Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brenda's Sampler

I've been in and out of the studio for the last few weeks (between tomato canning sessions) for an hour or so at a time and finally have my friend, Brenda's quilt finished for her. It's a gorgeous sampler in indigo and gold.

The quilting doesn't really show on the front ... the thread matches too well. i did a meander in the backgrounds of the blocks.

A cable in the white border, Xs in the 4 patch border and a panto line in the final border that looks kind of like a fan.

It shows a little better on the back.

And this is what was left at the end. Whew!!  ... made it.

Hopefully canning season will die down in another couple weeks and i can get back to the studio. i have not been out there hardly at all most of this year. but i've been piecing tops .... the cabinet is full of quilting.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

The end

I'm at the end of the Alphabet Squares. i have half of the alphabet together for the front of the quilt. still have to assemble the back half of the alphabet squares for the back of the quilt. during assembly, some of the fusibles are coming undone. this does not make me happy.  i ironed over them again. now i don't know if i should sew around them all before quilting .... i'm thinking i almost have to. i don't want the ones on the bottom of the quilt to come undone and screw up the blocks while i am quilting. would have been easier if i did that block by block. oh, well....i'll cope.

Here are X, Y and Z

X is for ...

X-tinct dinosaur hahahaha
Xs and Os for hugs and kisses

Hambone hurt his leg and needed an X-ray   hahaha

X-ray fish


Y is for ...  yellow background fabric

Yield sign

Yacht ... hahaha  is any kid going to fall for this being a yacht?


Yak practicing Yoga


Yarn on spinning wheel

Z is for .... Zebra striped letter Z

Zzzz sound that bees make
Zap .... when the bee stings you LOL




Zebra on the ZigZag path 

And that concludes the Alphabet Squares .... you won't see these again till they are a quilt top. and it also concludes the #4 project on my August Git 'Er Done Challenge.

On to other things.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Coming to the end .... V ..... W

I'm almost finished with the alphabet blocks. well....finished putting them together. all of the blocks aren't filled with pictures for the letter ..... i'm still on the hunt for some of them. going to a quilt show in October .... might find something new there.

I got my alphabet fabric in the mail today that i ordered. so i started piecing the first half of the top together. once i get the last letters finished, i'll show it to you. but for today ....

V is for ....

Violet background fabric




Vampire bat playing the Violin


Need more Vs.  i think i need to get the dictionary out and find words to look for. hahahaha

I also finished the next letter. the wonderful windfall of Ws

W is for ....

White background fabric.
Who knew there were so many W pictures.

Winnebago hahahaha
Watering can
Walkie talkie
Wooden spoon

Woodchuck ... isn't he the cutest guy?
Wigwam cornmeal ad

Whale in the Wave
Wolf howling

Wagon Wheel
Watermelon in the Wheelbarrow

I'm always surprised at which letters i can find easily. i thought W would be a problem. apparently not. 

Three more letters to go ..... maybe tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A little bit of fusing ..... a little bit of sewing

Only a few more letters to go in the alphabet squares. but some of them are rather the U

U is for ....


sea Urchin

beach Umbrella


And, US mail box

I hope i can find more U pictures. i'm still on the hunt.

In the sewing department ..... I've been working on a quilt for my friend, Brenda. got the blocks done today. have to finish background fill in 2 rows of blocks and 2 borders and then it is finished.  good thing Brenda is patient.

I also got a new pattern from my friend, Mary. it is called Ebony and Ivory.  it is a sampler quilt .... and i am doing it in black and white ..... as the pattern suggests. the blocks are 6" square.

#1 Rising Star

#2 Shooting Star

The contrast on the second one isn't wonderful but i'll keep it that way. those polka dots seem to wind up in the wrong place and make the block look goofy. plus those background pieces are going different directions. i MIGHT have to make this block over .... we'll see.

I have been working on white selvage blocks that i am going to turn into a rug .... with a burlap backing.

And working on RWB strip blocks for QOV for Alycia. and also working on a quilt that i drew out in EQ that i saw somewhere and liked. so, i AM sewing .... just in small bites of time here and there.

I think tomorrow is tomato canning day once again.


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