Monday, April 13, 2015

Lunch for the Fishes

What better lunch for fish than bugs?   and here is a buffet of 20 bugs for them.

These bugs were embroidered on September 29, 2012....sheesh it doesn't seem like that long ago. time is just zooming past. i finished piecing it today, April 13, 2015....hopefully it will get quilted this year. 


I had this wild piece of fabric with fish and just knew it was perfect for the border. 

fish and ant.jpg

I think a centipede...with all those legs


A lightning bug

lightning bug.jpg

Love the praying mantis

praying mantis.jpg

Worm....fishes favorites


And among all the cute bugs....there has to be an ugly beetle. haha


I think a child will love it.

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bluetongue882000 said...

Hi Shirley, My 2 year old grandson would love these designs. Can you please advise who designed them? Thank you Christine D (from MQR) Thanks

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