Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Patchwork Bunny

This little bunny was pieced some time ago. those are all 2" squares. There are 12 or 15 different animals spanning about 2 years worth of issues. i have all the patterns and have made another one...a dog...  that is around here somewhere ... it still needs borders i believe. The other animals are penguin, fox, lion, cat, owl, giraffe, monkey, toucan, deer, elephant, raccoon, koala, duck, lion and lamb, frog, flamingo, turtle and dog.
The pattern came from March/April 2012 Quiltmaker magazine. pardon the pencil marks...it is how i keep track as i piece it.

It is 37x47"
Pattern is Dazzle by Lorien Quilting
Back was something in the stash...binding is same as backing.
Top thread was a Glide tan and bottom was a Bottom Line brown.
These are cute and fun to make and i hope someday to finish the other animals. 

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