Sunday, July 9, 2017

Passion Pink Trolley Cart

When I stopped at my son's this morning, on my way back home, he showed me this cart that he retrieved from the side of the road. he took it all apart and brought it back to life. I really, really liked it, so i had to buy it from him before he could sell it to someone else at the flea market.  i spent my birthday bingo winnings on this. haha

He says the paint color is passion pink.


There is a clear coat over the paint


He says it is from the 50s


There are clear plastic wheels with glitter in them. haha

plastic wheels with glitter.jpg

I am going to keep it at the studio.

He is working on another one. .... that will be retro pool blue. and there is a piece that folds up to make the top tray larger. can't wait to see it.

And he showed me the most awesome light....made from metal parts, and horseshoes, and Texas stars, mounted on a board. it is rather heavy. can be mounted on a wall. I told him to send me some pics of it so i could show you all.....someone might want to buy it.

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