Thursday, August 3, 2017

Flea Market Merchandise

A couple days ago my son asked me if i wanted to go with him when he was vending at a weekend flea market....18th and 19th....of THIS month. i said sure..that would be fun.  he said...why don't you bring some of your stuff, too. oh, hmmmm,, i technically have 11 days to get stuff together. i pulled out some panels and did some binge quilting. if you stay off the computer...don't play with the embroidery machine...don't piece arrow blocks....and can get some quilting done. haha
This is what i have so far.

Crazed cats...i have another panel of these that I will try to do, too.

Happy Halloween.  I'm thinking it is close enough to the holiday that maybe someone needs a decoration.



These four were all one panel. i quilted them all and then cut them into 4. i like them better individually.





Now, back to work.....much more to do. haha


Ramblings from Randi the Wild Rose Quilter said...

Cute! Love the cats.

Valerie said...

I have the cats hanging in my TV room! Such a surprise to see yours. Mine is done in primitive plaids.

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