Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Baby Boy Alphabet blocks with mylar

When I went to the last quilt show in Paducah a couple of months ago, there was a new-to-me embroidery vendor there. They were Purely Gates ... they are in Texas and formerly only did the Texas shows.  I am so glad they came to Paducah.  I fell in love with their embroidery.....they shine and sparkle. there is mylar embedded in the thread steps. and i am told you can put the quilt in the washer and dryer and it will survive just fine....and keep on shining.  he said the mylar is the same thing that you see at Walmart in their card and paper wrapping department... the stuff you put in the top of a gift bag....or in an Easter basket. 

Here is the CD

CD front.jpg

CD back.jpg

I did these for my sister, who is going to make a quilt for a friend. I did all the letters plus the extra designs, too. 



Normally, the mylar sheet is laid down once you embroider the letter, they it gets embroidered again with a second color, they you pull away the mylar. it's magic



I just love all the little things that are on the letters....the little babies are just adorable.



I marked the fabric with pencil, so i could put all the designs on one piece of fabric and save on fabric waste. she will cut them apart and make her blocks. Each design is less than 4".


And there are cars and trucks and trains and a giraffe and a horse



You get a sheet of mylar with each CD that you purchase. i had a good chunk of mylar left over from making all these designs. very cool


I hope you can see how they shine and sparkle.


There is a different CD for the girl letters....with different designs.

I got about 6 different CDs, so you will be seeing more of designs.  there are some boots that are awesome. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ricky Tims June Legacy quilt club block

Ricky was a bit slow this month getting the block on his blog, but it is one i like....an easy one. haha

this month was Crazy Patch

I made mine with batiks. This is number 6.....14 to go.

Friday, June 23, 2017


I love making these little 4 patch posey blocks....i think this was the perfect fabric for that. i pieced all the blocks in 5 days.....back in March, 2015. It's been sitting and waiting for me.

It finally came out of the closet....the to-be-quilted closet. haha    it is 45x63"


I used several different colors for the quilting....but not sure how well that shows in the photos

front close 1.jpg

front close 2.jpg

If you squint you can see the star...quilted in red...but still hard to see on purple. 

front close star.jpg

But you can see the quilting on the back. I was going for a fireworks display.


All quilting was done with the Quiltzoid boards

back close 1.jpg

I used several designs

back close 2.jpg

back close 3.jpg

This is the true color of the back....a blue and green stripe....and it is flannel.

back true color.jpg

I used several threads. for the top, Glide in key lime, bright red (for the star only), jade, turquoise, colbalt, and orchid. i changed colors frequently. The thread for the bobbin is a variegated red, white and blue. 


I quilted the stars in red but it didn't stand out as much as i thought it would. i guess red on purple is not distinctive. sigh!

4 stars.jpg

There are several ovals

10 ovals.jpg

Lots of circles

11 circles.jpg

Wavy lines coming out of the star....and a couple other places

12 wavy lines.jpg

And the squished square several times, too.

24 squished square.jpg

Some designs are quilted over other designs....some places there is no quilting between designs. 

This was a fun experiment. While I was trying to figure out how to quilt it differently, the idea popped into my head one morning when i woke up. And since i wanted it to look like fireworks, i used a variegated red, white and blue thread in the bobbin.

So, it's full name is Twilight....on the Fourth of July. hahaha

Monday, June 19, 2017

Jacobs Ladder

Finally....all the stars are aligned....i finished quilting this.....the computer is working.....and i can get it downloaded. some days just don't cooperate.

You know I like scrappy....this is 75x87"  This was just finished piecing on May 21, 2017, so it got quilted quickly...once i decided what i wanted to do.


I stitched around the brown squares, then diagonally down each side of them.


The block design was quilted with the Quiltazoid attachment

block design.jpg

It takes longer to move it and set it up than it does to quilt it out. I can never get all 4 corners to meet where they should. the quilt is never that straight on the frame, i guess. 


It is design board #18, called Regal.  I used E...for a 10" block.

quiltazoid close.jpg

I did a panto in the final border, called Trailing Leaf by Donna Reinharts. 


The back is a dark chocolate brown, but the camera doesn't show that.


Here you can see the border panto

back border.jpg

And a bit of a close up

back close.jpg

The block design made by the Quiltazoid.  they are now out of business....i hate that. they had some really cool designs....i have most of them.

back quiltazoid design.jpg

Thread was a Glide chocolate brown for the top and So FIne light brown for the bobbin.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Slow and Steady

This was an online quilt along with Paula Strong....i believe last year, since i finished piecing it on December 26, 2016.   It sat in the to-be-quilted cabinet for several months. Then, Diana Wilson showed a pieced border...i think on Facebook.....and i kept her idea and incorporated it into this top on April 13, 2017....it seemed the right one.

And now it was time to finish quilting it. It is 80x92"


This is Diana's border idea that i stole from her. haha


I don't remember how long this quilt along lasted...whether the rows were monthly, weekly, or hourly... but it was loads of fun.

Cathedral window

cathedral window.jpg

Scrappy Square

scrappy square.jpg

Had to have a spider

scrappy spider.jpg

Wings of Eagles

wings of eagles.jpg

Flying Geese

flying geese.jpg

Spinning Star

spinning star.jpg

Courthouse Steps

courthouse steps.jpg

Seminole Piecing

seminole piecing.jpg



The back is a muslin


And a couple close ups



Thread was Glide Cork for the top and Bottom Line Oatmeal for the bobbin.


It was on the frame a few weeks, but i was dithering about what to quilt in some places....and sometimes life things got in the way of quilting. don't you just hate when that happens? haha

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