Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trying new table runner patterns.

While at the retreat last week, someone was demonstrating table runners. .... with a 60 degree ruler.  i have a 60 degree ruler, but mine was smaller. and i didn't have the proper fabric with fancy borders to do it right....but i scrounged through the stash and came up with these.

First i did this flower runner....nothing too exciting.

Then i had some cat fabric and tried that...kind of cute....but still not "IT".  not sure if i like the middle.

But i think i will play with this some more....when i find more fabric. and ask Brenda about the pattern.

and perhaps get a larger ruler.

So, basically, this is all wrong.  hahahahahahahahaha

The ones being made had the middle pieces sort of swirled around to match up with the center lines.  got to think on this.

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