Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scratch Feed

Another rooster panel ready to be quilted. This was another panel in the UFO box that can now be moved to the to-be-quilted cabinet. the fabric is a thick type of fabric...almost feels like a feedsack....but i don't believe it is.

I added the red border and the blue and white checked border. it is now about 33x58. will get hung in the kitchen at the farm when finished.

Have learned to cut the binding when the top is finished so it is ready to go after quilting. this binding has a faint thin black stripe on it. hard to see in the pic.

That cabinet is getting oh so full. i better start quilting.....or buy another cabinet. LOL



February's Git-er-done List

All of January's projects on the list gone finished. ....  see the results here...

The February list is...

1.  Quilt the top for my patient customer in Austin, Texas....she's been waiting for several months.

2.  Piece a top using the disappearing 4 patch pattern and my 'won' fabrics that were my prize from quilt class.

3.  Finish piecing the retro lines top that has been marinating for too many months.

4.  Piece together all my piles of batting scraps to make battings to be used. there are many piles of different types of batting. i could probably get 3 or 4 usable battings from all these.

That should keep me busy enough for February....after all it is a short month.....and i will be gone for about a week during that time.

I better get crackin'

Comfort and Joy, section 7

This section is a pretty basket with another crow. i like that the crows are throughout the quilt.

I took liberties with the cherry branch and gave a cherry to the crow.

This time i reversed the coloring on the wonky star and made the background the gold/yellow instead of the star. lots of flying geese in this quilt, too. lots of opportunities to use small pieces.

Now i only have 1 section left...section 6. but it is the largest. will have 3 applique blocks and lots of filler blocks of flying geese, 9 patches, etc. hope to get it together tonight. then it will be time to piece all those sections together and find a border. the border has some applique, too.

Getting very close to being a top instead of a UFO ... but, then it is technically STILL a UFO until quilted. but we won't think about that right now. hahahahaha

Hope to show you the last section...


Comfort and Joy section 5

This might have been the quickest block....or perhaps i'm just getting faster. LOL

It's a cute little stocking with some flying geese and a wonky star. love those wonky stars.

In case you can't read it...the little banner will say 'believe' once i embroider it. 

Love those wonky stars. and multi-colored flying geese.

I thought i would use a lot of Christmas fabrics out of the stash....but the pieces are so small that there are lots left. i am thinking of cutting them all into 2" squares and making a Christmas scrap quilt.

Getting to the end of this project....might finish....


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trick or Treat

Next up was a Halloween panel in the UFO box. this got a quick quilting job....going around subjects .... the best thing to do with panels. it is a cute little wall hanging for Halloween junkies.

Trick or treat...smell my feel.  i used black tread around the stars on the sides.

Give me something good to eat. a beige thread to match the siding on the house.

Spooky cat in the tree. a few lines around the moon on both sides and some lines in the tree.

Kids all ready for fun

And the backing is the last piece of the ugliest fabric i had. hahahaha

Another UFO completed. now, what shall i do...


O Fir Tree

Our quilt class had a challenge this year for our Christmas party. we were to piece this Christmas tree that our teacher had designed. and embellish it. the winner would recieve a layer cake of fabric ... along with a yard of fabric to match.

Here is my tree. it is filled with machine embroidery designs.

I just did some simple quilting in the background

It says merry across the top and christmas down the side.

Lots of different embroidered ornaments. tree is various green fabrics.

More applique ornaments. I also added some snowflake buttons after these pics were taken.

It was fun to figure out what to do with this.

And....i won the prize. LOL   what a surprise. I won a layer cake by Moda called Collection for a Cause..Warmth by Howard Marcus.  and a yard of a dark blue to go with it. now i need to figure out what to do with it.

