Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Two more fish

These are the same fish panels as the last ones...except on these i did a panto...that i think looks like seaweed. it's called Pollyanna by Anne Bright.  the fish are about 17 x 18"....and have a hanging sleeve. 



Back is from the stash. still have to sew down the sleeve. i loaded them both side by whole pass with the panto in the middle and then a partial top and bottom. done!!


Top thread was Glide dark green; bobbin was So Fine brown


I believe I am now finished with the flea market craziness.  Tomorrow will be typing up my inventory, making sure everything has a price tag on it, and packing things up. That will probably take most of my day.

It's been fun but i haven't quilted this much at one time in a loooonnng time. hahaha

Family Tree

Just a little tree...with birds and their house.  It is 26x37
I used blue thread in the blue; white in the white.
Outlined all the tree, leaves, flowers, and birds

Back is a bright blue
Top threads Glide Cobalt and white; bobbin threads Highlights blue and Bottom Line Cream
Wind is whipping up here...looks like a storm is blowing in. we can always use rain.
Gonna go have some lunch, then back at it.

Spring Things

Another panel for the flea market. i'll bet you're getting tired of flea market stuff, aren't you?  not to worry...after tomorrow it is all over. haha except the selling....i hope lots of selling.

I basically just outlined things...with a few swirls in the blue background. It is 34 x 44"


Some close ups...i did sew down the lines in the sunflowers...and went around the birds beaks...and the veggies on the seed packs.


Went over the circle in the middle of the sun, and the mouth...some lines in the bird house.




I really like their 'border' of the plaid fabrics.



Backing from the stash...i can not tell if this is purple or dark brown. in this photo it looks real life it looks dark brown, but in more light looks purple. who knows...don't guess it matters.


Top thread was Glide light olive...i am surprised that matched so well. Glide light blue for the swirls in the background sky; So Fine dark brown for the bobbin.


Selvages with flanges

Here's a new selvage idea for you to try. It all started with a few left over zipper blocks.


I had lots of left over pieces of binding. as you probably already guessed, i don't throw much away. haha  i added a piece of binding to 2 sides of each block, turning in the corners so they could stay free.


Then i pieced the blocks together alternating the sides with the binding flange.


Some blocks got the same color flange as the block...some not.
This is what i ended up with.


I added flanges to the outside rows of the blocks that didn't have any. i don't think i will put a border on this one. the blocks are 8" about 48 x 56  some blocks are diagonal and some are straight.
I put the selvages on a base fabric...which makes the quilt a bit heavy, but easier to sew the selvages together. in case you were is what the back looks like before i quilt it.  i use anything for the base that i wouldn't want to use elsewhere. 


Then....while i was piecing this one.....i got another idea. 

So, this morning i made 2 blocks to try out my idea. the middle of the first block got ripped apart 3 times before i got it the way i wanted it. this time there are strip blocks with selvage flange down the middle. The flange on this block was cut 3/4" and it's a bit wider than the rest will be...but i just couldn't rip it out a 4th time. haha


the middles will be cut 2" red and white dots, with selvage flange on each side...cut 5/8".  the strips on the blocks are cut 1 1/2" ... occasionally a bit narrower.


 i'll be using all reds. And, yes, i know i am setting myself up for a quilting headache....but it seemed like such a cool idea. LOL


Now, i hope those other new ideas stay in the back of my brain, so i can get back to flea market craziness.....i only have today and tomorrow. the good thing is....hubby is going out tonight to a music deal, so i don't have to cook and can stay in the studio half the night. haha 

Think good thoughts for me.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Buffalo Bill Cody

I inherited this little panel of Buffalo Bill.... wish I had more like this. I don't know if it was part of something bigger or what. 

It is 18 x 23"


I just stitched around the images.




Back was a light brown print from the stash.


Tonight's homework is to sew down the sleeve. 

On to something else. hahahahaha

Table Runner and Place Mats

When I inherited Sharon's stash, there were lots of UFOs....sort of like my stash. haha   She had finished this table runner and 3 place mats....but some others were just cut out...and some pieces were sewn together....and a whole lot of fabric pieces were just there. She had hand sewed 1 place mat....and machine sewed the rest. Sharon is into chickens.....i have a lot of chicken fabric. haha
So, i decided to finish them up. this is what i have now.

Table runner..made by Sharon... 13 x 36"


The things she made had a red backing...


She had made 3 of these rooster place mats...facing different directions. I finished 2 more of them. Place mats are 14x18"


Then I made 2 of these...


And 2 of these....


And with leftover bits and pieces, made this there would be an even number of place mats...10..


Since the red backing that Sharon used, wasn't in the pile of leftovers, I used this green backing for mine.


They all go together .... but are different. I hope to sell them all together as a set. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Another Geisha

I made 7 place mats this morning....but they are over at the house, awaiting binding. i'll show you those tomorrow.  had to run out for an hour and then came back and had lunch. decided to come back to the studio and do something else.
So, i got this little geisha wall hanging finished....except for sewing down the hanging sleeve....that's for tonight.
These are more panels from my friend, Sharon. 
Had this in the stash for the back. i believe it is actually sideways, but that is the only way it would fit. 
Glide Gold for the front and Bottom Line Red for the bobbin
I only have 3 days left before going to flea market....arrrggghhh!!!    i better quit sleeping.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

North Pole

Another embroidery UFO finished...the North Pole. blocks are appliqued and embroidered with the embroidery machine. This was done in April, 2015. 

Finished size is 43 x 53"


Background of blocks is flannel.













Back is from the stash. Christmas fabric from JoAnns a couple years ago at 50% off...i bought LOTS of it. haha  Since the Baptist Fan boards were still on the table from the last quilt, I used them here, too.


Top thread was Glide cream; bobbin was Bottom Line cream.
Think it's too early for Christmas at the flea market?  haha

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