Monday, May 25, 2015

Office wall graffiti at the Duck

I am going to hang some game boards on my office walls at the Duck.  so, in my graffiti searches i have come across a few and glued them up.

This weekend i did...

Scrabble .... my personal favorite. i managed to use all the letters. when i play, my personal goal is to use all the triple word spaces. i have used 6 of the 8 several times but can never get all 8. opponents just don't cooperate...LOL

A game called UpWords. i have no idea how to play it....kind of a scrabble thing. i just put as many words as i could using the most spaces. i had a few letters left over for something else.

And a chess board. i don't know how to play just set the board up as the instructions showed at the beginning of the game.

And i hung up a few more signs in the dining room.  the eggs sign says 'fresh from the nest to you'.

And this metal sunflower got hung up with the rooster and other sunflowers on the opposite wall.

It was quite a fun weekend. going back in 3 weeks for a book sale in Greenville and more graffiti fun.

Final piece on the graffiti door at the Duck and moving on to the next wall

I spent a couple days at the Duck and installed the final piece of graffiti art around the front door.

last piece.jpg

here are some close ups...purple, brown, black

purple right.jpg

brown right.jpg

black right.jpg

My next section i want to do is the wall to the left of the door. this side will have a tree with a branch that holds a swing....with a little boy on it. the good thing about hanging graffiti art is that you don't have to finish the wall or paint it....just glue stuff over it. haha    and i can draw on the wall and it doesn't matter.

wall right tree.jpg

Here is my initial drawing .... painted.  i realize i need to move the worn swing path over a bit to be under his feet. no problem.  my other concern is the horizon line.....jean do i make that look more realistic.....i'm thinking it is in the wrong place....should it be up higher?  i intend to put some flowers and things in the grass at the bottom. 

drawing on luan.jpg

I cut the luan into 4 sections so they wouldn't be too heavy to hang up there once i got them all glued up.  i did some gluing on the boy at the Duck so i wouldn't have to just bring home small bits of colors for him.

boy done.jpg

I love the 'toe' beads and the fish on the legs. haha  boys are all about fishing


I had this little leather 'arm' that i had to use....wish i had another. my sister says it is creepy. haha

boy arm.jpg

His shirt needed a super hero....whoever he is

boy shirt.jpg

And now i am thinking the shorts should have been a different color....perhaps orange. since there will be a lot of blue and green here.

boy shorts.jpg

hubby says i don't seem to be working on the house.....just playing with graffiti.  and he would be correct. hahahahahaha

And i did glue up some game boards for my office walls and added some signs to the dining room can check that out on my blog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


This bright lovely belongs to my friend, Carole.  these colors are pretty much out of the box for her. she likes she got lots and lots of all of the red, white, and blue fabrics. 

It is 60 x 72"


The middle got crossings....from corner to corner and in between. that was not what i had in mind....but it is what happened. haha

middle crossed.jpg

Middle red feathers were kind of large .... i put veins in them.

red middle vein.jpg

Blue feathers got curls. yellow parts got blocks got Xs.

blue curl.jpg

White got the molar feathers

white molar feathers.jpg

Red corners got traditional feathers

red corner traditional.jpg

At first i was going to do a swag in the border but didn't think it would i went loosely around all the flowers and then did pebbles on one side and lines on the other side.  and i just had to go around that little blue edge....both sides. 

border 2.jpg

Here is the back....another out of the box for Carole. she doesn't piece backs.


But some of the quilting shows in the plain blocks.

back close 1.jpg

back close 2.jpg

Glide thread in a goldenrod color for the top and a tan So Fine for the bottom.

Gonna deliver it on Thursday, on my way to the Duck. This got loaded the day before i got it has taken 6 weeks to get it done. i hope she thinks the wait was worth it.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

USA map quilt....through Louisiana

Well, the easy part might be finished now....haha

west central.jpg

I keep ever will i get all these straightened out and positioned correctly.  my, my

Graffiti Art .... Word Search

Here is another little goodie that i made for the Duck.  it is a word search game that i am going to hang in my office.  i thought of making a scrabble fact, that is where this started....but that seemed too ordinary. haha    so, i mixed game pieces from 2 separate games and set it up like a scrabble board and then put in other letters to 'confuse it up' a bit. 

How many words can you find?  they go vertically and horizontally.  any at an angle are just a happy accident.


You know i had to get my name in there.....and quilting


I also have a Chinese Checker metal board with a game in progress that i glued up. it will hang in the office also.  am trying to think up more games to hang....might still make a scrabble board if i find more scrabble tiles.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I started the map quilt...... i don't have enough UFOs    hahahaha

So far.... the West has been won

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rick Rack

In the last few weeks there has been no quilting going on here due to being under the weather.

But, i have done some piecing here and there....when not napping. haha

I got to thinking that while downsizing fabrics and thread and such....what about all those other rick rack?

So, i decided to use up some rick rack. cut out 8" blocks for the colors of rick rack that i had....sewed 3 lines for each block....and put them all together. here is what i got.


Some rick rack was wide...some narrow

close 1.jpg

I used up all the colored rick rack that i had....just have white, black, gold and silver left.

close 2.jpg

While trying to press this top....and having a time with the rick rack points.....i though perhaps i should have sewed down each one on the sides rather than the middle. it will make for some interesting quilting when i get to it. this might be a one handed quilting job to hold it all down flat....or maybe not. haha

close 3.jpg

Perhaps this came about because i was delusional in my that the word i want?  i seem to have lost some brain cells.

now what do i do with all that seam binding? any ideas?

Crumb Quilt II

Over the last year or so....i've been making crumb blocks. i finally got 500 of them made....and put them all together.   another little project that is do-able while ill....not much thinking required.


The blocks are 5"

close 1.jpg

This is the second....and of these i will make. i'm over it now....well, almost. i am making one with blocks that have all the same colors in, yellow, blue, etc.  THAT will be the last crumb quilt. look for it next year. haha

close 2.jpg

I had some little embroidery pieces that i threw you see the snowman?


There's a wreath


And a candy cane

candy cane.jpg

Even a selvage block


I hope this fits on my machine. it's about 110 x 135"...hahahahaha     my rack isn't even tall enough to hold it all.  

I may have to join a 12 step program to throw away those little bits and not keep saving them and making these. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Other work at the Duck

As i made trips to the Duck in the winter....i just dropped off things that i had found at yard sales and thrift shops. this trip i finally got everything hung up.

The veggie wall is coming right along. this is the main section

And here it is traveling to the left....over the doorway

These are the new things that were added....the 6 little seed packets around the bigger signs



Market sign




Lettuce, radishes, beans

I added 4 new stars to the star wall.....the 3 at the top....and the gold on the right

My sister and i were checking out an antique store and i found the cutest little veggie people. some of them were minus an arm or a leg. at first i only got the good ones......then i looked at them again and could not leave the 'handicapped' veggie people behind....haha...... so i bought them all.

They are the cutest things i have ever seen.

I got a 1x4 board and painted it and attached it above the doorway and glued the veggie people up there. they just make me smile.

I also put down some baseboard on the next graffiti wall in the entryway. i wanted to get it down first so i didn't miscalculate the graffiti pieces and it not fit later. and i painted it black.... just because i could.

I brought the next section of graffiti home with me to glue up stuff on the purple, brown and black section. then that section around the door will be finished and i can start on the wall.

Who knows when the rest of the house will be a furnace or plumbing or such. hahahaha   graffiti is much more fun.

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