Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Funky I Spy

I saw this pattern in a was called Crooked Cabin. i thought...that is cute....i can do that.


Here is my version....i called it Funky I Spy


It was pieced April 25, almost waited a year for me to quilt it.

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

This was a fun, quick quilt.

close 3.jpg

close 4.jpg

Size is 51 x 55".  I have just about used up all of that border fabric now....just have a few blocks of animals left. 

Thread was a dark yellow gold Glide for the top and a dark green So Fine for the bobbin.


 Quilted with my 4" clamshell boards from Quiltazoid. i about forgot i had those. i was looking at the boards...trying to decide which one to use....and found them.  i also have the 2" clamshells.


Now I'm done for a bit...till i get back from the Duck next week.

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Margo said...

Well, shoot, I can do that crooked block pattern when I'm not even trying--or supposed to...LOLOL!! You are quite the prolific piecer and quilter. You are knocking out your UFO's like crazy! Your quilts are delicious and delightful. I also love your doorway and your walls are ART. If nobody's ever told you, you are very much a left-brain thinker; an artist.

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