Saturday, January 14, 2017

Results of an iced in day

When you can't get to the studio because of all the ice on the hilly driveway, and you only go outside to throw more wood in the stove, then it's a day to catch up on some UFOs. 

This little beauty is paper pieced. it only had 4 more blocks to piece. i started it in Sept 2016 and finally got it to flimsy state. 


close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

Oops, i see a spot that is red that should be black. darn

close 3 mistake.jpg

close 4.jpg

close 5.jpg

close 6.jpg

This tumbler top still needs borders...i'll do that today. I still had to do about half of the selvage tumblers, but they go pretty quickly. the pink, white and black stripe is something that has been in the stash for a long time....i cut as many tumblers as i could with the AccuQuilt machine. Then made a bunch of tumblers with pink selvages. I put them together willy-nilly. the amount wasn't right for a distinct pattern. 


close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

Today I managed to get to the studio. i have a quilt with some leather loaded on the machine and hope to get some of that finished today. 

We lost electricity last night, so hope that doesn't happen again tonight. Reading Harry Potter by flashlight is quite the experience. haha    And the fir trees down my driveway are all leaning rather crazily. 

Did you get an icy snow day? what did you do?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Deep in the Heart of Texas

This poor quilt was 5 years in the making....and most of that time was sitting around in a box. haha  This was a Judy Laquidara pattern...I believe she did a quilt along at that time. I bought the fabrics in March of 2012. I didn't even start piecing it until November, 2014. It has been a UFO all this time. But I am participating in Judy's UFO challenge again this year...and she picked #3 for January....and this was the quilt. There were only 3 more blocks to piece...put them together....and Viola!


The borders were cut in one piece from the fabric. I had over 10 yards of it. 


Judy's corners were a pieced block but i cheated and used the red Texas fabric.


All the small blocks came from a panel. I still have some of the pictures left over


I am giving it to my daughter in law for her birthday next month. She is a Texas girl, so she is going to love it....especially since she is now in Illinois.  It is 64x76...the perfect size for her to snuggle on the couch with her puppies.


Panto is called Heart Strings



This is the main fabric. i still have quite a bit of this left, too. 


Threads were Glide, Bark, for the top and So FIne medium brown for the bobbin.


I have enough fabrics left to make another smaller quilt...someday. You want a bunch of Texas fabrics....just let me know and I'll be happy to send the leftovers to you. I'll even send you the pattern.  haha

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My poor fingers

I am making a quilt with women all over to celebrate 150 women who made Canada what it is today. It is along with the 150th birthday of Canada.

Every week, we get the patterns for 3 blocks....we are in week 9.  The first 8 weeks the blocks were 9 patches....blocks are 6" finished.

This week....things got smaller....blocks are now 16 patches.  There is a loooong way to go to 150 blocks. wonder how small things will get.  All blocks are red and white fabrics....with a sashing piece added to the right side.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Canada donation quilts

I found a site...somewhere....where folks were making quilts for the Ronald McDonald house in Canada. you know i always like to join in. 

The specs were....
...You used a piece of the Oh Canada fabric in each block. this fabric celebrates Canada's 150th anniversary. several manufacturers are making it
...Blocks are to be 12" finished
...You can send sets of 12 or 24. 
...You can send tops....set 3x4 .... or 4x6
...You can send quilts

I bought 2 yards of the moose fabric. it was just moose...and little maple leaves...scattered all over the fabric. it made it a bit challenging to cut out the moose.

I made 2 large tops and 4 small ones. here are the small ones. they are just thrown over the hanger, so you are seeing about half of them. these are the ones that are 3x4 blocks.

