Monday, July 31, 2017

Which Way is Up? III

Are you ready for another? this time....all arrows are the same fabric.  what a difference it makes in fabric selection.



I believe I have one more in me.....piecing it now. it will take a little is in own version. haha
How can one pattern suck you in so much that you just HAVE to make more than one. i'm not sure that has happened to me before.  

Which Way is Up? II

I forgot to post this one....finished a few days ago.

I so loved that pattern that i made a second one.....this time with the arrows standing out a bit more.
And, I had enough fabric to give it a 6" border.
What do you think....arrows hidden?    arrows stand out?
And as you already know that i am a bit crazy.....i am about halfway through cutting out a third one. hahahahaha

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July UFO Challenge

July was a pretty productive month....since the weather and the bugs and creatures have destroyed the garden. haha

My UFO for July was to finish the embroidery blocks for Christmas Town. they were finished, and pieced into a top.

All have applique sky, land and water...and some houses. all horizon lines match, no matter how you set them.

It's an Anita Goodesign CD...they have fabulous stuff.

I quilted a few in July, too.

This one belongs to my friend, Brenda. the white flowers are made up of 1/2" hexies. and the vase is 3/4" hexies.

Colorful Striped Diamonds. Strip pieced, with center stripe the same in all blocks, with a light strip on either side of the center strip.

X Box...brown background blocks with selvage strips making the X across them

X times 4 .... Green selvage quilt

There were a LOT of tops finished up that were in the stack for a while.

Bill's Quilt...inspired by a quilt shown by Bill Volckenberg on Facebook in May

Jungle Animals....a cute little panel of animals that i received from my friend, Sharon

Playing with orange and black.  Pieced centers, Black wool felt surround, appliqued on orange. this has been in the works a few months.

Another one that was waiting for a finish for several months.  Split Personality....a fun one to piece...required concentration.

Square in a square in a square. 2 1/2" squares...about 2400 of them. i pieced it quickly..about 10 days. another fun one.

Which Way is Up?  saw this pattern in a magazine and had to give it a try. find 16 arrows

It was so much fun, i made Which Way is Up? II.....arrows more distinct

This pattern is addictive. I am currently piecing Which Way is Up? III....and IV is cut out. hahahahah

I got the Buttermilk Basin block finished for the month. I believe it is October's block.

Love that crazed looking cat. It might just be my sewing that makes him crazed looking. haha

And that finishes up my July accomplishments. There is a quilt on the frame for my sister at the will see that next month.

Hope you got your UFO finished and more.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Colorful Striped Diamonds

These are strip pieced blocks...that were pieced in April, 2014. Probably every fabric i had in my stash at the time. I used a fat batting, so it is rather puffy. It is 67x77....lost 3 inches both ways with quilting. those fat batts are killers.
Each block has the same colorful strip through the middle, with the same light strip on either side of it.
There are all kinds of strips.....several of them candy. .... and dog bones
Actually, several different candy strips.
You'll find a fishing lure.....or two.
A carousel horse
Even Sylvester
Floral strips, graphics, plain fabrics, dots and everything in between.
Back is an unbleached muslin. 
I used Glide Red for the top and Bottom Line Copper for the bobbin.  Binding is scrappy pieces from other quilts.
Pattern is Blooming Feathers by Anne Bright. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

X Box

Another scrappy one....with some selvages.  Finished piecing on November 13, 2014....took 3 years to get it quilted. I saw the design somewhere, but didn't write down where i saw it. her background squares were yellow.
I used brown for my squares and the Xs are made with selvages.
It is 64 x 80"
Binding is pieces of brown bindings from other quilts, to stay in the scrappy mode. I quilted lines in the border, following the lines in the fabric, quilting every 3rd line.
It was easy to find a path across the rows and back.  Start at upper left corner...go to swirls .... go from middle to upper right....continue across the row. come back the other way, sewing through the bottom half of the X. quick and easy.
For the back i pieced together 4 different brown fabrics that were in the stash.
Thread was Glide Chocolate for the top and Bottom Line Taupe for the bobbin.
Now, off to start the next one.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Which Way is Up?

I HAVE to show you this one. In going through magazines to see if there is anything there I want to make....i came across this pattern

In this magazine
It looked cool, so I thought I would give it a try.  hahahaha
There are 2 1/2 pages of cutting these.
Starting with....number 35 envelopes....and make swatches of fabric cut....
Pages of how to piece each block...sometimes with the pieces drawn wrong...sometimes with the pieces numbered wrong...they need better editors. 
But, I figured it all out. and this is what my version looks like.
They had a 6" border, but i only had enough fabric for 4". If you get through all this...and don't pull your hair out....or go me, you don't have Altzeimhers. your brain is working just fine.
I really like it and am thinking of making another in different colors. there are only 35 blocks and it goes together quickly. you just have to watch how they go...check the pic in the mag.
By the many arrows do you see?  hint:  there are more than 10     take a guess. haha

X times 4

This is a selvage pieced block is approx. 68x76".  I finished piecing it back in September of last year. I'm happy to get it quilted finally.
It has all the greens that were in my stash at the time.
Binding is a dark green stripe, but hard to see.
Back is a flannel...a pale olive with dots. Pattern is Plush by Lorien Quilting.
Top thread was Glide Jade; bobbin was So Fine green
I might be back in the quilting groove again, we'll see how many i can do before i venture off into other things once again.

Christmas Town

This was my UFO challenge for July from Judy Laquidera. I not only got the blocks embroidered, but i got the top pieced together, too.  a win for sure.

It is called Christmas Town, a CD by Anita Goodesign.

The top is about 48" square.

They call these designs 'mix and match'.  there are several CDs that would coordinate.  notice how the skyline lines up in each matter how you set them.

There are some blocks with applique and some are just embroidered

I used the same fabrics for the sky, ground, and water.  and the same thread for the lines in the snow and the stars in the sky.

It was fun finding fabrics for the applique houses.

Mostly i used the colors they had in the pattern...sometimes i changed things.

Blocks are 7"

Border fabric is some Christmas fabric i had in the has sparkles in it. haha

I started these in January, 2016, so it was time for them to be finished.

I buy new embroidery CDs, do a block or two, and then put them in a become a UFO. i really, really need to stop that habit. i have 6 or 7 more embroidery UFOs that i am working on finishing.

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