Tuesday, April 14, 2015

North Pole Village IV

Another set of UFO embroidery blocks is now a top and ready for quilting.  i can't find when i embroidered these. they are machine applique...done with the embroidery machine. the designs come from Designs by JuJu. i just love her designs.  she has many North Pole Village designs like these....some are applique...some are stitched....some are color wash. and all are beautiful.

This top came to 44 x 54.  it is such fun picking out the fabrics to use for the applique.


The blocks are....   a ferris wheel

ferris wheel.jpg



Pet store

pet store.jpg

Elf Lodge

elf lodge.jpg

Quilt shop

quilt shop.jpg

Lights factory

lights factory.jpg

Ski chalet

ski chalet.jpg

Toy store

toy store.jpg

Fudge Shop

fudge shop.jpg

Gingerbread house...i want to work here

gingerbread house.jpg

Clock tower

clock tower.jpg

and the Doll shop. i like when blocks have windows to fill.....see the kitten that i put in this window?

doll shop.jpg

The blocks are flannel...the sashings are a fabric that i dyed....and the border is a commercial fabric from the stash. i love the idea that i got here about putting the sashings on as you piece the blocks together. that is such a time saver and a cool idea.

I haven't checked her designs in a while...there might be some new ones.  i might need to go check that out.

I have a quilt that i use on my bed in December that has North Pole Village I, II and III blocks on it. and all the blocks are different. 

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