Monday, December 28, 2009

Fabric ornaments

aren't these the cutest little fabric ornaments for your tree or packages or whatever?  granted, i didn't actually make them in time for Christmas...but, hey, i'm early for next year.  i found these at Katrina's Tutorials....    check her out...they are cute as can be. i used the same fabrics on each size but depending which fabric you use as the middle, you get completly different looks. i like that. what great craft items. and it uses just a bit of fabric so that would use up lots of christmas scraps.

also, do you know about  there are tons of tutorials there. it is possible i am the last person on the planet to find this spot. but i cruised through and printed out 5 or 6 things i want to try.  i liked the personalized magnets and pushpins made with decorative glass gems. you know, they look like flattened out marbles but rounded on one side. i have tons of those.

i also had to print out the cord bracelet. it is made with a side release buckle and some 1/8" cord. couldn't be simpler. great pictures...step by step. plus David shows one made with glow in the dark cord and one with 2 layers of cording. very cool.

and the explosion box is very neat. they used cardstock to make it. remember the old pattern that you fold the paper like a 9 patch and cut into the corners and fold it into a box. it is like that. but they glued photos inside so when you lift off the top and the box 'explodes' you have a collage of pictures. very cute gift idea. i'm wondering if it could be made of fabric. gotta try it.

another of 2010's projects is to better organize by folders of projects/ideas. in the last 6 months, i have just printed out stuff and stuck it on my desk. there is now a huge pile there. i started out with various folders....mystery/BOM; quilts to make; quilting inspiration; things to try. there was even an index and everything in each folder. it will take me days to add my new pile and organize better. i really have to actually put them in the folder next year instead of in a pile. it would be sooooo much easier to find. and i wouldn't have duplicates. what a plan!!

ok, back to that customer quilt on the won't quilt itself.  well, perhaps they do and i just don't know about that, either. anyone out there have quilting fairies or angels that come in and do your work for you? if so, please let me know where to get one....or 2.

thanks for listening to me. talk to ya later

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stash Busting 2010

One of my main objectives for the new year is to use up much of my fabric stash. come on, admit have a bit of a stash, too. right?  i have bought fabric for years with no thought in mind to use it...just that i liked it. who hasn't done that? i've even been known to buy a bolt or the rest of the bolt. so, i have fabric everywhere. thankfully i have a studio in a separate building, so my house is not overrun with fabric. but i have taken over one of the kitchen tables with 2 sewing machines and there is also some fabric in there to use one way or another.

the plan is to bust 100 yards in 2010. when using scraps and strips i will measure the top when it is pieced and use that figure as my yardage. there are 50 weeks in a year, so that is only 2 yards a week....if i can't do that i better give it up.
there is also boxes of scraps...pieces less than a fat quarter. i usually go to these for applique but i want to make some more scrap quilts and use these up. i have boxes of them...sorted by color. the red box is currently at the house because i am working on the Red Delicious quilt that I found on the blog by Esther Aliu.  do you know of her? go visit her blog.  her stuff is yummy.

then there are the boxes of strips...different sizes....all colors. i have already cut out many, many squares of batting....because i can't throw out leftover batting either. and have started some strip blocks. got to dig those out and continue. 

plus there are boxes and boxes with projects in them. perhaps cut out....perhaps started a bit....perhaps just the pattern and the fabric. i have to decide do i still like it enough to finish or does it go to ebay. 

then there are the shelves and shelves of fabric. i have decided to piece all backs this year. hopefully the fabric will match the front...if not...well, you only see one side at a time, right?

we won't even talk about the 22 tops in the cupboard...some of them years old that need to be finished. i have lots of the package and by the bolt. ready to get started. just need to finish the customer quilt on my frame and 1 more then it is all about me.

as if that wasn't enough...i save selvages and make many things with them. i've made jackets, vest, placemats, potholders, quilts and more. i have boxes of these, sorted by color.         

