Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Good Duck weather

The weather was so cooperative the last few days.....cool and breezy. i had all the windows open at the Duck and the ceiling fans going. hardly broke a sweat.

i hung up the last piece of graffiti in the entryway. i almost miss all that...now that it is finished out there.

last piece on wall.jpg

all bottom.jpg

And i climbed up and down that scaffolding at least a dozen times and got more added to the walls in the office. i even took the scaffolding partly apart and scooted it around the other direction so i could get to the other wall. that broke a sweat. haha

I got everything around that game in the middle...letters, numbers, dominoes and poker chips. and all those little dice.  see where i got my initials and "duck" in the dice?  see the bowling dice? haha

close 1.jpg

The black pieces around the Chinese Checkers board are keys from a computer keyboard. and the black at the left are triangular pieces from a game.....i think..PoKeNo ??  something like that. and there are white dominoes above those pieces...and little tiny colored letters between.

close 2.jpg

And around the backgammon board i got some letters...large and small and some childs dominoes and some odds and ends

close 3.jpg

Only 3 more spaces to fill and those walls will be finished. 

And i hung up the pieces that i finished for the dressing room wall...at the top. the pieces are 12" wide and 14" high. it will be the 'trim' at the top of the walls. i'm about half done....need 20 more pieces to finish.

close 1.jpg

Each wall will have one piece that is a bit wider since the room was not exact in measurements

close 2.jpg

Some are cute and some are kind of goofy

close 3.jpg

But it adds interest

close 4.jpg

Who else has a dressing room/closet with graffiti on the walls?

close 5.jpg

close 8.jpg

I'm thinking my next big job will be to sand the floors in the dressing room so i can install the cabinets. not looking forward to that too much. want to find someone to do it for me. i think that job will suck. haha

Now...what else can i graffiti?   hahahaha

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Vicki W said...

The mosaics all look great! I agree with you about sanding the floor. Some job are meant to be hired out.

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