Monday, May 22, 2017

Trims and Zippers quilt

I wanted to use up some of the many trims that I have from making crazy quilts. so, i made some selvage blocks and put trims in the middle diagonal....see the moda ribbon?

There are ribbons and lace .... even a Coca Cola ribbon

Then, as i was making these.....i wondered about using zippers.....i have hundreds of zippers.  so, i experimented with zippers. when you unzip, there is a surprise inside. there is even a double zipper in one block.

It is 52 x 67".  Now it needs to sit in the to-be-quilted cabinet until i decide how to quilt it.

Yes, it looks all wonky and crooked, but it is just how it is hanging....and it has not been pressed. it will be fine after quilting.

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