Monday, May 25, 2015

Office wall graffiti at the Duck

I am going to hang some game boards on my office walls at the Duck.  so, in my graffiti searches i have come across a few and glued them up.

This weekend i did...

Scrabble .... my personal favorite. i managed to use all the letters. when i play, my personal goal is to use all the triple word spaces. i have used 6 of the 8 several times but can never get all 8. opponents just don't cooperate...LOL

A game called UpWords. i have no idea how to play it....kind of a scrabble thing. i just put as many words as i could using the most spaces. i had a few letters left over for something else.

And a chess board. i don't know how to play just set the board up as the instructions showed at the beginning of the game.

And i hung up a few more signs in the dining room.  the eggs sign says 'fresh from the nest to you'.

And this metal sunflower got hung up with the rooster and other sunflowers on the opposite wall.

It was quite a fun weekend. going back in 3 weeks for a book sale in Greenville and more graffiti fun.

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