Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last piece of graffiti for the entryway

well, my excuses are.....i am old, the brain is old....i am blonde....i am old, brain cells are dying....haha

it took me all this time....till the last piece....to figure out i would get better pics if i took the pics here at home before i got them all glued up onto the wall. sheesh!!

Here is the last piece....you saw the 2 quilts in the sneak peek a few days ago.

G whole.jpg

These are the next 2 quilts on the line

G 2 quilts.jpg

And the last quilt

G last quilt.jpg

And i added a few flowers to this end....and a dog peeing on them. i don't know if you can see that he has his hind leg up. haha  and i found a little woman to put there, also.

G woman.jpg

And the flowers on the bottom. it was fun figuring out what to use for flowers. trust me, i had stuff spread out all over the table. hubby came in and said....what the hell are you doing?  haha

G flowers left.jpg

G flowers middle.jpg

I even put in a garage...with a couple cars. and paved the driveway....haha   at the corner kind of behind the garage is a tree in a pot. 

G flowers right.jpg

this is the only piece that i didn't completely cover the background. i've been sort of evolving and figuring out what i like as i go. plus....there were no more green pieces to be had. 

So, now the entryway walls are basically finished. i still have a few little spots to finesse.....and figure out what to do with the other 2 walls....and paint the ceiling. but that's for another day.

I'll work on the office walls as i collect stuff......and i'm working on pieces to go around the top of the dressing room area. i don't remember if i showed some of them or not. if not...here are a few of them.

W 1.jpg

Y lion.jpg

follow your path.jpg

if i die before i finish using all this graffiti stuff....i just wonder what hubby will do with it all. there are 10 boxes of it here at the house.....and several more boxes at the Duck.  hahahaha

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