Saturday, September 26, 2015

Glory Garden

My goodness!!! .... this was fun.  i finished piecing on November 4, 2013...and, now, almost 2 years is finished. Sorry, I don't remember where i got the pattern.

It is hand applique with wool felt. a lot of this was done at the Duck, in the evenings. ...  i need to get back to hand work instead of computer games in the evening. LOL


I like this because it is all different and it doesn't get boring doing it.

close 1.jpg

Quilting is fun, too, when it is not all the same.

close 2.jpg

There are little lady bugs and bees added.

close 3.jpg

Took me a couple of blocks to figure out how to stitch all across the row

close 4.jpg

And buttons added between the flower names

close 5.jpg

I just did lots of stuff in the borders...graffiti style

close 6.jpg

I enjoyed using the graphic fabrics for these blocks.

close 7.jpg

close 8.jpg

close 9.jpg

close 10.jpg

I used the same fabric for the binding as the background for the words.

close 11.jpg

Back is a muslin....i always like the back.


It is 63x86.

back close.jpg

Top thread is the Glide gold; bobbin is a Bottom Line Tan


It is going to live with my sister. 

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