Sunday, April 5, 2015

Comfort and Joy

This quilt was pieced in was a quilt along with Judy Laquidera at  

I quilted for a lady a few years ago who paid me in bags and boxes of fabrics, batting, and various sewing things. there was a whole box of Christmas fabrics....and i am not much of a Christmas fabric kind of girl. so, i decided to use those up for this quilt. it is quite a mish-mash of fabrics. haha


We made a different block each month

basket with crow.jpg

Who doesn't like a basket full of gingerbread

gingerebread basket.jpg


Some of these faces are a bit strange...but, wasn't MY pattern. haha

santa face.jpg

There are quite a few buttons and beads here and there.


There were a lot of crows in this quilt pattern

stick tree.jpg


I stitched the stars a bit differently

star 1.jpg

star 2.jpg

There were other little blocks, too. i tried to put some little picture in the log cabins.

other blocks.jpg

Back is a dark red print


I used a panto for the borders


Thread was a gold Glide for the top and a pink So Fine for the bottom


Quilt is 64 x 80" 

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