Monday, August 20, 2018

Vicki's Arrows

I follow Vicki Welsh's blog....and she has such cute quilts that she sometimes gets me in trouble ... .because I want to make them, too.  Such is the case here. Vicki showed her quilt on her blog October 19, 2017.  I started it soon after, but it got set aside...time after time...finally, i finished piecing it.

Hers might have been original drawing was larger. but i stopped 87" square. It will probably get a border before quilting.

I did mine in blacks, reds, and grays, with a white background. it was relatively simple to piece, you just has to watch the placement of things. and, i do have a corner that was placed incorrectly, but it will probably stay that way. we'll just call it design interest. hahahaha

And, if you want to have your directional fabrics to all go the same direction, you have to watch that, too. which I obviously didn't do.

So, perhaps it isn't like Vicki's after all....but the idea is the same. Hope I didn't embarrass you, Vicki. hahaha

It will go to the to-be-quilted cabinet...where it will languish for probably at least a year before being quilted. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Crumb Blocks with Black Borders

I had a tupperware container full of bits and pieces, so last week I decided to make crumb blocks with all of them. I already had several blocks partially made just using them as leaders and enders. but the box couldn't hold any this is what happened. When i finally used up all the pieces and counted....I needed one more. I couldn't face making another i got a strip block from the 'extras' box and used is on the bottom left....the blue striped one.

The crumbs blocks were 6.5"....then i added 1.5" borders. so, the blocks were 8.5" before piecing together.

Some blocks have many pieces.

There is every color and pattern there

I was sewing bits together to use as strips for some rounds, just to use up the pieces. i had more tiny pieces than larger ones.

It is now about 56x64".  I'll decide if it needs a border before I quilt it.

I am now going through more boxes of bits and pieces and cutting them into 1.5, 2, and 2.5" pieces. and throwing out the odd shapes and tiny, tiny pieces. it is hard to throw stuff out but i am determined. hahahaha

It will go in the to-be-quilted cabinet to await its turn for quilting.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Jungle Cats

Another finish for today.  The fabric with the cats on it used to be a shirt that I made for myself....many moons another life...when i was thinner. then i got fatter and couldn't wear it. i really liked that shirt.  it got put away and i recently found it again. i cut it up and made a quilt out of don't have to be thin for a quilt. hahaha


The border fabric came from my sister's de-stashing. When there is not enough to go around, well, just add another cat to the corner. and that block got pieced with a few little pieces to make it fit. there was some creative piecing in this one.


It is 51x53". I pieced it April 19...of this year. so, it didn't wait very long at all to be quilted. I still have bits and pieces of the cat fabric, so it will find its way into scrap quilts as crumb fact, i am using some of it now in crumb blocks that i am making.


The orange and yellow and brown tree fabric was something i got at JoAnns for backing. I have about used it all up. It seemed to blend in here just fine.


Backing came from the stash.....formerly my friend, Mary's, stash. I get a lot of fabric from friends.


I used a panto called Bright and Breezy by Lorien Quilting. You literally cannot see the thread or the quilting on this one. Top thread was Glide Bark...bobbin was So Fine light brown.


Binding was once again leftovers from other quilts. I still have a whole basket of binding pieces to use up....also a lot from a friend.

Monday, August 13, 2018

I made a jacket

No, it's not a quilt.....not even quilted....but, I made something.

Do you ever have one of those are bored and don't know what to do with don't want to work on any of your current projects. what to do...what to i wandered the studio, i remembered that my sister gave me some of her old shirts to turn into selvage jackets. that seemed like the perfect thing to do. So, 2 days later.....i have a jacket.

I take the sleeves out and open them up under the arm. After covering them, i sew them back in. The rest of the shirt stayed in one piece. I did take the pocket off, cover it, and put it back. I cover seams at the shoulders, the collar, and the yoke to hide the edges of the selvages. 


I used black and white and red selvages. i was digging through to find enough long pieces to work...but I found enough. I put "binding" around the bottom of the shirt and around the collar and cuffs.

It was a denim shirt by Levi Strauss.  size 2X or didn't have a tag. it is a big large on me, so I am thinking 3X


It even has a pocket. 


I cut off the cuffs....the sleeves were too long anyway. and i put velcro on the sleeve ends.


And, the back.  there are selvages with Santas...and a monkey....and other fun things.


It will wind up on eBay one day. in the meantime, I will wear it....until someone spots it and likes it and buys it off my back. hahahaha   don't has happened.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Good Vibrations

I got another one quilted. It is 52 x 63".  I got the pattern from the American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. they sent me a letter wanting me to subscribe and sent me the free pattern.  I kept the pattern and threw away the rest. hahaha


Pretty simple to piece. I pieced it November 19, 2017, so it sat for less than a year before it got quilted. 


I quilted in the ditch


As usual, binding was leftover pieces.


Back was a muslin.


Top thread was Glide Celery; bobbin was Bottom Line White.

I quilted around the lines, but didn't roll back and forth for each row....i just crossed over in a seam to the next color and continued. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Crumb Blocks with brown borders pieced

I finished piecing this crumb quilt top. I have so many little pieces of scraps that i am making an effort to use them and make crumb blocks. i could make a dozen quilts with just these little scraps. i'm trying for something different, so these got brown borders.

Here are a couple of close ups

I pieced the border on a piece of muslin....once again using up some brown strips.

It is 58x72"....a good couch size. now it has to marinade in the to-be-quilted cabinet.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Cross Roads Kit cut out

Today I finished cutting out all the pieces for a quilt called Cross Roads

It was found in this magazine...June 2018


Here is the pattern. I wanted to use the same fabrics that they used. It is called Word Play. I got it from Hancocks of Paducah. The only thing I don't like in ordering from Hancocks is that you have to order a minimum of 1/2 yard. so, i wound up with almost twice as much fabric as I needed, but it will get used somewhere else.

Here are all my cut pieces. it took a while to cut it all. there are only 4 blocks....each is about 34".

This might have to get pieced i really like the fabrics.

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