Thursday, July 2, 2015

Porch Graffiti at the Duck

Just back from a few days at the Duck. it's nice to just go and play instead of work. LOL

I got the top tree piece installed where the boy is swinging. and got the brick column in the corner painted brown to match the tree.

boy on swing.jpg

Here are a few close ups of that piece.

top of tree.jpg

top of tree left.jpg

top of tree close 2.jpg

tree branch.jpg

Then i installed a couple of pieces on the same wall....opposite end.

My rainbow. i scored thousands of Light Bright bulbs....remember that game? i used those to outline the colors of the rainbow.  it's a bit hard to see with the light coming through those windows.

rainbow left wall corner top.jpg

here are a few close ups

rainbow close 1.jpg

rainbow close 2.jpg

rainbow close 3.jpg

rainbow close 4.jpg

I did bring home the next piece of sky....that goes above the windows.. between the rainbow and the boy's tree.

Then i moved on to the office space.....I'll share that in another post.

My sister came to check it out and are never going to sell this house. there isn't anyone else out there crazy enough to do this.  hahaha

I took that as a compliment. 


Vicki W said...

You may not be able to sell,it but yo can rent it on Airbnb all day long! People would love to stay there.

Jim Bruner said...

I believe Vicki and Cynthia hit the nail on the head

Jim Bruner said...

HEY if my wife is Happy, I am Happy !!!

Jim Bruner said...

Just thankful we have the farm out in the country where " I " live ! LOL !

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