Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our Town... pattern by Judy LaQuidera

This quilt is a pattern from Judy Laquidera and 2 of her friends. It was a yearly project....month by month. There are applique blocks in the middle ... and pieced blocks.  and houses and trees around the outside. sometimes apartment buildings. 

It would have looked much better had i used conventional fabrics....but, by now, you know me..... use up stuff. haha    i had a bunch of Christmas fabrics left still and decided to use them up here. so it is kind of a mess. but it's my mess.

It is 88x100.  I also pieced the backing with remaining Christmas fabrics. 





cat in window.jpg


I had fun trying to put things in the windows and doors of the houses

house 1.jpg

house 2.jpg

house 3.jpg

house 4.jpg

I think the back used up the last of the christmas fabrics...thank goodness


The binding is also Christmas fabrics....what i trimmed off the sides. 

I used a panto on it and Glide thread for the top and a pink Bottom Line for the bobbin. you know...use it up. haha

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