Saturday, April 11, 2015

Graffiti Doorway ..... part 2

I just ran up to the Duck for a couple hang up the pieces that i had, yellow and white.....and to cut more luan to bring home so i could glue up the next few pieces.

Here is what i put up....all across the top


From the left.....on the pink you will see a hello kitty car fob....if you press one button it makes the beep, beep that tells you that you alarmed the car....the other button makes noises like you are starting the car. haha

pink left hello kitty.jpg

The left white. you can see on the right side....with dice...2015.  i also put my name just to the right of those dice with little beads with letters. but i guess i missed taking a pic of that section...darn. if you look right to the right of the number 1 dice...there is a little 's'....the start of my name.

white left 2015.jpg

The left section of the yellow sun...notice the ducks marching across on the bottom

yellow left.jpg

The right side of the yellow sun....the lion head moves. i still need to cover the wooden section that goes all across the top....right above the ducks

yellow right lion head moves.jpg

White section on the right side.  the little house thing that says Home Style is a tape measure

white pink right home tape measure.jpg

The pink section on the right.  there are stars in the corners here and there across the top piece. they glow in the dark.

pink white right glow stars.jpg

Another look across the top....from a bit further away.

top 2.jpg

I have brought home sections for the orange, red, green and blue to graffiti up. hopefully, i will have those finished before i go back again at the end of the month. there is a book sale that my sister wants to go's our annual book buying spree. haha


Vicki W said...

So very cool!

Valerie said...

Amazing Vision! Very cool stuff. I would never have thought to do anything like that but I love it. Ducks too!

Bessie said...

I look forward to you going to the duck! I love seeing what you do next!

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