Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May UFO Challenge Results

Well, May didn't turn out as i wanted it to. the number for May was 11...which was an embroidery UFO for me. My embroidery machine was in the shop. when it finally came back, i did one block...then my machine was acting, i took it back in. it is not back yet.

So, i substituted a quilting UFO and quilted Birch Trees.

I also quilted Heartbeat

I finished up some piecing projects also.

I call this I Get the Blues Sometimes at Night. i made one similar to it last year.

Jacob's Ladder

Trims and Zippers

Art Square.  This is 48" square. Someone showed something similar on MQR and i had to try it. I think i will applique a leather scene over it...not sure yet. open to suggestions.

And I embroidered my block for May from Buttermilk Basin.

I also embroidered the Ricky Tims block for May but can't find my pic.

I have a few new projects in the 'partially done' stages.

These are red selvage baskets....inspired by Anita Shackelford's rescue project

And Split Personality....6 more blocks to piece

And i am working on a blue and green selvage woven quilt. and finished 3 blocks of a Christmas quilt from Indigo Junction.

So, even though the month didn't go as planned, i got some stuff done. hopefully, i can get my embroidery machine back soon so i can knock out some of those embroidery UFOs.

How did your month go?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cast Iron Vintage Garden Set

My son is at it again.

I gave him an old cast iron bottom of a bird bath...he had a couple more pieces....and he made this. he says it is for sale for $425.  it is extremely heavy



side view.jpg

He is just so talented. he sees treasures where others see trash.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I get the blues at night sometimes

I have a room at my sister's house at the Beast. it will be  painted blue, so this is the first quilt to go to live there.

It is not quilted yet.

It is about 90 x106...queen size.  i call it I Get the Blues at Night Sometimes.

Dark red dot border and dark blue and white stripe border came from my friend Sharon's stash.....a lot of which came to live with me, since she is moving to Texas.

Hopefully, i will get this all quilted up by the time the room is ready for it. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Buttermilk Basin May Block

I am now all caught up on my BOM projects....just in time for June. haha

I think this might be the block for July when the quilt top is put together. it has little flags and watermelon.

It took a while to figure out....i think...the green thing behind the sheep is a willow tree...folk art style. haha and i just noticed i forgot to give the sheep an eye.

The thing on the right side of the cart is a bee hive. might have to find some bee buttons to have flying around it.

These are some cute blocks that Buttermilk Basin's going to be a great wall hanging.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Trims and Zippers quilt

I wanted to use up some of the many trims that I have from making crazy quilts. so, i made some selvage blocks and put trims in the middle diagonal....see the moda ribbon?

There are ribbons and lace .... even a Coca Cola ribbon

Then, as i was making these.....i wondered about using zippers.....i have hundreds of zippers.  so, i experimented with zippers. when you unzip, there is a surprise inside. there is even a double zipper in one block.

It is 52 x 67".  Now it needs to sit in the to-be-quilted cabinet until i decide how to quilt it.

Yes, it looks all wonky and crooked, but it is just how it is hanging....and it has not been pressed. it will be fine after quilting.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jacob's Ladder

I finally finished piecing this Jacob's Ladder that i was working on at the house. It might not be good to work on 3 or 4 things at one time....some things take longer to finish.

It is 76 x 88"

It will marinade in the to-be-quilted cabinet for a while before i get to quilting it.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Legacy Quilt block

I got the May Ricky Tims Legacy Quilt block all caught up.

You could put a floral fabric in the basket or applique some flowers. i chose the easy way and put the floral fabric in there. haha

Friday, May 19, 2017

Birch Trees

This is another quilt inspired by a blog post from crazymomquilts....she is in Australia. she says she made three of them....i believe i'll stop at one. haha   Her reasoning....every scrap deserves a chance".  i agree

It is 59x77. Fat batting took up some inches....i started at 60x80. started piecing on March 17, 2017 and finished today. no marinating for this one.


I used a panto for quilting...Bright and Breezy from Lorien Quilting


Binding is the same as the border


Back is a green paisley from JoAnn's huge sale last month.


back close.jpg

Top thread was Glide sage and bobbin was So Fine bright green


I like the wonkiness of the blocks and the different widths of the trees. and the panto kinda/sorta looks like leaves. haha  and I like the brightness of it.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Here's a selvage quilt that i finally finished piecing last month. and got it quilted up yesterday.  it is 60x75...kinda, sorta.  


Saw it on mary jonson's blog. it is their signature heart strings quilt.


Binding is various blues. quilting in borders was using templates i got in Paducah.


The back is actually a dark navy blue. my camera comes up with all kinds of colors. haha


This color (pic below) is closer to the back actual color.

back close.jpg

Top thread was Glide red; bobbin was Superior Highlights blue


These selvage quilts have a bit of weight to them. a great couch quilt.

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