Thursday, April 16, 2015

UPS Truck

Here's a riddle for you....what looks like a huge brown box and is full of packages?.....give up?????     


This was fun.  i do remember where i got this pattern. ... last year at quilt class. 


I started piecing on November 29, 2014 and had 3 panels finished. for whatever reason....i showed it here.....and someone suggested it would be a lot simpler to just sew the squares down while it was being quilted.....and so i thunked myself in the head and said DUH......and thus UFO #36 was born. haha   

Here is that partial panel that prompted the UFO status. if you remember giving me that is your fault it became a UFO. hahahaha


So, a couple days ago i opened that box and decided it's time had come. I loaded it sideways and went around all the squares....going up one side and back down the other. it is 62 x 72"....took me 2 days. of course, i didn't work too hard at it.


Today i finished it up.

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

Used a muslin on the back.


Quilting couldn't have been any easier...but sometimes simple is just what you need.

back close.jpg

Thread on top was a coppery Glide....So Fine off white for the bobbin.


Now i need a few hours of mindless entertainment on the TV so i can sit and pull all those edges off and make it raggedy. ..... and, yes, i know i could let it do it on its own in the washer and dryer but i feel the need to do it myself.

Black, White and Bold

UFO #11 is now ready for the TBQ cabinet.  don't have a record of when i started this....i believe some time last year. by now, you know how i roll.....i saw this somewhere....or someone showed me how to do it....and i said....i want to make that. LOL

Here are my 'instructions'


The top became 64 x 75".  i had extra blocks, so i cut them in half and added them to the right side. it needed to be a bit wider anyway.


This will have to be a quilt from the front top.....some of those meeting seams are pretty thick.

close 1.jpg

I had a plan of quilting in mind....but have to revise because of fat seams. don't need a broken needle.

close 2.jpg

And for those who pay attention to these things.....apparently, that is NOT ME.....i do realize that the last two rows are pieced incorrectly. once again, i didn't notice it until it was complete...with, it is what it is. and i was so sure i was keeping it correct....sigh!!!

wrong rows.jpg

I am so happy to be getting through these UFOs.  i have less than a dozen left to do....but they are doozies that are going to take a while.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Art of Being Ruthless

I'm in a mood......

I went through the UFO boxes AGAIN.....and became RUTHLESS...

7.....yes, 7......UFOs are no more. 

They are on their way to the thrift store.

All little pieces in a bag.....along with the pattern.

Let someone else deal with it. 

It has sat in those boxes for i still like them?....yes

Will i ..... realistically....get to finish them in my lifetime?....maybe not

So,....out they went.

7 of them      hahahahahahaha

I feel GOOD


North Pole Village IV

Another set of UFO embroidery blocks is now a top and ready for quilting.  i can't find when i embroidered these. they are machine applique...done with the embroidery machine. the designs come from Designs by JuJu. i just love her designs.  she has many North Pole Village designs like these....some are applique...some are stitched....some are color wash. and all are beautiful.

This top came to 44 x 54.  it is such fun picking out the fabrics to use for the applique.


The blocks are....   a ferris wheel

ferris wheel.jpg



Pet store

pet store.jpg

Elf Lodge

elf lodge.jpg

Quilt shop

quilt shop.jpg

Lights factory

lights factory.jpg

Ski chalet

ski chalet.jpg

Toy store

toy store.jpg

Fudge Shop

fudge shop.jpg

Gingerbread house...i want to work here

gingerbread house.jpg

Clock tower

clock tower.jpg

and the Doll shop. i like when blocks have windows to fill.....see the kitten that i put in this window?

doll shop.jpg

The blocks are flannel...the sashings are a fabric that i dyed....and the border is a commercial fabric from the stash. i love the idea that i got here about putting the sashings on as you piece the blocks together. that is such a time saver and a cool idea.

I haven't checked her designs in a while...there might be some new ones.  i might need to go check that out.

I have a quilt that i use on my bed in December that has North Pole Village I, II and III blocks on it. and all the blocks are different. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Color Love

This was pieced last December and i finally got it quilted.  it was a picture that i saw in a catalog.


So, i drew it out and went for it.

drawn pattern.jpg

It is 60" square


Hard to see the quilting much...kind of dark in the studio sun.



corner 2.jpg


Back was a wide back piece left over from something else.


I used a new panto that i just got....Velvet Queen....don't you just love that name


Threads were a pink Glide for the top and a dull gold So Fine for the bobbin


I don't love it enough to keep it is destined for eBay.

Lunch for the Fishes

What better lunch for fish than bugs?   and here is a buffet of 20 bugs for them.

These bugs were embroidered on September 29, 2012....sheesh it doesn't seem like that long ago. time is just zooming past. i finished piecing it today, April 13, 2015....hopefully it will get quilted this year. 


I had this wild piece of fabric with fish and just knew it was perfect for the border. 

fish and ant.jpg

I think a centipede...with all those legs


A lightning bug

lightning bug.jpg

Love the praying mantis

praying mantis.jpg

Worm....fishes favorites


And among all the cute bugs....there has to be an ugly beetle. haha


I think a child will love it.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Graffiti Doorway ..... part 2

I just ran up to the Duck for a couple hang up the pieces that i had, yellow and white.....and to cut more luan to bring home so i could glue up the next few pieces.

Here is what i put up....all across the top


From the left.....on the pink you will see a hello kitty car fob....if you press one button it makes the beep, beep that tells you that you alarmed the car....the other button makes noises like you are starting the car. haha

pink left hello kitty.jpg

The left white. you can see on the right side....with dice...2015.  i also put my name just to the right of those dice with little beads with letters. but i guess i missed taking a pic of that section...darn. if you look right to the right of the number 1 dice...there is a little 's'....the start of my name.

white left 2015.jpg

The left section of the yellow sun...notice the ducks marching across on the bottom

yellow left.jpg

The right side of the yellow sun....the lion head moves. i still need to cover the wooden section that goes all across the top....right above the ducks

yellow right lion head moves.jpg

White section on the right side.  the little house thing that says Home Style is a tape measure

white pink right home tape measure.jpg

The pink section on the right.  there are stars in the corners here and there across the top piece. they glow in the dark.

pink white right glow stars.jpg

Another look across the top....from a bit further away.

top 2.jpg

I have brought home sections for the orange, red, green and blue to graffiti up. hopefully, i will have those finished before i go back again at the end of the month. there is a book sale that my sister wants to go's our annual book buying spree. haha

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