Sunday, July 2, 2017

Square in a Square in a Square

I saw this in a magazine and knew i had to do it. the original used 2 3/4" squares and the final top was 110".  i figured if i tried to cut that size, i would just screw it up, i cut mine 2 1/2"....a popular size and one that my brain does sort of automatically. haha    and this came out 96" square.

All of these fabrics came from my friend Sharon's scraps....that i inherited when she moved.

Funny how you see things in the photo that you don't see while you are doing it. i believe there should have been one more dark row around that middle so the lights didn't 'bleed' into the next section of lights. too bad. haha  it's not getting fixed.

I didn't count how many different fabrics there were, but i can tell you there were a LOT.

The light sections will get a custom design

The dark sections will get cross hatching in all those little squares.

Oh....and there are 2,401 two inch (finished) squares.....i do know that total.

This really didn't take that long to piece together. i did it in the row. i only worked on it in the evenings for a couple weeks. 

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Vicki W said...

I love this quilt!

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