Monday, July 20, 2015

More Office Graffiti at the Duck

I spent a couple of ..... hot ..... days at the Duck. and hung more awesome stuff on the walls of the office.

I found a set of dominoes in an arc shape. I glued them to a piece of canvas that was framed after i painted it green. and...this is the green that i painted the other 2 walls and ceiling of the office.

And i had a piece of foam background that i had used the alphabet letters for other graffiti. i couldn't bring myself to throw it away and finally came up with the idea to fill the spaces with different beads...after gluing the foam to a piece of framed canvas also.

Here are some of the things that i did.

I had all the alphabet letters except F....who knows what happened with i substituted a little foam F...hardly noticeable....right?  haha

I got a bunch of large letters at a yard sale. i could not figure out what they had spelled out with them....but i got an important word in my life.

And scored a lot of old wooden blocks from an auction last week. i still have more of these for another section.

The dominoes sign was the top of a box that those dominoes came in.

Here are more of the large letters that i got. i still have an F and a Y.....they will just fill in a space somewhere else. and i have more of those little flags to hang up....they were key chains. they kept falling off the wall for some reason and didn't want to stick so i gave up on those for the time being. but i have enough of them to go all the way to the ceiling...about 62" all together.

And what a score these little letter squares were. when do you ever see both the upper and lower case letters these days. do they still teach that? i have the whole alphabet here and still have lots of letters left.

I worked all day on gluing stuff fingers were really sore from that caulk gun. so, i took the time to hang a few things on the other walls....that i had painted an olive green.

My favorite piece....a jigsaw puzzle that i put together some time ago. i traced the shape on a piece of plywood and had hubby cut it out for me. glued it down and there we go.

I love this map

A find in an antique store....4 canvas 'stamps'.  they are about 10x12 inches. pretty cool

And another framed says Aunt Bea's Antiques.  i seem to have a lot of framed canvas prints.

My picture taking is pretty shaky here...but you can tell who this feisty lady is. it's a metal sign commemorating when she became a stamp... found at an auction.

Another auction find....a metal sign.  reminds me of the recruitment posters....we want you. haha

That was my day on Sunday....i put in 11 hours gluing and hanging things up.  all fun

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