Thursday, June 4, 2015


The name of this pattern is Antebellum...but my sister calls it the slave quilt. she has been pestering me since i made it....November 3, give it to her. she says it would look wonderful hanging on the dining room wall at the beast. i told her she could only have it if she bought an actual quilt rod to hang it on. she is known for nailing her quilts to the wall....or hot gluing them.  sigh!!

So, it got quilted today. i keep telling myself that i should keep it...but i guess i'll give it to her. after all, it's only fabric and thread.


It is 68 x 70"

block 1.jpg

I used the baptist fan boards from Quiltazoid to quilt it.

block 2.jpg

Glide Tan thread for the top .... Bottom Line white for the bobbin

block 3.jpg

The applique is wool felt....appliqued by hand

block 4.jpg

block 5.jpg

block 6.jpg

block 7.jpg

block 8.jpg

block 9.jpg

Back is a muslin


At least now she can quit whining to me about it. haha   i go down to the Duck next week Thursday, so she'll get it then.

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