Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Baby Boy Alphabet blocks with mylar

When I went to the last quilt show in Paducah a couple of months ago, there was a new-to-me embroidery vendor there. They were Purely Gates ... they are in Texas and formerly only did the Texas shows.  I am so glad they came to Paducah.  I fell in love with their embroidery.....they shine and sparkle. there is mylar embedded in the thread steps. and i am told you can put the quilt in the washer and dryer and it will survive just fine....and keep on shining.  he said the mylar is the same thing that you see at Walmart in their card and paper wrapping department... the stuff you put in the top of a gift bag....or in an Easter basket. 

Here is the CD

CD front.jpg

CD back.jpg

I did these for my sister, who is going to make a quilt for a friend. I did all the letters plus the extra designs, too. 



Normally, the mylar sheet is laid down once you embroider the letter, they it gets embroidered again with a second color, they you pull away the mylar. it's magic



I just love all the little things that are on the letters....the little babies are just adorable.



I marked the fabric with pencil, so i could put all the designs on one piece of fabric and save on fabric waste. she will cut them apart and make her blocks. Each design is less than 4".


And there are cars and trucks and trains and a giraffe and a horse



You get a sheet of mylar with each CD that you purchase. i had a good chunk of mylar left over from making all these designs. very cool


I hope you can see how they shine and sparkle.


There is a different CD for the girl letters....with different designs.

I got about 6 different CDs, so you will be seeing more of designs.  there are some boots that are awesome. 

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