Saturday, July 1, 2017

June UFO Challenge

I sure didn't think i could finish my June UFO....some embroidery blocks called Shop machine was in the shop half of the month.....then I finished some embroidery for my sister first. but, i pushed forward and yesterday not only got the blocks finished, but put the top together, too. My goal was just to embroider all the blocks, so the top is a bonus. haha

I call it Shop Hop Fantasy.

What if....on your next Shop didn't have to travel to different towns.....all the shops were in one town.....all in the town square. every kind of shop you might want....fabric, scissors, yarn, needles, notions, embroidery....and then places to sit and rest....a bench in the park.....a newspaper stand.....a cafe for a snack....a coffee stop....a cute fountain....all in one place.

The embroidery shoppe might be my favorite. haha

I found some crazy quilt fabric in the stash....from my friend, Sharon....that i used for the sashing.

Love the large pot outside the shop with yarn and knitting needles....and the little cafe.

Check out the pincushion shop....and the news stand....and the coffee stop

There is a scissors shop

I absolutely love the sewing machine shop

And how about the thimble shop....and the spool shop.

And the border fabric also came from my friend, Sharon. She moved and I inherited a whole LOT of her fabric that she didn't want to move 800 miles away.

These were sooooo much fun to decide which graphic fabric i wanted to use for the buildings. they are all applique. it won't get quilted for a while.....but it will be fun when i get to it.

The other things I accomplished this month are...

I quilted Slow & Steady; Jacob's Ladder, and Twilight.

I also embroidered a baby boy alphabet set for my sister.

I pieced Anita's is now waiting for embroidery in the baskets.

I am almost finished with a Square in a Square in a Square king size....with about 2500  2 1/2" on the final border row. no picture of it yet.

I got 12 Canada Women blocks are the 3 from last week.  we get 3 every Tuesday. they are all red and white...with black sashing

I appliqued the Buttermilk Basin block for June

And pieced the Ricky Tims Legacy block for June. this month was a crazy patch block

I always think i can get more done than i actually do, but along with mowing and gardening, i guess i didn't do too badly.  summers are always harder than colder months.


Laura said...

Absolutely love the Shop Hop Fantasy! So much to look at, and so many wonderful shops! Congrats on accomplishment!

Kare Ybarra said...

Oh my, your finishes are so impressive! Wow!

Vireya said...

Your Shop Hop quilt is amazing!

Sharon Massena said...

YOU DID ALL THAT IN ONE MONTH!!!!!! You are an incredible lady. And your projects are beautiful.

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