Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last piece of graffiti for the entryway

well, my excuses are.....i am old, the brain is old....i am blonde....i am old, brain cells are dying....haha

it took me all this time....till the last piece....to figure out i would get better pics if i took the pics here at home before i got them all glued up onto the wall. sheesh!!

Here is the last piece....you saw the 2 quilts in the sneak peek a few days ago.

G whole.jpg

These are the next 2 quilts on the line

G 2 quilts.jpg

And the last quilt

G last quilt.jpg

And i added a few flowers to this end....and a dog peeing on them. i don't know if you can see that he has his hind leg up. haha  and i found a little woman to put there, also.

G woman.jpg

And the flowers on the bottom. it was fun figuring out what to use for flowers. trust me, i had stuff spread out all over the table. hubby came in and said....what the hell are you doing?  haha

G flowers left.jpg

G flowers middle.jpg

I even put in a garage...with a couple cars. and paved the driveway....haha   at the corner kind of behind the garage is a tree in a pot. 

G flowers right.jpg

this is the only piece that i didn't completely cover the background. i've been sort of evolving and figuring out what i like as i go. plus....there were no more green pieces to be had. 

So, now the entryway walls are basically finished. i still have a few little spots to finesse.....and figure out what to do with the other 2 walls....and paint the ceiling. but that's for another day.

I'll work on the office walls as i collect stuff......and i'm working on pieces to go around the top of the dressing room area. i don't remember if i showed some of them or not. if not...here are a few of them.

W 1.jpg

Y lion.jpg

follow your path.jpg

if i die before i finish using all this graffiti stuff....i just wonder what hubby will do with it all. there are 10 boxes of it here at the house.....and several more boxes at the Duck.  hahahaha

A Scrappy finish .... but, oops!

Well, i finished another one of mine.....a scrappy one. but i was so excited that i forgot to take pics. haha   how did that happen, you ask?

Well, i heard of the Mrs Claus project from Judy Laquidera....she gets me in so much trouble....so, i cut it all up into 22  14x18" doll bed quilts.

Here are some of them .... i still have several to put bindings on


I am using blue scraps for bindings

close back.jpg

And some more...i cut up a panel for these

pink and brown.jpg

And have some pink and brown stripe for binding

pink and brown close.jpg

And there are some with frogs and lizards and some with teapots.  

All together, i will have 40 of them. i got carried away. haha

Attached Images

  • mrs claus project.jpg

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our Town... pattern by Judy LaQuidera

This quilt is a pattern from Judy Laquidera and 2 of her friends. It was a yearly project....month by month. There are applique blocks in the middle ... and pieced blocks.  and houses and trees around the outside. sometimes apartment buildings. 

It would have looked much better had i used conventional fabrics....but, by now, you know me..... use up stuff. haha    i had a bunch of Christmas fabrics left still and decided to use them up here. so it is kind of a mess. but it's my mess.

It is 88x100.  I also pieced the backing with remaining Christmas fabrics. 





cat in window.jpg


I had fun trying to put things in the windows and doors of the houses

house 1.jpg

house 2.jpg

house 3.jpg

house 4.jpg

I think the back used up the last of the christmas fabrics...thank goodness


The binding is also Christmas fabrics....what i trimmed off the sides. 

I used a panto on it and Glide thread for the top and a pink Bottom Line for the bobbin. you know...use it up. haha

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fun at the Duck

Another few days at the Duck .... and i didn't get hurt....it was a good trip. LOL

I painted the dressing room/closet for my bedroom.  it is called Liquid Amber. The room is 8 x 15 and will have storage and shelving all around the room. there are French doors that open from the bedroom. This room faces the East...so there is plenty of sun in the morning. i am in the process of adding some film to the windows to make it less warm.

liquid amber.jpg

I attached 2 more pieces of graffiti to the wall in the entryway. i can't seem to take a picture that is not shaky looking...sorry.

This is the left bottom....a tree with the sky showing. do you see the red and yellow plane in the sky? ... i say it is the farmer's crop duster .  haha ....and the lake. there is a dock...with a boy sitting on it....and a boat with a girl in it.  and lots of fish...and frogs...even an alligator.

LB  tree lake.jpg

Fish in the lake

Dock and boat

Boy on bench ... and boy leading horse....and some giant frogs. LOL

Crop duster in the sky...and a large bird

Land around the lake...see the turtle on the log?

The piece to the right of that is a continuation of the lake and part of the farm. pens with horses, pigs, sheep and flower beds. to the left of the horse pen is a boy leading a horse...to the left of that is a boy sitting on a bench..looking at the lake. i ran out of green things here so i put in a path with flowers around it.....several flower beds...and whatever else i had. 

LM lake and land.jpg

More fish....and a rowboat just waiting to be used

Some horses in a pen

This is quite the farm....there are horses, sheep, pigs, cows

Pigs. i love that i found little fence sections to make the pens for the animals

Sheep...and the dog guarding them.

Flower beds and the tractor

And i worked in the office....gluing more game pieces to the walls. i have run out of things to work with here.....so am on the hunt for more.  going up and down that ladder was just too much so i hauled in the scaffolding from the garage and set it up. it just about took up the whole room. but it is much easier to work...as long as i don't whack myself in the head with the ceiling fan. i'm guessing i would only do that once. haha

I can climb up the ladder and step right onto the scaffolding. it is down one step from the top....so i didn't need the safety sides. i stack up the milk crates...that you see under the scaffolding....and put what i am working on the top of them...close to hand.


I got a lot of stuff added to both sides of a corner. I added from the wooden blocks up on this side.

from wooden blocks up.jpg

Yes, i realize the alphabet letters are backwards. but they are cutters to use with clay and i used the flatter side for more glue area...so backwards. i'm figuring folks won't even notice in the scheme of things.

I even got my name in there again...do you see it?

And around the chess set. I found a really cool set of alphabet blocks that stack like legos....but the W was missing. maybe that is why they got rid of them. i love yard sales. and i just had a mish-mash of letters and numbers that didn't match anything...so they went in the corner.

around chess set.jpg

i found this really cool set of blocks...they look like dominoes or something. and there are those little 'sticks' that go with them. i have no idea what they are. my sister says mah jong tiles...do you know? there was the tiniest set of dice, too. about 1/4" dice. 

But i got them all glued up there....whatever they are.

And i found the cutest set of foam puzzles at a yard sale and used them at the very top of the wall.

ceiling puzzle elephant.jpg

 They are about a foot square and just about fill across that wall.  i like the way they go together like a puzzle.

I am now working on adding a graffiti border to the top of the dressing room/closet area. stay tuned. LOL   such fun

Along with all that fun i did trim some tree branches and pull some weeds to make the lawn guys job a bit easier. and i am giving serious consideration to buying a refrigerator. just because i don't have a kitchen doesn't mean i can't have cold water... or tea....or ice cream. hahahahaha

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