Thursday, April 16, 2015

Black, White and Bold

UFO #11 is now ready for the TBQ cabinet.  don't have a record of when i started this....i believe some time last year. by now, you know how i roll.....i saw this somewhere....or someone showed me how to do it....and i said....i want to make that. LOL

Here are my 'instructions'


The top became 64 x 75".  i had extra blocks, so i cut them in half and added them to the right side. it needed to be a bit wider anyway.


This will have to be a quilt from the front top.....some of those meeting seams are pretty thick.

close 1.jpg

I had a plan of quilting in mind....but have to revise because of fat seams. don't need a broken needle.

close 2.jpg

And for those who pay attention to these things.....apparently, that is NOT ME.....i do realize that the last two rows are pieced incorrectly. once again, i didn't notice it until it was complete...with, it is what it is. and i was so sure i was keeping it correct....sigh!!!

wrong rows.jpg

I am so happy to be getting through these UFOs.  i have less than a dozen left to do....but they are doozies that are going to take a while.

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