Sunday, July 23, 2017

Christmas Town

This was my UFO challenge for July from Judy Laquidera. I not only got the blocks embroidered, but i got the top pieced together, too.  a win for sure.

It is called Christmas Town, a CD by Anita Goodesign.

The top is about 48" square.

They call these designs 'mix and match'.  there are several CDs that would coordinate.  notice how the skyline lines up in each matter how you set them.

There are some blocks with applique and some are just embroidered

I used the same fabrics for the sky, ground, and water.  and the same thread for the lines in the snow and the stars in the sky.

It was fun finding fabrics for the applique houses.

Mostly i used the colors they had in the pattern...sometimes i changed things.

Blocks are 7"

Border fabric is some Christmas fabric i had in the has sparkles in it. haha

I started these in January, 2016, so it was time for them to be finished.

I buy new embroidery CDs, do a block or two, and then put them in a become a UFO. i really, really need to stop that habit. i have 6 or 7 more embroidery UFOs that i am working on finishing.

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