Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What I DIDN'T do .... at the Duck

Well, i spent a few days at the Duck....i worked hard for 3 days....but i don't have much proof.  like my friend Richie says....if there is no didn't happen. haha  But, by the third day, i was so hot...and tired...and hot...that i sat for a minute to take a break and just that fast decided...i am done here. haha   packed up and left.  got home and realized...there were not pics of things.

What i DID....but don't have a pic of:

.. painted 2 walls of my  i am getting ready to hang game boards there.

..glued up a few more game boards to hang...checkers...UpWords...and Keesdrow..(which is word seek backwards)..  i had never heard of UpWords or Keesdrow. 

..Glued more blocks around my front door...they are about a foot taller now on each side. next trip should finish that project.

...Plus my sis came over and finished the tape and bed in the closet/dressing room.  yeah!!

But there are things that i DO have pics of. i have 3 sections of the graffiti wall up that has the boy on the swing.

boy on swing.jpg

Here is the top....but there is another part that goes above this...of the tree

boy top.jpg

The middle 

boy middle.jpg

The bottom

boy bottom.jpg

He has his dog with him


And his red bike...ready to ride

red bike.jpg

There is a hot air balloon in the sky

hot air balloon.jpg

You know boys have toys all over the yard...he has his truck, his pet snake, and his Indians and soldiers close by...ready to play

truck pet snake soldiers and indians.jpg

His pet rooster is up in the tree...watching him swing

rooster in tree    fuzzy.jpg

I added some white to the blue sky in places....for clouds

sky with white.jpg

The next section that i will start...on the other side of the a rainbow. i have it drawn out and painted. brought it home to glue it up


this piece is a continuation of the rainbow....above the windows

continuation of rainbow.jpg

And i did find a few more signs to hang on the dining room wall







That's all i got....for now. haha

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Vicki W said...

The mosaic is looking fantastic!

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