One in lighter colors

sm light colors.jpg

One in brights

sm brights.jpg

Tried a 9 patch

sm 9 patch.jpg

And an off center one

sm 2 sides same.jpg

I was getting tired of those moose by now. haha    so i did a large one with the take 5 pattern. i have the die to cut these, so it went quickly...and used up more moose   (mooses?)  

lg take 5.jpg

This is the first one i did...a large one...with darker fabrics

lg darks.jpg

The edge of the fabric had moose cut, i didn't want to waste any mooses....had a little moose fun

moose block fun 1.jpg

More moose fun

moose block fun 2.jpg

I will get these all in the mail tomorrow. it took me about a month to piece them all. i hope they get lots of tops. i think their goal was 1000...don't really remember.  but they are accepting blocks, tops and quilts until the end of May, 2017. so, if you feel so inclined, go buy some Oh Canada fabric and do your part.

Things get mailed to:

Leslie Whitby
2895 Almonte Rd
Carp ON
KOA  1L0

Canada has such strange addresses. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Leather quilt... with brown selvage blocks

Well, it didn't stay a UFO for long....about a week. haha    I just had to quilt it and see how it worked.

Is 55x63....and pretty heavy. Crazy quilt style leather blocks alternated with brown selvage blocks.


I quilted a Large X across each block....and then went back and quilted a diamond in each block....from the center of each edge. it looks like giant cross hatching.  I couldn't stitch over the heart...i went around it. haha


I can give you advice of what happened to me and you can file the info for later in case you want to try leather. although the idea was cool (i thought), when doing the actual quilting....even though the blocks are alternated....some of the intersections were too thick for my needle to go through. so, i just sort of went around it. look at the bottom right corner of this block.  there are several of them like that.

pieces and inter.jpg

And although the horse on the pocket....with the zipper intact...was was another roadblock for quilting. I went around the zipper and didn't even attempt to sew through it.


Another fat intersection on the bottom right.

intersection bottom right.jpg

I didn't have issues with the selvage blocks.

selvage block 1.jpg

The back is a piece of black, gray and brown plaid wool that i found in the stash. it was about 2 inches too narrow, so i sewed a strip of black fabric on each side. once it was quilted, one side was in the binding and you didn't see it...the other side shows a bit. but it isn't really all that noticeable.

back close.jpg

Thread was a dark brown Glide for the top and Bottom Line Taupe for the bobbin. 


I thought about putting a border on it....but, a fabric border i thought would be too thin for the thickness of the blocks. and a leather border was out of the question. i considered a selvage border...but got lazy and didn't want to do all that. so, the solution was to just cut the binding a bit wider...i used 2.5"....and it worked just fine to go over the leather blocks. 

First UFO of 2017....haha

I saw this on Facebook and knew I wanted to make it. so, I made one block...and will put it in a UFO box..along with simple directions and I can pick it up later. I have a few things to finish up first before i tackle this. 

block 1.jpg

But it is a great scrap buster. and you can make as many or as few blocks as you would like. the pin is in there to remind me that is the top. 

In case you want to try...the rectangles are cut 2" x 3.5"..simple.  End squares on every other row are cut 2".  couldn't be simpler. 

the original pattern had white where my black is...the one on FB had black...and i liked the black better.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Wild West ... in leather

This is my second finish from my to-do list for January...2 more to go.

An all leather quilt...except for back and binding. All blocks except the two gray ones are machine embroidered. Size is 28" wide and 27.5" high.


You can treat leather exactly like fabric...even in the pinning. you just have to pin in the seams or on the edges.

pin seam.jpg

pin edge.jpg

The embroidery machine does a pretty good job on the leather. if it is a thin and stretchy leather, i learned to fuse a piece of stabilizer behind it.



I found a picture of cactus and manipulated it to fit in the space...almost.



The cowboy on the horse is an applique done on the embroidery machine

yeehaw applique.jpg

hat and horns.jpg


The gray blocks were fillers to make things fit. 


Git er done.jpg

Back was a red with dots from the stash. I had been saving this for years....i guess i was saving it for this. haha


Threads were, red, 3 different browns, silver, cream and white. Bobbin was So Fine gray


This quilted up so easily and gave me no problems. Well, that gray leather is a bit thicker and harder to manipulate. doing the SID around those sashings was a bit challenging. you will see a few boo-boos here and there.

But it was fun. I keep telling you....try leather. ... you might like it.

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