Thursday, April 16, 2015

UPS Truck

Here's a riddle for you....what looks like a huge brown box and is full of packages?.....give up?????     


This was fun.  i do remember where i got this pattern. ... last year at quilt class. 


I started piecing on November 29, 2014 and had 3 panels finished. for whatever reason....i showed it here.....and someone suggested it would be a lot simpler to just sew the squares down while it was being quilted.....and so i thunked myself in the head and said DUH......and thus UFO #36 was born. haha   

Here is that partial panel that prompted the UFO status. if you remember giving me that is your fault it became a UFO. hahahaha


So, a couple days ago i opened that box and decided it's time had come. I loaded it sideways and went around all the squares....going up one side and back down the other. it is 62 x 72"....took me 2 days. of course, i didn't work too hard at it.


Today i finished it up.

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

Used a muslin on the back.


Quilting couldn't have been any easier...but sometimes simple is just what you need.

back close.jpg

Thread on top was a coppery Glide....So Fine off white for the bobbin.


Now i need a few hours of mindless entertainment on the TV so i can sit and pull all those edges off and make it raggedy. ..... and, yes, i know i could let it do it on its own in the washer and dryer but i feel the need to do it myself.

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