Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I Spy Flannel

Trying to get smaller quilts finished up to take to the flea market. this I Spy was pieced September, 2015. All sashings and borders are flannel. 
It is 48x54"  I used a wavy line for the border and a wavy X for the blocks.
I was using up some novelty fabrics to make this. made 9 patches for the corners to have enough blocks.



Back is black but camera doesn't show it well. it is a throw that i picked up at a thrift store. it is soft and 'furry'...kind of like minky. I did not put a batting in this one...i think the back was thick enough that it didn't need it. Thread really sunk into the back fabric and really doesn't show much.
Top thread was a So Fine gray; bobbin was a Poly Quilter variegated from Superior.  This brown fabric was the binding.
It feels pretty snuggly, so hope someone likes it.

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