Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Slow and Steady

This was an online quilt along with Paula Strong....i believe last year, since i finished piecing it on December 26, 2016.   It sat in the to-be-quilted cabinet for several months. Then, Diana Wilson showed a pieced border...i think on Facebook.....and i kept her idea and incorporated it into this top on April 13, seemed the right one.

And now it was time to finish quilting it. It is 80x92"


This is Diana's border idea that i stole from her. haha


I don't remember how long this quilt along lasted...whether the rows were monthly, weekly, or hourly... but it was loads of fun.

Cathedral window

cathedral window.jpg

Scrappy Square

scrappy square.jpg

Had to have a spider

scrappy spider.jpg

Wings of Eagles

wings of eagles.jpg

Flying Geese

flying geese.jpg

Spinning Star

spinning star.jpg

Courthouse Steps

courthouse steps.jpg

Seminole Piecing

seminole piecing.jpg



The back is a muslin


And a couple close ups



Thread was Glide Cork for the top and Bottom Line Oatmeal for the bobbin.


It was on the frame a few weeks, but i was dithering about what to quilt in some places....and sometimes life things got in the way of quilting. don't you just hate when that happens? haha

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