Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4 Days of Graffiti work at the Duck

My plan is to graffiti the wall ..... on the inside....around my front door at the Duck.

Here is the before...


Here is the after i painted the design i wanted to use. my first thought was just to glue straight onto the wall. and after messing with that for an hour....decided that was not going to work. so, i cut out pieces of luan to approximate the size i wanted...glued onto that.....let it dry overnight....then attached it to the wall with glue and screws.


This is how much i got done in 4 days. this was SOOOO much fun...that is all i did. 


Here are some close ups..starting with the black at the bottom

black close 4.jpg

brown close 4.jpg

purple close 5.jpg

I think the blue section is my favorite. i used letters to spell SEA....there are a lot of sea things, starfish, dolphin, turtle, etc.

blue sea close 1.jpg

green close 1.jpg

green close 2.jpg

This tree is a McDonalds toy. the trunk door lifts open and there is .... i guess....Ronald in there. the leaves swing open also and show a parrot and a monkey

green open tree.jpg

My sister found this little robot for me at a thrift store. i left his arms unglued and they raise up and down

red close robot arms.jpg

orange close.jpg

I could have stayed another week and kept on gluing.....but my dh would be down there looking for me. haha

I still do need to go back and put stuff in to cover where the colors meet. .... and cover the screws....and fill in around the electric plug.  there will be a small piece of trim next to the door that will seal off the side. but, overall, i think it turned out just as i envisioned it.

I did cut out the pieces of luan for the pink, white and yellow to go up the rest of that side and across the top. i brought those pieces home with me so i can glue them up and when i go back i'll just have to attach them to the wall.  

Will definitely be the funkiest house in the neighborhood.  haha     i have to go on the hunt for more graffiti stuff.....this uses a LOT of stuff. 

After gluing down the large pieces....then smaller pieces....then it takes hours to fill in the little spaces with buttons and beads.  but, oh so much fun.


Jim Bruner said...

Hey if my wife is Happy, I am Happy !
BUT I am never moving from the Farm
When I die bury me deep on our land !

Margo said...

This is so awesome! I wish I could think of things like this! All of my family members think I'm the creative one because I quilt and do craftsy type things here and there but really when I see something like this? LOL...noooo....That is just so cool.

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