Monday, July 15, 2019

Stars and Stripes

This one I can blame on my cousin, Mary Ann. haha    she posted a very cool flag quilt on Facebook the other day. I liked it but it was a bit too complicated for me to consider, I designed my own flag quilt.

Thanks to my AccuQuilt machine, it went really quick. I drew it out in graph paper....then cut out 40 of each red, white and blue 6.5 inch blocks. and 40 of each red, white and blue stars....fused them all together and pieced it in a couple nights.

Maybe it will be quilted by next 4th of July. haha

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Selvage Surrounded Hearts

This one has been in the works way too long...started piecing November 12, 2014....finished piecing December 1, 2015.  Then it sat in the cabinet all those years. 

I had a bit of fabric with little blocks of hearts, so I cut them all apart and added selvages around them. I made 72 ten inch blocks.

Some blue...


and some brown....


It turned into a large one...90 x 100".  I didn't think i had a plan of block design, but looking at the picture, i may have. haha the brown blocks are evenly distributed and the same top and, i guess there was a plan. 


I like making these kinds of planning...just sew and sew.


There was a brown/goldish border and a blue border with brown binding.


The back is a bleached muslin. The panto I used was Featheration by Meredith England. 


Top thread was Glide Hawaiian Blue and bobbin was Bottom Line White.

I have a home picked out for it, so it won't sit in the studio. Originally, it was made for the bed in my room at my sister's house....her last house....which has my son living in it now. haha

This is also my July UFO challenge with Judy Laquidera. I got it finished pretty quickly this month. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

MQR 2 color challenge

Some ladies on MQR forum decided to do a two color challenge quilt....and I decided to join. I am going to make more than one since this design stitches up so quickly.

Here is my first and green.

I have till November to quilt it. I'm putting it in the line up pretty soon, so I don't forget it. It's about 70x80  Here's a close up. Pieces are cut 2.5 x 4.5"....a blue and a green stitched together.....then put into rows. I have 18 blocks in a row....20 rows.

On to the next one.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Jazz Club

The people came from a panel I had for a long idea where it came from. I added this and that to it and it became this.


It is 57" square


The wild orange dots was the best thing I had for a binding.


I used a panto called Pollyanna by Anne Bright.


It went pretty quickly and I finished it in one day. It was my 4th of July celebration. haha




The back is a purple.....I wanted it to be orange but didn't have anything that would work.


Top thread was Glide Ruby and bobbin was Highlights light brown.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


I made some BBQ embroidered blocks.....

I used some red and white check fabric that i wanted to use up.

And a bit of red and black

And drew out a plan on graph paper

And spent the day cutting out background pieces and getting it all together.

It's 50 x 60".  Maybe by next 4th of July it will get quilted. haha

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Crumb King

This is the second crumb quilt I made in this time period....i finished piecing this one on May 10, 2015.  Back then, I was making large bed quilts...this one is 100 x 120.  a monster thing. don't ask me why....i have no idea. haha  It is so large, it won't even fit on my stand without dragging on the floor.  i have probably a dozen more large quilts in the cabinet to be quilted. 


My crumb blocks back then were 5"


I put an X in each block and in the border.  I used leftover pieces for the binding.


Even the corners got a crumb block.


While I was quilting, I found little embroidery is a wreath...I also saw a candy cane and a snowman. I think these came from some tiny (1.5") designs i was embroidering many years ago and never did anything with, so they wound up in the crumb blocks.


Here is an embroidered angel. Don't you love how I just sewed around them to add them to the block. haha


And here is the snowman. I see there are bits of strings that i missed. I can't tell you how many strings I pulled while quilting this thing.


This can also be the world's most advanced I Spy quilt. hahaha ......  paw prints


A 1 inch santa


A 2" snowman. looking for a 1/2" light green triangle...why, there's one right there. 


A chick....there is also a dog and a pig and i think a cow in this quilt somewhere. more leftovers from something.


The back is a peachy colored fabric.


It wasn't quite large enough, so i had to add to it. the beige was the closest match i had. 


Used Glide Bright Yellow for the top and Bottom Line Statue for the bobbin.

Monday, July 1, 2019

June UFO Challenge report

June was a pretty busy month for me and I got quite a bit accomplished.

Currently, on my frame is a king size crumb quilt. It should be finished tomorrow...I have 3 more rows to quilt. I am putting an X in each block...and the border.  This is 102 x 122.  It's from a few years ago....when I made larger quilts.

Other quilts that got finished in June include....

Crazy Quilt Animals...embroidered blocks from Molly Mine

Legacy....a block of the month from Ricky Tims

Oasis...this was both pieced and quilted in June

The Plus Sign

Black, White and Bold

Tops that were pieced in June are....

There Goes the Neighborhood

An empty lot in the neighborhood has a trailer on it...and a scruffy dog in the trash can.

Wildflowers....all made of wool felt

Under the Big Top...this is the first block I is a work in progress.

Here is the pattern


Scrappy Hearts... I made crumb blocks and cut the hearts out of them....and used more crumb blocks for the border.

My Trees are full of Birds...a scrappy block was given every week in an email.

As usual, the embroidery machine has been humming, too.

There are lots of BBQ blocks that have to be pieced into a top.

There are 8" Baltimore Album blocks....appliqued on the embroidery machine. I am trying something new and using a smoky gray for the outline of the pieces. I think i like it. There will be 24 far i have finished 5.

Animal Sounds... I had some fabric left over from making a backing. There are blocks with words that are animal, i had to add some animals. it will eventually become a quilt when they are all finished.

Working on crazy quilt alphabet letters. I am using all different white fabrics and all different brown threads for the designs....with a gold outline. So far, I have done...

From A ....

To O.. new letters are up for sale every week or so.

I hope July is just as productive. I'm working on it already. haha

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