Sunday, July 23, 2017

Which Way is Up?

I HAVE to show you this one. In going through magazines to see if there is anything there I want to make....i came across this pattern

In this magazine
It looked cool, so I thought I would give it a try.  hahahaha
There are 2 1/2 pages of cutting these.
Starting with....number 35 envelopes....and make swatches of fabric cut....
Pages of how to piece each block...sometimes with the pieces drawn wrong...sometimes with the pieces numbered wrong...they need better editors. 
But, I figured it all out. and this is what my version looks like.
They had a 6" border, but i only had enough fabric for 4". If you get through all this...and don't pull your hair out....or go me, you don't have Altzeimhers. your brain is working just fine.
I really like it and am thinking of making another in different colors. there are only 35 blocks and it goes together quickly. you just have to watch how they go...check the pic in the mag.
By the many arrows do you see?  hint:  there are more than 10     take a guess. haha

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