes. I only did one a day.










I used their color chart and used the same colors in each block, but by the time I reached the last block, I had used 45 different colors. actually, it was 47, but i had to substitute the last 2...i didn't have any other shades to use.

45 threads.jpg

Now to embroider something for me.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cabin Cats ... last one

This is the last quilt created with the Cabin Cats fabrics. I made 7 quilts from 35 yards of fabric. i finished piecing this on February 22, 2015. It is the last selvages and scraps from that line of fabrics.

It is 65" square


It is really hard to see the quilting. I quilted diamonds across the rows. I saw it on Vicki Welsh's blog...she used it on a veterans quilt.



close 2.jpg

You can see the quilting a bit better on the back. this is hanging with the rows going vertically, but i actually quilted it horizontally. 


Threads the body, Color Changing yellow to orange; border Glide bright yellow. in the bobbin, Bottom Line statue.


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