All the other decorated trees were so cool. it was really hard to pick one. there was a lovely blue and white with a curvy edge. and a decorated tree with a hanger made of candy canes. i loved that hanger. everyone had a different interpretation. it is always fun at our Christmas parties...seeing all the different designs. oh, yeah, and we ate a lot of food and played some fun games and exchanged lots of goodies. a good time was had by all. we'll see if we can top that...

next year.

Christmas Buttons

I pulled these embroidery machine appliqued blocks out of the RFO box and pieced them together. the applique blocks are on green striped cotton. the red and gold fabrics are flannel. they seemed to play nice together.

The jester has buttons on his collar and on his hat. the snowman is holding jingle bells on his rope.

Santa has buttons on his beard. i might have to put a jingle bell on the end of his hat. the one that is on there is embroidered. the snowman is selling button snowballs.

Stocking has buttons on top and toe. house has buttons on roofline.

The tree has tiny buttons of different colored shapes. And the snowflake has snowflake buttons.

I originally cut the gold flannel snowflake fabric incorrectly for the border. so pieced a bunch of green pieces together for a small second border and then added more gold flannel fabric on the outside. now i have used basically all of this fabric. the binding will be the green stripe.

It is going into the to-be-quilted cabinet. perhaps it will be done by next Christmas. i know it won't be done...


Friday, January 25, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Yet another batch of embroidered blocks pieced into a top. it is a pale yellow background. I found just the right color of fabric that matched the embroidery thread for the sashings. too bad there wasn't enough of it for the binding, too.

The blocks embroidered kind of scrunched up. i am having trouble these days finding stabilizer that works properly. that might be a quilting challenge.

Top says Sweet Dreams.  i don't really like embroidery design sets that only have 10 designs. i like 12 better....can be set 3x4. i guess i could have left one design out and just had a 9 patch. 

There is a basket of flowers

Baby cute

A bow around some flowers. i guess i could have left this one doesn't 'say' baby.

The crib rocker is adorable.

Love the rocking horse

A cute rattle

Baby buggy is pretty intricate.

Momma's rocking chair..with pillows

And Mr. Stork .... or is that Mrs?  hahahaha

I like the designs that print out with one color. don't have to keep an eye on the machine as much. but i don't understand their flower designs on these. some have flowers....some have flowers all around...some not. i think they should have been all around all of them....perhaps spaced a bit further out. oh well, it's done and ready to be quilted....someday.

The next batch of blocks to piece together are Christmas blocks. with embellishments.  woohoo......will show you soon.  perhaps...


Nana's Garden

This sweet little quilt was designed by my friend, Marilea, and put together but a nice lady out in California. she has been patiently waiting for me to finish this one. it is on its way to her tomorrow.

I didn't do anything too extravagant. lots of SID. thread colors to match. it is 48x48"

I SID around the applique and the sashings

I put flowers in the baskets

Just SID around the applique flowers

Flowers in the setting triangles.  the light colored border has lines that i followed for the crosshatch.

Yellow flower border got leaves

Backing was the same as the light border with the X's.

Here's a closer look. 

She had brought me 4 tops to quilt for her back in the summer. I finally got the last one finished. i am kind of slow these days.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brown scrap strips

Let's pretend i don't already have 10 or 12 projects going right now .... ok?

I got a book called 15 minutes of play...improvisational quilts.  there are about 8 quilts in there that i want to make. 

I started with a simple one. i am piecing brown, beige, tan scraps onto a foundation piece that is 3 1/2" x 12 1/2".  it will finish at 3x12.  the strips will be pieced horizontally....with plain colored strips of the same size. i want to make it kind of large so i need 96 brown scrap strips. i have about 30 so far. 

But, i can't decide what to use for the opposing color. yellow would give it a great contrast.

Green also gives a good contrast.

Red is pretty good, too. but i am thinking it is too close in color to the browns.

At first i was thinking purple....but now i have just about rejected the purple.

So, what do you think....which color should i use?  a different color?   the more i look at it....the more i can't decide. of course, i still have some time to decide. it's not like i'll have those other 60 strips pieced by ....


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