Sunday, May 10, 2015

Crumb Quilt II

Over the last year or so....i've been making crumb blocks. i finally got 500 of them made....and put them all together.   another little project that is do-able while ill....not much thinking required.


The blocks are 5"

close 1.jpg

This is the second....and of these i will make. i'm over it now....well, almost. i am making one with blocks that have all the same colors in, yellow, blue, etc.  THAT will be the last crumb quilt. look for it next year. haha

close 2.jpg

I had some little embroidery pieces that i threw you see the snowman?


There's a wreath


And a candy cane

candy cane.jpg

Even a selvage block


I hope this fits on my machine. it's about 110 x 135"...hahahahaha     my rack isn't even tall enough to hold it all.  

I may have to join a 12 step program to throw away those little bits and not keep saving them and making these. 

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