Tuesday, July 25, 2017

X Box

Another scrappy one....with some selvages.  Finished piecing on November 13, 2014....took 3 years to get it quilted. I saw the design somewhere, but didn't write down where i saw it. her background squares were yellow.
I used brown for my squares and the Xs are made with selvages.
It is 64 x 80"
Binding is pieces of brown bindings from other quilts, to stay in the scrappy mode. I quilted lines in the border, following the lines in the fabric, quilting every 3rd line.
It was easy to find a path across the rows and back.  Start at upper left corner...go to middle...do swirls .... go from middle to upper right....continue across the row. come back the other way, sewing through the bottom half of the X. quick and easy.
For the back i pieced together 4 different brown fabrics that were in the stash.
Thread was Glide Chocolate for the top and Bottom Line Taupe for the bobbin.
Now, off to start the next one.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Which Way is Up?

I HAVE to show you this one. In going through magazines to see if there is anything there I want to make....i came across this pattern

In this magazine
It looked cool, so I thought I would give it a try.  hahahaha
There are 2 1/2 pages of cutting instructions....like these.
Starting with....number 35 envelopes....and make swatches of fabric cut....
Pages of how to piece each block...sometimes with the pieces drawn wrong...sometimes with the pieces numbered wrong...they need better editors. 
But, I figured it all out. and this is what my version looks like.
They had a 6" border, but i only had enough fabric for 4". If you get through all this...and don't pull your hair out....or go mad....trust me, you don't have Altzeimhers. your brain is working just fine.
I really like it and am thinking of making another in different colors. there are only 35 blocks and it goes together quickly. you just have to watch how they go...check the pic in the mag.
By the way....how many arrows do you see?  hint:  there are more than 10     take a guess. haha

X times 4

This is a selvage pieced block quilt...it is approx. 68x76".  I finished piecing it back in September of last year. I'm happy to get it quilted finally.
It has all the greens that were in my stash at the time.
Binding is a dark green stripe, but hard to see.
Back is a flannel...a pale olive with dots. Pattern is Plush by Lorien Quilting.
Top thread was Glide Jade; bobbin was So Fine green
I might be back in the quilting groove again, we'll see how many i can do before i venture off into other things once again.

Christmas Town

This was my UFO challenge for July from Judy Laquidera. I not only got the blocks embroidered, but i got the top pieced together, too.  a win for sure.

It is called Christmas Town, a CD by Anita Goodesign.

The top is about 48" square.

They call these designs 'mix and match'.  there are several CDs that would coordinate.  notice how the skyline lines up in each block.....no matter how you set them.

There are some blocks with applique and some are just embroidered

I used the same fabrics for the sky, ground, and water.  and the same thread for the lines in the snow and the stars in the sky.

It was fun finding fabrics for the applique houses.

Mostly i used the colors they had in the pattern...sometimes i changed things.

Blocks are 7"

Border fabric is some Christmas fabric i had in the stash....it has sparkles in it. haha

I started these in January, 2016, so it was time for them to be finished.

I buy new embroidery CDs, do a block or two, and then put them in a box...to become a UFO. i really, really need to stop that habit. i have 6 or 7 more embroidery UFOs that i am working on finishing.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jungle Animals

When I inherited my friend, Sharon's, stash, there was this cute little animal panel in there. I decided it needed to be used.

I cut out all the little squares and put a colored border around them. Then a gray border with the last 4 blocks in the corners.

It is 36x42. the next person who has a baby might get this.

I love the flamingos. haha  it gave me an excuse to use pink

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hexie vase with flowers

This little wall hanging was pieced and appliqued by my friend, Brenda. She does awesome work. the whole thing is about 30x48"
She brought me a picture and told me to quilt it like the picture. I tried...haha
The hexies on those white flowers are 1/2"
The hexies on the vase are 3/4"
We used 2 battings
There were lots of feathers. I quilted hexies in the last border but you can't see them. 
Not much shows on the back...but you can see the border hexies on the right. haha
Thread, top and bottom, was a Bottom Line Taupe

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bill's Quilt

I am calling this Bill's Quilt because it was inspired by a quilt that Bill Volckening showed on FaceBook on May 10, 2017.

This is Bill's quilt...it is made of velvet. I was intrigued by that pattern and thought...i can do that....

So, i did.  Here is my version...in blue and green cottons.  the blocks are 7" finished...156 of them. haha

I strip pieced them....a great way to whittle down some stash.

I cut 1 1/2" strips from all the blues and greens that i had.

I put on 2 green borders and 2 blue borders. it seemed only fitting.

It is 95x102.  i really like it. it will go on my bed....eventually. for now, it will live in the to-be-quilted cabinet.

Thank you, Bill Volckening, for the inspiration

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Split Personality

I started this several months ago.....probably 8 or 9 months.  Every once in a while i would piece a block. I finally decided this month to go ahead and finish piecing it and get it off the design wall.

The pattern is in a book by Thomas Knauer called Modern Quilt Perspectives. I have made 2 others from his book and plan to make 2 or 3 more. His quilt patterns just speak to me.

There were 15 large blocks and 5 half blocks connecting these to the red section. it was easy to do...just tedious. Those are 2 1/2" blocks

I used a few different neutrals in white and creams for the background.

My top came out 80 x 82"

Not sure how it will be quilted yet....his quilting design is pretty intense.

So, one piecing UFO finished and one to-be-quilted UFO added to the cabinet.  It's a vicious circle. haha

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Playing with Orange and Black

I got new circle cutters......so, i had to cut some circles. and this is what happened.  the black circles are wool felt.  inside the circles are lots of scraps.  it is 42x50.  have no idea how i will quilt it, but am happy it is together .... one less thing in a box....and one more thing in the to-be-quilted cabinet.

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