if i can keep the momentum and not make too many new things. but there are new ideas i want to try. and how about fabric dyeing....i love that, too. i have a whole new bolt of PFD fabric to use. and if  when we get some snow there will be snow dyeing. i tried that last year and want to give it another attempt.

plus, i want to try some tie dying and shibori dyeing.....thanks Vicki W for all the great photos on your inspire me to try. Vicki's blog is    go check her out she does some awesome dyeing and has an Etsy shop so you can have some, too. 

i may not sleep in 2010

I figured it out !!!

i guess i still have a few techie brain cells left. LOL

i figured out how to download a CD into the iTunes library and then get all the tunes onto my shuffle. i now have 38 songs. ... christmas, country and broadway; my fair lady.

yea me

it took over an hour to download the cd and then just a few minutes to get it to the shuffle. now whenever i come to the studio i can download another cd and eventually fill up my shuffle.

also, by reading the instructions i figured out i was putting the ear pieces in wrong...probably why they kept falling out.

perhaps there is hope for me yet.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Welcome!

Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Welcome to my blog. I've been meaning to do this for a while and figured no better time than the present. Here you will read my thoughts...good or bad....on life, crafts or whatever. whatever is on my mind for the day...or hour. as i figure this blogging business out i will be able to add photos and such. i hope you add comments if you so desire. and i will add a list of my favorite bloggers who i faithfully that stalking? LOL 

Also my sister has a blog that i hope you visit.     She is journaling her (and my) attempts to modernize a huge old house she bought and still keep it in the Victorian era. I go up and help her when i get a far we have tore out miles of carpet and pad; tore down acres of wallpaper; ripped up tons of paneling and tile. for my help i get food....i work cheap. LOL    we try to go to different places to eat that we haven't been to yet. and i have gotten cabinets and shelves that she has ripped out and was going to throw away. we actually filled a huge dumpster with our destruction work. the roofer brought it in and said we could put whatever we wanted in there.....LOL .... it was overloaded when it left.

Everyone usually does new resolutions for the coming year....this blog is one of mine. I hope to update it daily but we will see how that goes. perhaps every few days is a better resolution. haha   I also for the upteenth time are trying to get healthier and lose some weight....i keep losing it but it keeps finding me again. perhaps i need to move as soon as i lose it and it won't find me...think so? 

i belong to the best quilting website on the planet....Machine Quilters Resource.  Known as MQR....come over and visit and perhaps think of joining us.   It is owned by Suzanne Earley, longarm quilter and she has a staff of friendly, helpful people who make it all the more enjoyable. There are many members....i think like about 1200. There are a core of about 50 members that you will see over and over. I guess we are the yakkers...haha. 

We have a 50/50 club...lose 50 pounds in 50 weeks. I joined up again this year....last year was a bust for me. siggghhhh!!!    but if nothing else...i am determined.   and we share photos of our work and encouragement and jokes and lots of other things. come check us out. you won't believe all the info out there...whether you quilt on a longarm, midarm or your domestic machines. there are tons of pictures. and if you are a member (very reasonable yearly fee) get discounts for online classes and such. it is such a wonderful place to visit.....i should know....i am there several times a day.  this might be why i don't get my quilting done very fast....breaks are good...yes?

Ah...Christmas...was your Santa good to you this year....or should I say were YOU good so Santa could visit. LOL   my Santa gave me toe socks....i really like these. i got 5 pair....different colors with snowmen, penguins and a reindeer.  too cute and warm for my tootsies.  i only said about 40 times that i needed new socks so the 'hints' worked out well this year.

i also received an ipod shuffle with docking station. i find that i actually like i have people singing to me in my head. so far i have Christmas tunes and some country tunes. will have to go and download more music so i have a larger selection. when i opened the box i had to say "what is it?"  Jim just laughed at me. it is so incredibly 1/2" by 1 1/2" and about 1/4" fat. but it has a little clip so i can clip it on my sleeve, insert the little ear buds and go singing through the house. probably will drive the dogs nuts. hahahaha

ok, enough babbling for now. come back and visit anytime and say hello. glad you stopped by.

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