Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My first quilt retreat

OMG.....i just got home yesterday. i have had so much fun since last Thursday at my first quilting retreat. it is called (Not) Just Quilting!    and is held in Conway, MO at the Beth-Eden Bible Camp. 

From sleeping in bunk beds in the bunkhouse to sewing for hours in the sewing room to the chair massage in the chapel....it was all good. we had a chef that fed us at 8am, 1pm and 6pm.  everything was fabulous...dessert at every meal. haha   i am so surprised that i came home weighing the same as i did when i left. 

I took some black and pink selvages and did this

black pink selvages.jpg

then when i trimmed the blocks, i made quite a few crumb blocks from the black and pink pieces.... over 20

I took a selvage jacket that i had made....and showed it with the selvage quilt....and sold the jacket to a lady. LOL

i won the jelly roll race with this.....and won a bottle of spray starch....my favorite kind.

jelly roll race.jpg

i got an attendance present...it was in a little bag with candy, hand sanitizer, nail file, wool pattern, and a couple other things.

attendance present.jpg

attendance present close.jpg

I did some dumpster diving in the trash bags.....3 or 4 times a day....picking out the selvages and the bits and pieces that were being thrown away.  after a couple days of this....the ladies were BRINGING me their throw aways. hahahahaha  i made these blocks from their throw aways....they couldn't believe it.  i made 54 blocks

54 crumb blocks.jpg

And i still brought home a whole pile of my dumpster diving pieces.

dumpster diving.jpg

And i took some blue and white strips and made these blocks...43 of them

43 blue and white.jpg

I got an orange tshirt....with this on the front of it.


I signed up for the ugly fabric challenge, too. you were to bring a yard of ugly fabric. they were all wrapped up and everyone traded....there were about 12 people. i had already gone back to the bunk house by the time they decided to do this....so i got what was left. i don't think it is that ugly and am thinking it might make some stars...or something. i have to make something and take it back next year for show and tell at the next ugly fabric challenge.

ugly fabric challenge.jpg

We played bingo, too.  a regular game cost you a FQ...a blackout game cost you a half yard.  i won a regular game....but someone else won, too. so we had to split. i got these FQs.

bingo win.jpg

The fun just kept going. i won a door prize. it was this little blessings basket. in it were 6 pieces of felted suede. rich colors of purple, orange, red, brown, green and beige.  sorry, i missed a pic of them. these baskets are made in undeveloped countries to help them earn money. the person who made it has their name inside the basket. very cool.

door prize.jpg

There were 8 of us who knew each other that went. she takes 50 people each year. this year i was one of 5 new people. you have to sign up early and get your deposit in to make sure you get a spot. most of the women there had been coming for 5 or 6 years....since the retreat started. 

Everyone was so sweet and helpful. the chef was just amazing.....tea and coffee and water and lemonade available all day. great menus and fruit  at each meal. there was a guy there to help you unload your goodies when you got there and he helped you load back up when you left.

I don't think i could have asked for anything better. the only aggravation was most of the ladies were older than i was, so they would come into the bunkhouse and go to sleep about 9 or 9:30.....and turn the lights off!   i was working a crossword puzzle or reading by flashlight. haha   next year i am taking a better light to read by.

We took a walk down to the river.....a lady had a service dog there that she was training.....there was show and tell all day long.....little classes to learn new techniques or how to make a bag or a table runner or such. just a wonderful time.  we were out in the boondocks....40 miles to a town with a quilt shop or a walmart. but i never left the property till i came home. oh, and there were chickens.....and a turkey that got too close for my liking and i kept an eye on him. and a cat...and a dog. it was a working farm. and little kids came in for meals....slamming doors and hollering....haha

It was all great

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