Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Greens

Another one out of the TBQ cabinet. i call it Spring Greens because it looks like all the greens that are popping out now on the trees, bushes and flowers. 

It was pieced August 13, i didn't wait too long for quilting. 

It is 50 x 66".  i keep quilting up the smaller the end of the year all i'll have is the giant quilts left to do and be all depressed. haha


It is quite simple to make....rows of single blocks......background strips between each row.


Rows of 4 patches

4 patches.jpg

Row of 9 patches

9 patches.jpg

Back is part of a wide back that i had left from something else.  binding is leftover parts of different greens that i had.


Thread was a wild veriagated neon lime green and dark forest green. don't know the brand...cone doesn't say. (got it from Riley).... bobbin was a bright green So Fine


I quilted it with boards from Quiltazoid.

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