Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Another I Spy

How many I Spys have I done?  this is the second one this month. there have been MANY over the years. this was pieced August, 2014.

I was trying to get rid of novelty fabric pieces. I cut everything into 2.5" wide pieces. some 2" long...some 4"...some 6".  i sewed them together into a long row....then cut the rows into 12" strips. I put 6 strips together to make a 12" block. I then pieced them alternately....1 horizontal...1 vertical.  It came out 56 x 68"


It's a random rail fence.


Quilted with a panto called Amaze Me by Urban Elementz




Back is a blue and black flannel. Border was a purple and green floral print, so i used a purple binding.


Top thread was Glide Cobalt; bobbin was Superior Highlights Blue.


What is it.....???

Is it a bunch of junk parts....yes.....'s a daschund. hahahaha  Larry is at it again. 



I love that tail light hanging....his tag on his collar. 


I might be a wee bit prejudiced....but, i think the boy is a genius. hahaha

and...i gave him some bird cages. he put a bird in one


Today I went shopping for junk .... for Larry....i came home with 244 kitchen table 10 cents a piece. my kind of bargain. that will make many more dragonflies and such. the lady at the thrift store asked me if i bought all her knives.....i told her yes, except for 2 or 3 that were not magnetic.  they had no forks or spoons. i need to find a source for forks and spoons. they are hard to find.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


This was a panel that I found at JoAnns last week. it was pretty narrow...maybe half a i cut it up, added some stuff, and rearranged. it is now 33 x 45.  


I just basically stitched around things in the blocks.  stitched around the diamond shapes in this background row.



Rocks for the second background row



I stitched over part of the circles in this background



Back is a flannel. it's a very light green with circles.


All together, took about 4 hours. 


Top thread was Glide Key Lime; bobbin was So Fine Taupe.

It is going in the tub for the flea market. I sold a dinosaur quilt last time, so thought i would try another.

Monday, August 28, 2017

My Sister's Hearts ... twice

This is my sister's quilt. She used up all of her plaids, i think.  she wanted it quilted with hearts so it could be the companion piece to her last quilt that i put hearts on. it is about 82" square. That border is really stretchy and might need to be trimmed up some. flannel plaids seem to stretch a lot.


It went pretty quickly...5 hours. I stitched across the bottom of the block...inserted the heart....went up and back down the seam between the blocks....and continued across the row. I did the borders as i came to the end of the row. kept on going back and forth until i ran out of bobbin thread. took 9 bobbins.


I quilted a little surprise in there for her....i'll see how long it takes her to find it. haha

Border was large meander with some hearts thrown in.


Back was this


Top thread was Glide dark green....bobbin was Superior Highlights Red


I will probably deliver it on Thursday. She is working on something else, so i might be bringing another one back home to quilt.

Machine Applique Baltimore Album

This one has been marinating for years...embroidered in November, 2013; pieced January, 2015....finally, quilted. haha

The blocks are appliqued with the embroidery machine. Size is 56x78. My favorite....bright colors.

The front..


The blocks. I decided it needed more than just the SID on the blocks and the i decided to put in 6" squares on the diagonal...and cross hatch them.  hahaha  that took a few days.







Circles in the border between cross hatching..


The back is a muslin. i think it could be reversible.


Threads are Glide white for the top and Superior Highlights Beige for the bobbin.


It will go to the flea market to hang on the holder to bring people in to the booth.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Larry's Insects

My son is trying to work a deal with a lady who owns a sell some of his insects. He is busy creating so he has a variety to show her. 

So far, he has butterflies...




and, a new one...lady bugs..


I already told him I want one of those lady bugs....they are super cute.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Two more fish

These are the same fish panels as the last ones...except on these i did a panto...that i think looks like seaweed. it's called Pollyanna by Anne Bright.  the fish are about 17 x 18"....and have a hanging sleeve. 



Back is from the stash. still have to sew down the sleeve. i loaded them both side by whole pass with the panto in the middle and then a partial top and bottom. done!!


Top thread was Glide dark green; bobbin was So Fine brown


I believe I am now finished with the flea market craziness.  Tomorrow will be typing up my inventory, making sure everything has a price tag on it, and packing things up. That will probably take most of my day.

It's been fun but i haven't quilted this much at one time in a loooonnng time. hahaha

Family Tree

Just a little tree...with birds and their house.  It is 26x37
I used blue thread in the blue; white in the white.
Outlined all the tree, leaves, flowers, and birds

Back is a bright blue
Top threads Glide Cobalt and white; bobbin threads Highlights blue and Bottom Line Cream
Wind is whipping up here...looks like a storm is blowing in. we can always use rain.
Gonna go have some lunch, then back at it.

Spring Things

Another panel for the flea market. i'll bet you're getting tired of flea market stuff, aren't you?  not to worry...after tomorrow it is all over. haha except the selling....i hope lots of selling.

I basically just outlined things...with a few swirls in the blue background. It is 34 x 44"


Some close ups...i did sew down the lines in the sunflowers...and went around the birds beaks...and the veggies on the seed packs.


Went over the circle in the middle of the sun, and the mouth...some lines in the bird house.




I really like their 'border' of the plaid fabrics.



Backing from the stash...i can not tell if this is purple or dark brown. in this photo it looks real life it looks dark brown, but in more light looks purple. who knows...don't guess it matters.


Top thread was Glide light olive...i am surprised that matched so well. Glide light blue for the swirls in the background sky; So Fine dark brown for the bobbin.


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