Monday, June 19, 2017

Jacobs Ladder

Finally....all the stars are aligned....i finished quilting this.....the computer is working.....and i can get it downloaded. some days just don't cooperate.

You know I like scrappy....this is 75x87"  This was just finished piecing on May 21, 2017, so it got quilted quickly...once i decided what i wanted to do.


I stitched around the brown squares, then diagonally down each side of them.


The block design was quilted with the Quiltazoid attachment

block design.jpg

It takes longer to move it and set it up than it does to quilt it out. I can never get all 4 corners to meet where they should. the quilt is never that straight on the frame, i guess. 


It is design board #18, called Regal.  I used E...for a 10" block.

quiltazoid close.jpg

I did a panto in the final border, called Trailing Leaf by Donna Reinharts. 


The back is a dark chocolate brown, but the camera doesn't show that.


Here you can see the border panto

back border.jpg

And a bit of a close up

back close.jpg

The block design made by the Quiltazoid.  they are now out of business....i hate that. they had some really cool designs....i have most of them.

back quiltazoid design.jpg

Thread was a Glide chocolate brown for the top and So FIne light brown for the bobbin.


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