Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ring of Posies

This was a quilt from my friend, Carole.  she wanted the red stars to be in a circle....and put feathers in the middle. I hope i  matched the vision that she had in her was a job.


I tried to take some pics at an angle so the stitching would show.


This is only 57" square...i would have sworn it was at least 80. haha


Middle is all feathers


I put feathers in one circle and triangles (New York Beauty style) in parts of another circle.


I think the corners are my favorite....maybe because they are small. haha


I gave some thought to feathers on the borders....but went with swags instead.

The back is a Christmas fabric....with glittery stuff....i'm glad i didn't have a problem with that...i was a bit worried. 


Thread was Glide Cork for top...So Fine Gold for the bobbin.
This one took a while....but i only worked on it a few hours at a time....had to come up with how to do it.

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