Thursday, October 19, 2017

Quilted Jacket

I found a white shirt at the thrift store that I thought I could turn into a jacket. I decided to quilt it, too.  I spent all morning Tuesday taking this shirt apart...(note to NOT buy shirts with serged seams.)  they are a supreme pain to rip apart. After about 5 hours I got the shirt apart...and then loaded it onto the longarm. 


I spent the rest of the day appliquing down the pieces of fabric (stitch and flip method)  that I wanted to use to cover the shirt pieces. I added batting, too.


I worked hours longer than I usually do in the studio....hubby wound up being in charge of dinner. haha   (we had ham, scrambled eggs and biscuits). But, all the pieces are now ready for quilting.



I got back in the studio by 7am on Wednesday....quilting...quilting.  Took all morning.  I spent the afternoon cutting the pieces out. I had quilted over the edges of the shirt pieces, so i had to pick out a few stitches all around the edges to find the shirt fabric to cut the piece out. I'll figure out a better way of doing that next time. By Wednesday evening, I had the shirt together.

I spent this morning putting in the cuffs and putting on the binding. And here it is....


I am getting a lot of mileage out of those Wild West panels. I added lots of fabrics from the stash to kick it up a notch.


I even added the rope to the i did in the original quilt.


The yoke got feathers


I quilted the same design in the same fabrics...the red got curved cross hatch; the chocolate brown got regular cross hatch; the beige got lines 1/2" apart


The orangy fabric got a grid of CC; the black got pebbles; the red paisleys got swirls around each one.


The inside came from the stash...there was just enough to do it. 


Since i sewed it together with regular seams...rather than French seams....i covered all the seams with the inside fabric. It just made it look neater. but there were sure some thick seams with top fabric, bottom fabric, shirt, and batting. but i got it.


I started out with a large size shirt, but I believe it is a medium size now.  For the quilting, I used Glide Sienna for the top; Bottom Line Statue for the bobbin. When I was sewing it all together, I used the Sienna for both top and bobbin.

I might have made it harder than it needed to be at times, but I really like the outcome. i'll do it again.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


This was a panel that I took apart and made a bit larger. it is now 40x48"


I think this panto, Plush, by Lorien Quilting,  works well for snowmen quilts.





The back is a Christmas print. I think it is a fleece?  fuzzier than a flannel...but not as fuzzy as a that a fleece?  i'm not sure. again, something i got in the Sharon stash.



Top thread was Glide light blue; bobbin was Highlights dark blue.

Channeling my Project Runway genes

Since I was down to only one jacket for sale, i decided i needed to make another one...or two.

This was a denim jacket that I found at the thrift store.  (remind me not to do denim is kind of thick on those seams.) I took it apart, covered it in brown selvages and put it back together again. I chose not to cover the collar and the button sections.



It had these cool dark blue buttons that said Navy on them. the back of the buttons had HBW on them. this button is an exact replica of a military button from the Civil War....except theirs were metal and not plastic.


The part I really loved was how the buttons were attached. I had to do a bit of goggling on this. seems the military had these types of buttons. they were made easily removable for cleaning. the only buttons....and connecting these that i found are being made in the UK. 


I chose not to line the jacket...but used variegated thread to add a bit of whimsy.


Too bad it is too small for me....i love it. but, i pretty much love all my jackets. haha

Monday, October 16, 2017

Woo Hoo!! ... a ribbon

My friend Brenda made the quilt....i quilted it.  it won 1st place in a local quilt show...appliqued wall quilt.
We are both excited


Tiny hexies...under an inch.


I love that they give the quilter a ribbon, too.  


What a great surprise to get in the mail.

Thanks, Brenda

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Here Kitty Kitty

My sister said since I had a dog i needed a cat quilt....i should not discriminate. haha

So, here it is.  I had the rows of cats from a former project....and some yardage of the black. so, i cut strips and put it all together. it is 48x56" ....which was the width of the cat strips.


I had just gotten some FQs of black and white stripe, so that was the binding.



Back is a muslin. Panto is Plush by Lorien Quilting.


Glide silver for the top; Bottom Line tan for the bobbin.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dancing Diamonds

This little quilt was pieced back in January,'s been marinating long enough. It is 43x53" quilted up quickly with the panto called Ruffles by Michelle of my favorites.



Maybe you can see the panto better here



The back is a print from the stash


Glide Bark for the top; Bottom Line Tan for the bobbin.

I'm still in bag mode

How many more can I make? .... market is next weekend. 

Using up orphan quilt blocks...both sides.


I made the binding on the edges match the block on that side.

59e2137315005_side2.jpg.62c994f11b95c0d112873327733b0425.jpg old lady print stripe. haha


Another schlep bag...with some leather. the bottom red sections are leather. the handles came from an old leather purse that i cut up for the leather.


Inside...with pocket


Snowman with bling


I put a crystal rhinestone on each little white snowflake square...and on his eyes and buttons...he is pretty sparkly




Blue Selvage Bag ... you didn't think i was done with selvage bags now, did you?


Inside...with pocket to match the handles.


Pink book bag.   is this a book bag....or a backpack.....what do the kids call these things? I am hoping some pre-teen girl who stills like pink will want it. I had to google up current slang for pre-teens....and chose BAD....which means good...haha.  And, if her name happens to be JoAnn...well is personalized. hahahaha   it used to a plain black bag. it was a trick to do this one.


Inside..with pocket.


I have a couple more in the works...hopefully they will get finished in time.


OK....I couldn't just throw them away.....i need a 12 step program. haha

But I didn't want to make it straight edges...and i didn't want to have to bind those turns.


I put it on the frame...using a muslin back...and quilted inside all the blocks....


Then I used this floral piece and faced it....sewed all around the edges...and then did SID around the blocks. 


Now it can be reversible ... with different stitching on each side. 

There are 2 little hexies left over...that went into the orphan pile. they will wind up in a sampler quilt....or on a bag....on in a crazy quilt....or something.

Now, to just keep reminding more more more hexies. hahahaha

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