Friday, June 23, 2017


I love making these little 4 patch posey blocks....i think this was the perfect fabric for that. i pieced all the blocks in 5 days.....back in March, 2015. It's been sitting and waiting for me.

It finally came out of the closet....the to-be-quilted closet. haha    it is 45x63"


I used several different colors for the quilting....but not sure how well that shows in the photos

front close 1.jpg

front close 2.jpg

If you squint you can see the star...quilted in red...but still hard to see on purple. 

front close star.jpg

But you can see the quilting on the back. I was going for a fireworks display.


All quilting was done with the Quiltzoid boards

back close 1.jpg

I used several designs

back close 2.jpg

back close 3.jpg

This is the true color of the back....a blue and green stripe....and it is flannel.

back true color.jpg

I used several threads. for the top, Glide in key lime, bright red (for the star only), jade, turquoise, colbalt, and orchid. i changed colors frequently. The thread for the bobbin is a variegated red, white and blue. 


I quilted the stars in red but it didn't stand out as much as i thought it would. i guess red on purple is not distinctive. sigh!

4 stars.jpg

There are several ovals

10 ovals.jpg

Lots of circles

11 circles.jpg

Wavy lines coming out of the star....and a couple other places

12 wavy lines.jpg

And the squished square several times, too.

24 squished square.jpg

Some designs are quilted over other designs....some places there is no quilting between designs. 

This was a fun experiment. While I was trying to figure out how to quilt it differently, the idea popped into my head one morning when i woke up. And since i wanted it to look like fireworks, i used a variegated red, white and blue thread in the bobbin.

So, it's full name is Twilight....on the Fourth of July. hahaha


Vicki W said...

Fun quilt and fun quilting!

barbara woods said...

love your rulers and your quilt looks great

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