Friday, September 11, 2015

Cole Camp

My friend, Mary, designs quilts and sells the patterns. she is working in a series of Civil War quilts now. this one is called Cole Camp. she has several that are named after the different battles. i get to quilt them all for her. 

Here is the front....where basically not much quilting shows unless you are on top of it.


She chose thread to match the cream background...i used Glide cream and it matches perfectly. but seems a bit bold on the black and i used my darkest gray in the center star, and the small black border and the last border.  i feel better about that. crosshatching around the star. SID around all the blocks....a couple of echo lines around the blocks ...feathers in the small black border.


I did some frogging on the border...trying to decide what to do. the fabric was so busy. but Mary wanted feathers, so i put feathers inside ovals...with some squiggles....she always puts squiggles in her embroidery designs


close 1.jpg

The back is where the quilting shows because she used a muslin for the back.


I am always tempted to use the back of the quilt as the front...and sometimes do.

back center.jpg

She liked all is well.

back border.jpg

back corner.jpg

A have a couple more of hers to do better get on it.

Glide Cream and So Fine gray for the white Bottom Line for the bobbin.

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